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Friday 31 August 2012

Playlist Week: Shade Me

Yesterday: Snow Playlist

Back Story: Shade me is a young adult novel that takes the horror creature call wraiths and go in a new direction. In this novel they're called Shades and are actually dark but kind creatures that keep to the shadows and feed off tiny bits of life force regularly to survive. As long as they feed only a tiny amount no one is harmed. But some broke this promise and fed off the souls of humans, the ultimate sin. These are where the legend of wraiths come from and all shades participating in this act were punished by having their cloaks taken and destroyed. An act that causes death for any Shade. But they're exceptions. Some Shades  can shape-shift into human form. So the rare few who could survive the punishment were forced to stay in that human form forever. But their lust for souls became a lust for blood and these shades became the first vampires. An order was sent to destroy them but not before they turned some humans into vampires as well. While all of the 'Shade' vampires were destroyed, no shade was allowed to harm the human ones since they were seen as victims.  So many centuries later in the new millennium vampires are known to the world and they and humans try to co-exist. This is where my novel starts with Cassie, a shade who has decided to live life as a human and leave her life as a shade behind.

Summary (New one I'm trying out) : Cassie Blake is a normal teenage girl with her best friend Lizzie. But she has a secret, in a world where vampires exist in the open she is really a Shade who has decided to live life as a human. Everything goes well until her secret is blown thanks to a Bradford a vampire who is determined to make her his. As things go from bad to worse she's now at odds with Lizzie and Jesse starts to fall for her. Problem: Jesse is Lizzie's boyfriend. And to add to everything she meets a boy named Mark Glass who not only knows about her but also about a vampire world takeover conspiracy. Oh how trying to be a teenager can get complicated.

Shade Me Playlist by Sheena-kay Graham on Grooveshark


Lights: The theme song for Shade Me. It's makes me think of  how attractive light is compared to dark and how that's what attracted Cassie to living a human life.

Punching in a dream: Teenage Angst. All characters have to face some kind of angst as the drama ramps up.

Somebody that I used to know: The rift that develops between Cassie and Lizzie.

Enjoy the Silence: A steamy dance scene between two characters in the book.

Hear me out: Lizzie doesn't want to lose Jesse

By Bye Miss American Pie: When disaster strikes it makes for the start of a different America.

I was here: Cassie's dilemma of being remembered since she's not showing who she truly is.

More Info:


First Mention

Sneak Peek:

"Yeah I remember," Cassie said trying to sound excited, "so what am I going to do while you and Jesse sneak away to make out? And if you say Bradford, I'll find you."

"Remind a girl about a two time mistake why don't you?" Lizzie giggled, "but I loved how your face went all angry witch on me in Chemistry. I think your eyes bugged out and then you got those dark circles for a second. Must've been my imagination."

"Just don't do it again," Cassie said trying to forget how her face nearly became a skull in the middle of class.

Thursday 30 August 2012

Playlist Week: Snow

Yesterday: Circa Playlist

Snow turns the Snow White fairytale it was inspired from on it's head with a modern Jamaican setting and a different 'villain' altogether. Samantha a.k.a. Snow is a child born white from two black parents, Terrence and Annabelle. After years of accusations of infidelity and one very unfortunate incident between mother and daughter, Annabelle leaves. When a D.N.A. test proves Snow is their daughter, all hell breaks lose. Annabelle leaves refusing to have anything to do with either husband or daughter. After the divorce she leaves the country and Samantha who realizes her mother wasn't bad after all turns on her father. It only gets worse as he moves on and remarries and when the novel starts sixteen year old Snow is overjoyed and declares her no care attitude about her father. Terrence wants to stop her wanton ways but has no idea how and has to try not to neglect his two other kids and new wife. Also Snow hides her bad side well from her father's parents and those she considers important to keep on their good side. This novel as many twists and turns and every choice has a consequence. Even if the consequences hit someone other than yourself. 

