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Friday, 31 August 2012

Playlist Week: Shade Me

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Back Story: Shade me is a young adult novel that takes the horror creature call wraiths and go in a new direction. In this novel they're called Shades and are actually dark but kind creatures that keep to the shadows and feed off tiny bits of life force regularly to survive. As long as they feed only a tiny amount no one is harmed. But some broke this promise and fed off the souls of humans, the ultimate sin. These are where the legend of wraiths come from and all shades participating in this act were punished by having their cloaks taken and destroyed. An act that causes death for any Shade. But they're exceptions. Some Shades  can shape-shift into human form. So the rare few who could survive the punishment were forced to stay in that human form forever. But their lust for souls became a lust for blood and these shades became the first vampires. An order was sent to destroy them but not before they turned some humans into vampires as well. While all of the 'Shade' vampires were destroyed, no shade was allowed to harm the human ones since they were seen as victims.  So many centuries later in the new millennium vampires are known to the world and they and humans try to co-exist. This is where my novel starts with Cassie, a shade who has decided to live life as a human and leave her life as a shade behind.

Summary (New one I'm trying out) : Cassie Blake is a normal teenage girl with her best friend Lizzie. But she has a secret, in a world where vampires exist in the open she is really a Shade who has decided to live life as a human. Everything goes well until her secret is blown thanks to a Bradford a vampire who is determined to make her his. As things go from bad to worse she's now at odds with Lizzie and Jesse starts to fall for her. Problem: Jesse is Lizzie's boyfriend. And to add to everything she meets a boy named Mark Glass who not only knows about her but also about a vampire world takeover conspiracy. Oh how trying to be a teenager can get complicated.

Shade Me Playlist by Sheena-kay Graham on Grooveshark


Lights: The theme song for Shade Me. It's makes me think of  how attractive light is compared to dark and how that's what attracted Cassie to living a human life.

Punching in a dream: Teenage Angst. All characters have to face some kind of angst as the drama ramps up.

Somebody that I used to know: The rift that develops between Cassie and Lizzie.

Enjoy the Silence: A steamy dance scene between two characters in the book.

Hear me out: Lizzie doesn't want to lose Jesse

By Bye Miss American Pie: When disaster strikes it makes for the start of a different America.

I was here: Cassie's dilemma of being remembered since she's not showing who she truly is.

More Info:


First Mention

Sneak Peek:

"Yeah I remember," Cassie said trying to sound excited, "so what am I going to do while you and Jesse sneak away to make out? And if you say Bradford, I'll find you."

"Remind a girl about a two time mistake why don't you?" Lizzie giggled, "but I loved how your face went all angry witch on me in Chemistry. I think your eyes bugged out and then you got those dark circles for a second. Must've been my imagination."

"Just don't do it again," Cassie said trying to forget how her face nearly became a skull in the middle of class.


  1. Interesting explanation on the beginning of vampires!

    1. Thanks, it just came out of the blue while I was writing it.

  2. Hey, Sheena,
    This one sounds intriguing too. I know Bye Bye Miss American Pie.

  3. quite a range of songs, but i like how you match the scenes to songs. gives us a feel for the story's mood!

  4. Love the concept of the shades! And I swear, I know people who seem to feed off people's know the kind of people who leave you tired and worn out after contact?

  5. LOL, I'm laughing at Elizabeth's comment. I was thinking the same thing! And Cassie's a great name ;)


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