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Wednesday 30 November 2016

Cradle Rock is Coming and Goal Hop Udpate Nov. 2016

Hey guys, hope Wednesday is treating you well. Yesterday was my Birthday and I had a nice time at home relaxing. My parents decided to treat my stomach and I went to bed pretty stuffed and happy. All without having to go out. The life of a freshly 32 homebody.

Anyway today I'll be promoting Tara's new book coming out tomorrow December 1st and doing the goal hop. First up is Cradle Rock and just look at the cover and marvel at the beauty folks. This is the second book following Gabe the goblin and there is no question that adventure is on the horizon.  Also there's a giveaway and list of party hosts.


Gabe the goblin just saved his town Broken Branch Falls from splitting apart. He also revealed that humans--horrible creatures of myth and legend--may actually be part of their history! But seriously? Nah!

Now Ona, Gabe’s girlfriend, is headed thousands of miles away to Camp Cradle Rock for Spring Break seeking evidence of humans. Gabe knows better than to tell a stubborn ogress she’s crazy, so he’s letting her go and spending the break at the beach like a normal teenage beast. And he’s determined to have a good time without her, whether he likes it or not.

But when Gabe hears Ona went missing, he and his friends set out for the wilds of the west to find her, no matter what dangerous creatures get in his way. Not even humans.

Check out the Book Trailer!

Here is the list of wonderful CRADLE ROCK RELEASE PARTY POST HOSTS:

12/5 Patricia Lynne Nerds Rule
12/5 Heather R. Holden Vampires
12/7 Juneta Key author spotlight interview
12/9 Julie
Teenagers Now vs 80s
12/9 Elizabeth
Beast-themed Recipe
12/12 Lori L. MacLaughlin Merfolk
12/14 Sharon Bayliss Ogres
12/14 Tyrean
5 Reasons to use Chapter Titles
12/16 Michael Di
Craziest Spring Break Trip
12/17 Cathrina
Teen Dating
12/19 Christine
Hiking Faux Pas
12/19 Alex J.
Beast vs Monster - terminology
12/21 Ann Noser CR Quotes
12/21 Heather M. Gardner Discrimination - joking vs hurting
1/4 Ken
1/4 L. Diane
Marketing Tips - Live & Online
1/9 C Lee McKenzie Grownup Stereotypes
1/11 M. J. Fifield Crazy Road Trip
1/25 Crystal
Poetry & Songs in Stories - Writerly Wed

Tara is also giving away signed copies of Broken Branch Falls and Cradle Rock, some Beast World swag, and a $20 GC!

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Do you Have Goals Hop?

I have been a bit wishy washy with this hop but that's about to change. I plan to change my goal to writing 30,000 words a month for my own work. For right now I'll just talk about where I am with my writing.

Sadly Nanowrimo was a wash. The terrible flu and exhaustion combo I had only recently went and while I was well enough to do most things, writing just had to go to the left. I just couldn't get my mind right and it was exhausting. So I ended up with less than 3,000 words for Nanowrimo 2016. Also I realized the story was more suitable as NA instead of YA.

On a happier front I got some photo samples recently from the photographer and I'm loving them. My 2018 NA horror is thankfully moving along more smoothly. I can't wait for the shoot to be done in January and then I can move unto the cover around March.

I have decided that since I want to be known foremost as a YA novelist that I'll be putting a full novel out before I publish my novella collection. I have decided to publish one novella collection a year. 2017 will have The Missing Girls, 2018 will have The Sacrifice series and 2019 will have a fairytales collection. These will be published at once with at least five short novels. For my first novel, I decided to go Fantasy YA and will be working on The Rabbit's Princess. A standalone novel in which a princess whose betrothed is stuck as a rabbit after rescuing her father from that awful fate, gets thrown into an unexpected adventure that takes her beyond the borders of her home.

2017 will be quite an eventful year. Not sure when I'll fit in looking for an agent for one of my other YA or MG manuscripts, but I'll survive. Freelancers are known to be hard workers. Thanks for coming by today guys and God Bless. Oh and did I add that I'm working on reviving my Wattpad?

P.S.: I'll be doing a blog post on Thursday (tomorrow) so there will be no Friday post this week.

Monday 28 November 2016

Birthday Celebration 2016

Tomorrow is my birthday and since I don't usually post on Tuesdays I'll just drop my celebration post here now. I had fun on Black Friday, not only because of all the ebooks I got (sorry digital movies) but I decided to venture out during Jamaica's sane sale version and bought a new phone. Finally I have a phone that can take pictures and go in the internet. But mostly take pictures at the theater to add to my movie posts. I'm a strange bird and no I'm not big on selfies. One of the first pictures I took of was....