Snow Playlist


Snow Playlist by Sheena-kay Graham on Grooveshark

 Songs in the Playlist

 1. Angel - Shaggy : This song makes me think about what Snow used to be like and also the past good of Annabelle's and Terrence's relationship and marriage. On a deeper level it makes me think of Jamaica where I have set this novel and the goodness and bounty it has provided all Jamaicans and it's visitors.

 2. Drop it (Like you're doing it) - Cham : A symbol of Snow's wild behaviour. She rebels through sex and also uses it as a weapon against men whether for their power or bedroom prowess.

 3. School Fee - Darrio : An anthem to fathers who take care of their children financially and against those who don't. I dedicate it to Terrence Bailey father of Snow (Samantha Bailey).

 4. Don't know what you got 'til it's gone - Janet Jackson : Everything has a price and several persons in Snow will have to 'pay the piper'.

 5. Shut Up - Bounty Killer : Snow's hateful feelings towards her father. She sees him as nothing and outside situations where she treats him nicely for her own benefit, gives him no respect.

 6. I got your man - Lad Saw : Snow will go after any man despite his relationship status. And she has her ways of letting any female know that a man is now hers.

 7. What goes around - Big Sean : Karma. Good old fashioned Karma. But Karma doesn't always happen as you expect it to.

 Now a peek inside:

  Snow turned over to face the police commissioner. "Happy birthday baby," he said kissing her on the lips, "how did you get away from daddy?" Snow laughed. Her father had big dreams of a perfect family and aspirations in politics. She could care less about what he wanted. She was sixteen and it was now legal for her to have sex in Jamaica. Now she could really flaunt her lovers in his face and they would no longer fear lawful retribution.

Thank you for reading. Tomorrow will be the end with Shade Me playlist.

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Playlist Week: Circa

Yesterday: Nevermore Playlist

Circa Playlist


Circa Playlist by Sheena-kay Graham on Grooveshark

 Youtube Playlist:  

  How these songs relate to Circa

1. Born to die - Lana Delrey : Circa realizes what her new purpose in life is and who she really cares for.

  2. Wide Awake - Katy Perry : Circa living her new life. It's like a dream, a crazy fantasy come true. She is human again.

3. Words I never said - Lupe Fiasco : Circa dealing with having no memory of her past and her search for the truth. Her meeting Lux and starting socializing as a person all over again.

4. Sad Sad Robot - : Callie Winters has had a sad life and such a life can lead someone to do bad things when given unlimited power.

5. So Sick - Fly Leaf : Callie is sick of a world where nothing is equal or fair.

  6. Other Side - Red Hot Chilli Peppers : Callie's suicide and what happens after.

7. Imagine - John Lennon (had to use another singer for grooveshark playlist) : A world where things are better. Both Callie and Circa want a world different from where they start in the novel.

8. Look at What you've Done - Jet (not on grooveshark playlist): Circa witnesses the price the world pays later in the novel for her second chance at life.

9. Bones - The Killers : Lux puts his feelings on the table.

10. Measure a Year - Rent Soundtrack : The theme of family. Callie resenting not having one and Circa wanting to rediscover hers.

For more on Circa: Prologue Circa Special Prologue Critique at Falling For Fiction Circa Page  

And now an exclusive peek at Chapter One of Circa:

Callie Winters sat in front of a laptop crying. Today was a momentous day. She was finally going to stop running. Stop living like a thief and vagabond. Today she was going to take her own life. Suicide was supposed to be a sin. A hell going one to some. As far as she was concerned living was hell. An unloved orphan in a family oriented world was no way to live. If you had no one, only strangers and organizations to take care of you, your life's destined to suck.

 That's it for today. Tomorrow will be Snow's Playlist.

Tuesday 28 August 2012

Playlist Week: Nevermore

Nevermore is set in Detroit two years after zombies showed up. Peter Pan leads his group of Lost Boys as they fight to survive in a world where one mistake can kill you. Unless you're immune.

