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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Playlist Week: Circa

Yesterday: Nevermore Playlist

Circa Playlist


Circa Playlist by Sheena-kay Graham on Grooveshark

 Youtube Playlist:  

  How these songs relate to Circa

1. Born to die - Lana Delrey : Circa realizes what her new purpose in life is and who she really cares for.

  2. Wide Awake - Katy Perry : Circa living her new life. It's like a dream, a crazy fantasy come true. She is human again.

3. Words I never said - Lupe Fiasco : Circa dealing with having no memory of her past and her search for the truth. Her meeting Lux and starting socializing as a person all over again.

4. Sad Sad Robot - : Callie Winters has had a sad life and such a life can lead someone to do bad things when given unlimited power.

5. So Sick - Fly Leaf : Callie is sick of a world where nothing is equal or fair.

  6. Other Side - Red Hot Chilli Peppers : Callie's suicide and what happens after.

7. Imagine - John Lennon (had to use another singer for grooveshark playlist) : A world where things are better. Both Callie and Circa want a world different from where they start in the novel.

8. Look at What you've Done - Jet (not on grooveshark playlist): Circa witnesses the price the world pays later in the novel for her second chance at life.

9. Bones - The Killers : Lux puts his feelings on the table.

10. Measure a Year - Rent Soundtrack : The theme of family. Callie resenting not having one and Circa wanting to rediscover hers.

For more on Circa: Prologue Circa Special Prologue Critique at Falling For Fiction Circa Page  

And now an exclusive peek at Chapter One of Circa:

Callie Winters sat in front of a laptop crying. Today was a momentous day. She was finally going to stop running. Stop living like a thief and vagabond. Today she was going to take her own life. Suicide was supposed to be a sin. A hell going one to some. As far as she was concerned living was hell. An unloved orphan in a family oriented world was no way to live. If you had no one, only strangers and organizations to take care of you, your life's destined to suck.

 That's it for today. Tomorrow will be Snow's Playlist.


  1. I should do a playlist except that mine might scare people.

    1. That actually intrigues me. Thank you for all your support for my blog and Playlist Week.

  2. Okay, so I know Imagine. Does that tell you how old I am? lol.
    Good start to your novel. Readers will certainly want to know what happens.

  3. Great songs! Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Killers are both bands I listen to a lot.


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