Yup. I took a picture of my lunch. Don't worry I'm not one of 'those' people who take a picture of everything and posts it. But I just wanted to show off. Yeah, this is my 'being fancy'. Also took a picture of a few books on my TBR over the weekend and posted it on my critically lonely Instagram (less than 10 photos on that thing). Did I say I wanted to show off? Plus the author of Three Dark Crowns, Kendare Blake, liked and left a comment on it. So that's a win.  

My birthday plans are pretty simple. I'm likely to stay in because I really felt I went all out on Friday and even my father jokingly told me 'Happy Birthday'. I have multiple ebooks ready to read thanks to huge discounts (including The Chemist by Meyer - Twilight author. $4.99 was fine since I was NEVER paying the regular $14.99) and only felt a tiny tingle of bad over abandoning my digital movie buys plan. But I'm a book girl and on Sunday I was able to get a hardback for nearly half price. Won't reveal which book just yet but it was my only non-ebook purchase (besides me going out and buying my new phone) I made. The internet is just amazing.

Thanks for stopping by and November 29 can't come soon enough. To all my readers from over the years, I wish you all the happiness and gratitude in the world. God Bless.

Friday 25 November 2016

Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Yesterday for the United States was a special day and I hope all of you had a lovely Thanksgiving. Today in many countries is Black Friday. A day of deals and steals but IRL and online. I'll be sticking to the internet kind with Amazon. It will be the first time in two years where I won't be buying a physical book around Black Friday period. But I have already found multiple deals already and considering possibly taking up deals for digital movies as well. Two I thought rentals at best (have not bought digital before but planned to) are now half off between $7-$9. Way better than $15-$19 bucks a pop. Netflix will still be a big part of my online television and movie viewing of course. However I can finally start getting a few videos of my own to keep and digital is much more convenient than shipping DVDs. Plus the last time I went to the DVD section in Jamaica was years ago and when I saw those prices...I walked away. NO.

So all of you have a great day. I will be sitting by my computer in between freelance work and my own writing, snagging up deals. Especially since they're all from gift cards I won taking part in Facebook events. So no out of pocket. God is good. Take care everyone and God Bless.

Tuesday 22 November 2016

Netflix Nation: My Recommendations

Hi guys, just dropping five recommendations of shows to watch on Netflix. Enjoy and see you guys on Friday. Thanks for coming and God Bless.

1. The Crown

Related image

2. Quantico

Image result for quantico on netflix

3. Once Upon a Time

Related image

4. Black Mirror

Related image

5. 12 Monkeys

Image result for 12 monkeys series poster

Special Mentions: Luke Cage, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead.

Monday 21 November 2016

Monday MishMash November 2016

Monday Mishmash is a weekly meme created by Kelly Hashway for sharing what's going on in your life and noggin. You just grab a button and post your business...I mean thoughts online. No biggie. Have fun!

1. Still going with Nanowrimo. Win or not I'm glad I started this novel.

2. Health fluctuating right now. A bad flu has collided with my exhaustion. Taking things very slowly.

3. Freelance work is on the move.

4. Reading a few books including novellas. Been picking up some interesting new reads through Facebook book events online. I buy books myself most of the time but decided to try and win a few kindle reads recently.

5. Plan to find time to start watching Netflix's The Crown. Been hearing good things.

6. Also Fantastic Beasts movie had a positive box office though the United States first week box office total did not beat Dr. Strange. The latter which I'm really hoping can pass 700 million if not 800. Plus, The Secret Life of Pets just knocked Batman v Superman out of the number five spot for top grossing movies of 2016. Proving the power of animation can go up against superhero movies beyond those made by Disney and Pixar. Illumination must be ecstatic along with Universal.

7. My birthday is next Tuesday November 29. YES!!

Thanks for stopping by and God Bless.

Friday 18 November 2016

Movie Love: Beauty and the Beast 2017 and Kong Skull Island Trailers

This week had two marvelous trailers drop. Both are magnificent in their own way. I'll leave them here for you to take in and enjoy your weekend. God Bless.

Wednesday 16 November 2016

Getting Personal: Writing Thoughts

But first a Special Announcement

Early 2017 will see me bringing to the author website! Yay! It will be on WordPress but don't worry. I will not be leaving Blogger. I'll have a separate blog there specifically for writing news and keep this as a personal blog. Where I'll also drop some writing news...yeah. So yes I'm moving forward on my writing journey and it's so exciting. I'm going to be getting a tagline and everything.