Summary: In a world full of zombies, survivors have to do whatever it takes to survive. Peter Pan and his crew of Lost Boys scavenge the ruins of Detroit for food, ammunition and anything else they can find. Their leader being immune gives them a great advantage. Then a new girl comes along, Tinker Bell. Her affliction divides them and when an accident gets Sebastian Hook on their trail things turn even deadlier than they already are. How do you defeat an enemy who can control the very thing that scares you most?

Nevermore Playlist

Please note: The widget doesn't seem to be working on my blog post. So if the playlist doesn't show up below either click the link or use the playlist at the top of the sidebar. Thank you.


Nevermore by Sheena-kay Graham on Grooveshark 1. Who Dat - This song was just the perfect themse song to Nevermore to me. It has the flavour, drama and feel of a top contender. I feel the novella and main protagonist and antagonist (Peter Pan and Sebastian Hook) evoke the need and demand to be heard and understand. The fact that Peter and Sebastian are both teenagers in this book only emphasizes that demand. Also a book about fighting zombies needs a kick ass theme song. Who Dat kicks ass.

 2. Crossroads - There is a turning point tragedy in Nevermore that I think this song is perfect for. I can't go into detain but I will say it turns the Peter Pan and Sebastian fued into something more deadly.

 3. Amen - Is about life in The Garage Pit where Peter Pan, Lost Boys and a lot of teens like them live. The Garage Pit is their home and they're grateful to have a place like that to be themselves and not be influenced by zombies or adults. The few adults who live there leave the teens to their own devices.

 4. Enter Sandman - This song is for a grand showdown in Nevermore. Can't say anything else. It will be epic though. EPIC.

 5. Where have you been - (note this song is by Imany not Rihanna) Is about the relationship that develops between Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. As a human who can fight the zombie virus by only turning when necessary or angered, she can avoid harming people for sheer hunger. But like all zombies any bodily fluid from her can turn a human. Then comes Perter Pan who is truly immune and she finally has someone she can be in contact with without fear of turning them into a monster. So this song follows how grateful Tinkerbell is for this chance and Peter getting closer to her.

 6. Zombie - This song is my way of questioning who is truly the zombie. When people have to choose who lives and who dies, who gets supplies, who gets shelter and emotions have to be put aside. Is it just the zombies who eat flesh that are zombies or is the environment making humans into zombies as well? The non-flesh eating type of course.

 7. Sing - My Chemical Romance: This is song about each place where humans are gathered fighting to maintain their freedom. Especially from Sebastian Hook who wants to be the only place of refuge for those hiding from zombies.

 8. Roger That -  Young Money : (a) This song is about the sex culture in Nevermore. Without adult reinforcement a lot of these teens have sex whenever they want. Especially after nightfall when in The Garage Pit makeshift clubs open. (b) This is also Loud's song. As the only girl in Lost Boys she proves her worth by both her bad girl status as a former gang leader and her sexual prowess. She is dominating and is a complete contrast to the demure Tinkerbell.

 9. Monster - Kanye West : The transformation Sebastian goes through after a shocking event.

 10. Pain - Three Days Grace : Pretty much for painful events in Nevermore and how pain sometimes has to be the driving force to keep moving.

 11. Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs : This will be the end song when changes come to the forefront. Title of the song says it all. And no it's not Sebastian Hook, it's a new problem.

 And now for a peek into Nevermore.... Peek : Tinker Bell is wearing a handkerchief top, blue booty shorts and is barefoot. She complains...

  "Eddie, the girls gave me a hoochie outfit." Eddie was silently staring too. 

"Oh no, no, no, you look...great." Tinker Bell sighed. 

"Why did I bother with a guy."

  "Loud has extra jeans," Peter Pan said before he could stop himself.

  "Thank goodness, this thing feels like tight underwear."

  "You're so gay," Eddie muttered and Peter Pan elbowed him, hard.

 So there's your peek readers. If you want more Nevermore check out Nevermore Hookers, Nevermore Hangers, and The Magic 8 Ball: Nevermore Excerpt. Tomorrow will be Circa's turn. But I leave you with this quick Nevermore excerpt concerning Peter Pan. Thank you for stopping by.

Once his life was different. Born in Detroit, he was working class poor. His mother Ester Morris took care of them both. Murmured little protest when he dropped out of school at age twelve. Bought him a box of six frosted cupcakes for his fourteenth birthday with his name on them. He, his best friend Spike and a few other teens hung out and ate in the dingy corridor of the apartment complex. 

 It was the last normal day of his life.

Monday 27 August 2012

Timeless Cover Reveal and News

Timeless by Michelle Madow will be out November 20, 2012. This is the last installment in the Transcend Time Saga. The other two novels Remembrance and Vengeance are already out. Not familiar with the series? You can buy an e-book copy of Rembrance for just $2.99 at book stores like Amazon. Also there is the Timeless Cover Reveal Giveaway which offers several great prizes to one lucky winner. Prizes include signed copies of Remembrance, Vengeance and Timeless, signed bookmarks, a mask and more. For more on Michelle Madow you can check out her blog.

Queendsheena News

This week from Tuesday to Friday will be Playlist Week here at Queendsheena. I will be posting the playlist of my WIPS and upcoming novel Snow (November 2012 - My Jamaican version of Snow White). Also I will talk about why I picked these songs and give you special tidbits for each book. Here's the schedule:

Tuesday- Nevermore
Wednesday- Circa
Thursday- Snow
Friday- Shade Me

Wednesday 22 August 2012

Take a look at Me and a Surprise

So you have seen my old profile pic forever. Me, Sheena-kay Graham in the red top at my sister's graduation. Now you can take a gander at a few other new pictures. By the end of the week I plan on uploading a new profile pic for my blog. But for today you get to just stare upon my beauty. Enjoy.


Oh yes, I have to show off Insurgent. Remember Kelley Lynn, you and I said we'd try to become extras in the Divergent movie.

Now without further ado. Guess what? I finally have my own e-reader!

My kindle was purchased Saturday August 11, 2012. I'm having so much fun reading ebooks at my own convenience.

And a shout-out to Kyra Lennon. I bet you can whose book this is.

I only have the sample right now. But I love what I read (Leah rocks!) and as soon as I get some cash in my paypal account I'm buying it. Or if I win an Amazon gift card. Whichever comes first. I'll also get Elizabeth Seckman's novel as well. Read that sample too.

Have a nice day everyone.

Tuesday 21 August 2012

WIP Meme

I was on Carrie Butler's Personal Blog when I found this meme. Pretty much as a participant in WIP Meme I have to post a paragraph from my lastest WIP with the word 'look.' So I have decided to use my Camp Nanowrimo project for this. It's titled Shade Me and about a Shade who decides to live life as a human but falls into a vampire conspiracy to take over humans and in love with her ex-best friends' boyfriend. With more complications in between. I first mentioned this novel idea in June. A more detailed idea of this novel can be found here.

The break out of a Demi Lavato song told her she had a call. The screen said Lizzie and Cassie smiled.  Elizabeth Bailey a.k.a. Lizzie had been her best friend for nine months during her two years of being human.

"Lizzie hi," Cassie said, "I was just looking at the stars."

Lizzie scoffed. "Your ceiling again? You know normal teens watch television or listen to their ipods. And yeah, use their computers to go on the internet."

Cassie laughed. Lizzie was very frank but she liked that about the blonde teenager.

So there you have it. Thoughts anyone? Oh and in case you're wondering, no Lizzie doesn't know Cassie's not really human. For a detailed look on Shade Me click on the third link (the one saying 'here'). To see how it started click the second (June).