I have admittedly been going over lately on branding and how to frame myself. At the start of my blogging journey I thought I'd just write fiction (in young adult of course) and have my poetry too. As time has passed however. I have come to realize that I am so much more than one genre. As a teen while I finished a young adult based novella with Nichelle Harper (and another that sadly disappeared when the teacher I lent my little masterpiece left and forgot to give it back. I still have unfinished drafts though. That was supposed to be book one of a series with a group of sisters attending  university. Ironic to now realize that was my first NA novel), there were also more adult but unfinished works.

Sam (I'll call it that for now, it might have been the title) was an incomplete manuscript I started after 9/11. I was angry about some of the bombing perpetuated by the United States that resulted in civilian deaths as they were fighting the terrorists. So I came up with a story where both America and Germany joined forces as dictators to take over the world. In my mind I felt it was unfair that innocent people were dying and I heard little about it on cable and saw more information in local papers including pictures of children with lost limbs. Another one, Pen Pals, was a story I started because I loved the idea of a pen pals. But I wanted to put a dark twist on it. In that story a young woman is attacked and the perpetrator gets away. Years later she has a pen pal who turns out to be the attack. Problem is due to an accident, he has no memory of that incident. The story was supposed to be a journey for the truth, then justice and forgiveness. Both are unfinished and there was even a third one started with a friend but you get the idea. I was never a one trick fiction pony.

Today I have a variety of novels and novellas planned. The novels I plan to release one to two maybe a year. The novellas for each series I plan to drop all at once. Starting with The Missing Girls in 2017 which is Contemporary fiction written in verse. However there are other books I want to write and they go across a variety of genres. Huntress will be book one of a NA Horror series which I hope to drop in 2018. My Royme pseudonym for adult fiction should have book one of a fantasy series with erotic undertones by late 2017. Which does not include the one shot novels that range from fantasy to espionage (which falls under both corporate and economic espionage apparently in my book) to sci-fi. So in short I have become a melting pot of genres and stories that are vying for attention and time.

So there's a lot planned for the future. Including my freelance writing for clients. However I have a question before I go. Do you think as an author not planning to write mostly in verse that dropping a verse novella collection first is a good idea? Or should I publish a novel first to establish my writing style in fiction first? Let me know your thoughts and God Bless.

Monday 14 November 2016

Monday 7 November 2016

Monday MishMash November 2016

Monday Mishmash is a weekly meme created by Kelly Hashway for sharing what's going on in your life and noggin. You just grab a button and post your business...I mean thoughts online. No biggie. Have fun!

1. Over the weekend there was a lot of talk on twitter about a certain 2017 release YA with overtones that were considered very racist or prejudiced. Word of warning. If you make your fictional characters in any way based off or similar to marginalized people in the real world...prepare to get blasted if you do it in a way that offends them. Especially when your book allegedly has potential 'white savior' syndrome. That really needs to stop. NOW.

2. Writing will be a big thing this week. With Nano going on and freelance orders...time to work.

3. I'm going to start watching shows on Netflix again. Just need to schedule things so I'm not still writing at night. I missed you.

4. Read at least two books this week. I keep starting and stopping with books of late. That needs to end.

5. Continue dropping in on Facebook book events. They're fun.

So that's it for me. Pretty regular week ahead. Except for that it's Nano and my birthday month! God Bless.

Wednesday 2 November 2016

IWSG: Nanowrimo

Please Note: I published this post but for some reason blogger didn't post it. It's up now (11:35 a.m. Central Time - Jamaica) instead of early Wednesday Morning. Sorry.

Welcome to another IWSG hosted by the lovely Alex and his ninja hoard of helpers. What am I doing this month? Take a wild guess.

Image result for nanowrimo logo

You guessed it! I'm doing Nanowrimo this month. It's a Young Adult retelling and I'm excited to be doing it. My insecurity this month would be whether I finish or not but this month I'm taking on the jedi motto.

Image result for jedi motto no try

I'm doing it, not trying. Either I write 50,000 words or I don't. Which is why I sure as hell will! So here's to getting my first win at Nanowrimo and enjoying myself no matter what.

God willing I will be there for Nanowrimo 2017 as well. Thanks for stopping by and what are you doing this month? Oh and November 29th is my birthday! YES! Ooooh and Black Friday is this month and Jamaica doesn't go United States insane over it so I can safely pop out the house for that. Toodles and God Bless.

Waiting on Wednesday: Reconnected

Please Note: The final WOW on this blog as I take my final bow this month. I want to thank all readers of this post and all my blogging. I r...