Monday 20 August 2012

Fan Fiction: Love it or Hate It

I for one love fan fiction. I have several accounts on alone. My currently active one Queen Datsuh was left in active for nearly a year since I was lost in buckling down to write my own fictional stories. But I'm back as of this month. I posted two new stories: Save Me - Teen Wolf and Love and Gang Violence - Avatar: Last Airbender. My stories often leap outside the shows original focus and takes these characters on very different journeys. I am also slowly updating my back log two stories at a time. My current two are I Hope for Freedom - Avatar: Last Airbender and A Living Nightmare - Naruto. The reason why I enjoy writing fan fiction is because it gives me the chance to write with characters I didn't create, put them in new situations and have others judge how well I've done as well as what they think of the character being plunged in a new environment. I just find it exhilerating.

So what do you think of fan fiction?

Friday 17 August 2012

Winner of The Hands of Time Giveaway

Winner of The Hands of Time ebook is DMS. Congratulations and you should be contacted over the weekend as to how your book will be sent to you.

For those wondering what this book is about here is the summary.

When a young woman vanishes without a trace from a quaint fishing village on the coast of England only one person knows the truth, but he remains silent allowing the authorities to search for her in vain.
Meanwhile, Valerie Crane finds herself transported to the year 1605. Terrified and confused she turns for help to the Whitfield brothers, who take her in and offer her a home. Both Alexander and Finlay Whitfield fall in love with the mysterious woman who shows up on their doorstep creating a love triangle that threatens to consume them all. Valerie must make her choice, deciding between the brother who will lead her down the path of destruction or one who will give her a love she couldn’t find in her own time.

Monday 13 August 2012

What If? Fairytale Madness Blogfest

Today I'm partcipating the What If? Fairytale Madness Blogfest. Special thanks to judges: Cassie MaeMorgan ShamyMark Koopmans, and Leigh Covington. My entry is for Team Plot Twists. Best of luck to everyone entering stories in this blogfest.

Peter Pan No More

Peter Pan sat in the mess hall shackled. It had been a month since he and The Lost Boys were captured. He was locked in a cell, they were taken down below. Anytime he saw them, he ached.

He refused to eat as Captain Hook walked in. "Son!" he lit up upon seeing Peter.

The pirates burst out laughing when Peter recoiled. "Stop calling me that."

Captain Hook walked up to him. "Please understand that everything I've done was for you Edgar Hook."

Peter refused to acknowledge him. Every time he recalled the truth he felt sick. Both once lived in another world. They were Amelia, Carter and Edgar Hook. They were very close, even after Amelia died of pneumonia. But everything changed during an Easter Egg Hunt. Edgar saw a portal and tripped. Carter went after him and screamed upon seeing Edgar unconscious. Tiger Lily found then and they went to her village.

But during a pirate attack Hook was captured and spent years on their ship. He eventually broke free and took over by killing the former captain. But by then Edgar had become Peter Pan and had no memory of his past. Filled with bitterness Hook waged war against Neverland and plundered innocents all the while plotting to get his son back. Now he'd succeeded.

Peter finally looked at Hook's hopeful face. The captain regularly bombarded him with stories and photos. And despite no recollection Peter knew one thing. The Carter Hook described to him died long ago. Even though Hook let Tiger Lily and Tinkerbell go. He left The Lost Boys to the mercy of lecherous pirates.

"I waited thirty years for you. We can start a new life."

Peter glared. "Never."

Hook grabbed him by his shirt. "Then you and your friends will rot here."

 So there you have it. My entry in this blogfest. Let me know what you think.

P.S. - For a chance to win an ebook of The Hands of Time click here. Winner Announced August 17, so there's still time to enter.

Saturday 11 August 2012

The Hands of Time Promo and Giveaway

When a young woman vanishes without a trace from a quaint fishing village on the coast of England only one person knows the truth, but he remains silent allowing the authorities to search for her in vain.
Meanwhile, Valerie Crane finds herself transported to the year 1605. Terrified and confused she turns for help to the Whitfield brothers, who take her in and offer her a home. Both Alexander and Finlay Whitfield fall in love with the mysterious woman who shows up on their doorstep creating a love triangle that threatens to consume them all. Valerie must make her choice, deciding between the brother who will lead her down the path of destruction or one who will give her a love she couldn’t find in her own time.

Today I'm taking part in the Hands of Time Tour and promoting the novel The Hands of Time by Irinia Shapiro. If you're into time traveling romance novels this might be one to check out.


Lovey Dovey Books - {Blog Tour} Review: The Hands of Time by Irina Shapiro

Beth Art From the Heart - Book Review

Purchase: Amazon


For one lucky reader an ebook of The Hands of Time can be yours. Leave a comment on this blogpost telling me what you think of this novel. Also follow my blog via GFC and leave both your GFC Name and an email address for me to contact you if you win. Everything here is required. Leaving anything out means immediate disqualification.

 Winner will be randomly selected August 17 and an email will be sent out as well as a blogpost here congratulating you on your win.

Thursday 9 August 2012

What Was Your Childhood Monster? Blogfest

Please Note: Sorry for the lack of post but I jut got my internet back last night. Lost it on Sunday and a technician from the phone company had to come yesterday because on Monday we lost complete use of the landline. Well I'm back so on with the posting.

Christine Rains is hosting this blofest in honour of her novel Fearless which was released August 7.

My childhood monster was ghosts. I know many people don't believe in ghosts but I do. I remember as a child/teen strange and creepy experiences that couldn't be easily explained. Like hearing the sound of an oldman moaning/groaning behind the iron board. Or hearing a voice outside calling me in the early hours of the morning claiming to be a family member who safely in the house fast asleep. Then there was a really freaky experience in my teens that I won't talk even talk about here. I will only say it left me freaked out for a long time and even terrified the family member I told.

I'm not declaring myself some ghost whisperer or even that I can see ghosts. But I'm just relating my experiences and will say that I'm either right or nuts. No two ways about it. So whether you want to call them ghosts or whatever, something I couldn't see, smell or touch reached out to me. It hasn't really happened in recent years and I'm actually glad for it. Trust me, it's not a nice experience.

Sunday 5 August 2012

Sacrifice Her Delay Explained

I left a short notice on Tuesday about Sacrifice Her being delayed. Now I'd like to explain further. This was a tough decision that took a lot of thinking, mulling and serious consideration. Earlier this year I shelved Rachel Becoming Red. I did that because I knew the novel was not only not ready but completely wrong for the direction of the series. So I shelved it and set a new release date of December 2014. Thankfully this isn't the issue with Sacrifice Her.

The delay is a result of several circumstances. First I have limited computer and internet access making typing extremely time cinsuming. I write on paper first but it still takes  lot of time typing up this novella when I get the chance. Also there's editing that needs to be done, contacting individuals who I agreed to send drafts to critique, arranging the book cover, promoting the novel and a host of other things.

Secondly I had some financial issues this year as a result of a sudden cancellation. I had agreed to fill a ghostwriting order for a certain individual. This made me put all writing on hold earlier this year and after agreeing everything was fine, she balked at the last second and cancelled. No notice, no explanation, nothing. So I was stuck with a complete manuscript and no one to give it to. I found her twitter, lulu and facebook accounts through several searches then preceeded to try and make contact to get an explanation. It wasn't until I left a serious facebook message warning against her using any sample of the work that I'd sent her that she responded. She claimed she left me a message about cancelling and a bag of excuses. My response was just to let her know about our agreement that if she cancelled the only thing she got back was her character list and story idea. Everything else became my property. Since everything she gave me to start with was a scant few lines and two images. I came back with a lot. But not the money I wasted so much time ghostwriting for when I could've been writing my own work. So needless to say buying stock images and other things for my book cover and trailer stalled for a while. Also there were other things I wanted to do for my novel that I still can't.

Thirdly there's things about the novella I'd still like to look over more. The last thing I want to do is release shoddy work just because I wanted to make a release date. It's not fair to readers, buyers or myself. Plus a later release date gives me time to promote Sacrifice Her properly. And that's a good thing.

So Sacrifice Her will be released this fall. October 28 is the earliest possible release date but it could be as late as December. Thank you all those who visit this blog and a special thank you to all my supporters.

Friday 3 August 2012

Congrats Kelley!!

Today I have another author to congratulate. Kelley Lynn will be published by Star Sapphire Publishing in 2013. Click here to read more. I am so happy for her and I'm sure you all are too.

Wednesday 1 August 2012

Camp Nanowrimo: Anticipation and Dread

Camp Nanowrimo starts August 1st and I'm super Nervous to participate. Why? Well I also 'participated' in Bunowrimo (June) and that was a complete bust with less than a 1000 words. So now I'm back for August with a different novel. I plan this time to be a success and complete my novel within the month. Wish me luck and believe me when I say my new project takes a new direction for what we've come to know as wraiths in horror and fantasy fiction (those not in the know, think dementors from Harry Potter to get a basic idea).

Shade Me is a Paranormal YA using a supernatural creature rarely mentioned outside horror stories. Wraithes. However in Shade Me they're called Shades and a select few have the ability to shape shift into humans. One of them decides to go out into the world and settles into life as sixteen year old Cassie Blake. But life's never so simple and her desire to be human and keep her Shade's roots will become a lot more complicated very quickly. For a past mention of Shade Me click here.

Summary: Shades are supposed to be scary creatures of the dark but one chooses to leave her kind and live as something few ever dare to try. Life as a human. Now she's Cassie Blake, a teenager with popular best friend Elizabeth Bailey a.k.a. Lizzie by her side. There's also Jesse, Lizzie's boyfriend and then there is Bradford Teft; a vampire determined to make Cassie his despite her outright brush offs. One day on a field trip the rejection escalates and he pushes her. Impaled on a tree her secret is revealed when she bleeds black blood. She survives but nothing is the same. While only three people know she's not really human, her friendship with Lizzie is shattered, Jesse who's supportive starts to fall for her and then she finds out a fourth person Mark Glass doesn't just know she's not human, he knows what she really is. But then he tells her humans are in danger and vampires are rising up to take over. Cassie doesn't want a war to break out but what can a shape-shifting shade do against a hoards of vampires around the world.  Plus there's a pact that keeps shades out of wars at the risk of losing their shrouds/cloaks. Those who can shape-shift would become mortal and stuck in their last form forever but those who can't...they die. Follow Cassie in book one of a trilogy as she has to make tough choices and decide if she's a human or a Shade.

So there you have it. Shade Me should be approximately 75,000 words and I hope all Campers and writers alike have the best of luck writing this month. I am queendsheena at Camp Nanowrimo.

Waiting on Wednesday: Requiem

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event that is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine and spotlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

Release Date: March 5, 2013

Goodreads Summary: Now an active member of the resistance, Lena has been transformed. The nascent rebellion that was under way in Pandemonium has ignited into an all-out revolution in Requiem, and Lena is at the center of the fight. Of Pandemonium, ALA Booklist noted that “like all successful second volumes, this expands the world and ups the stakes, setting us up for the big finale.”

After rescuing Julian from a death sentence, Lena and her friends fled to the Wilds. But the Wilds are no longer a safe haven—pockets of rebellion have opened throughout the country, and the government cannot deny the existence of Invalids. Regulators now infiltrate the borderlands to stamp out the rebels, and as Lena navigates the increasingly dangerous terrain, her best friend, Hana, lives a safe, loveless life in Portland as the fiancĂ©e of the young mayor. Requiem is told from both Lena’s and Hana’s points of view. The two girls live side by side in a world that divides them until, at last, their stories converge.

I have only read Delirium (book 1) so far. But I am interested in the series and would like to read Requiem after reading Pandemonium (book 2).

Waiting on Wednesday: Reconnected

Please Note: The final WOW on this blog as I take my final bow this month. I want to thank all readers of this post and all my blogging. I r...