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Monday, 28 March 2016

Monday MishMash: March 2016 Finisher

Monday Mishmash is a weekly meme sharing your thoughts and happenings. You just grab a button and create your post. Sure I guess I write it differently from most but moving on...

1. The 2016 A-Z Blogging Challenge is almost here. Can't wait for Friday to start sharing and checking out the competition.

2. Two new ghostwriting projects are up and one is an ongoing on. After the other ongoing one I mentioned here before stalled (when a customer is lax on messaging or giving me info on complaints there is just no future), this makes me very happy. Plus both customers are helpful and timely online.

3. I am loving reading two very amazing fantasy novels right now. Will review.

4. Celebrating Easter of course!

5. Keeping up on my own writing and starting back in on fan fiction again. I need more writing fun in my life. Don't want to burn out.

So that's my Monday MishMash this week. What's yours?

Friday, 25 March 2016

Oh March

March has been a bit of a tipsy month. I'll be off til Monday and likely will not be back after that until A-Z Blogging Challenge starts. I have been going through a bit of a transition as my taste and blogging habits have made both changes and taken some hits. April will be used as a time for me streamline my blog to see where exactly I want to go. As you have seen of late I have been focusing on movies a lot and really enjoyed the change. By May I hope to find a balance to express both my love for movies as well as books. Plus I do plan to chat a bit about my own writing and get back into assisting fellow bloggers and writers with their reveals.

No comments allowed today but I only do that when I just want to drop a quick update. Still alive and kicking readers. You have no idea how much I appreciate your love and support with this blog. Thank you for being there and I love visiting your blogs as well. May we continue to thrive in the writing community for many years to come.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Daredevil Season 2 and Theme Reveal Extravaganza!

Guess what? I binge watched Daredevil Season 2 over the weekend. Now I'm not a huge binge watcher and I originally intended to watch the series slowly. But through a series of events and yes some hype I ended up watching 1 episode on Friday and then 6 on Saturday and Sunday. Yup I saw all thirteen episodes.

As someone who was not blown away by this series at all last year only watching the first four at a slow pace. Things took a change when I gave it another chance and watched the rest earlier this year. Episode 9 is what hooked me. Yet I was still not over the moon for the second season. But then the trailers came and the talk started. I got pulled in and readers I can say now I'm so glad I did.

Season 2 does not just live up to grand expectations. It blows those up with thrilling dialogue, amazing action and attention grabbing scenes. Complaints are few and Compliments are many. No spoilers, just watch it when you have the chance. 


Theme Reveal Extravaganza

The day has come to reveal my theme to all of you. Prepared to be dazzled come April 1st and look upon what I'm about to tell you. Don't blink too much, breath evenly as today is the A to Z Theme Reveal! Yes my readers the honor of knowing over a week in advance is yours. Enjoy.

I am still relatively new to the A-Z Blogging Challenge with one complete year (month technically) under my belt. But I love taking part very much and this is my second year being a minion for Joy Campbell's group well. Last year I became one for the event despite not taking part. Yes I'm that gal. You know you love me. 

The reveal helps give both participants and those who only come to check out the topics chosen get an idea of what will be presented in April. Kind of like the Oscar Nominations but everyone gets to showcase your work and there is no charge for admission whether through killer advertising or color codes. Everybody with a blog that meets the requirement for the challenge can take part.

Now without further do....

The theme for 2016 is...

Movie Love: The Theatrical Experience

A bit of a mouthful? Good, this a blog and reading comes with the territory. What? It's true.

All of April will be about the movies I have seen over the years, how much I did or did not enjoy them and most of them will be those I saw first in theaters. So if any of you have seen my segment Movie Love and enjoyed it, then you get to see it span through an entire month. 

Now that I've shown you my reveal let me know what you think. Are you revealing a theme today?

Friday, 18 March 2016

Movie Love: My Movie Plans

With no need for explaining my Movie Love segment involves the love of movies. Mostly I review and share my thoughts on a theatrically released movie. Over time my reviews have become a bit more colorful and fun though I'll still have that formal amateur critic side ready to drop some serious thoughts. For example my How To Train Your Dragon 2 review took a serious look at how the beauty of a movie can hide some too easily missed flaws. While my recent Deadpool review mostly focused on the fun insanity of the movie over a detailed breakdown of the sum of it's parts.

Now I plan to continue to diversify this segment by including movies that I have seen outside the theater including a Crouching Tiger: Sword of Destiny review next week which will combine both my serious and fun reviewing style. I have really come to love this segment as have my readers who leave positive comments showing how much they have enjoyed some aspect of these posts.

Today there won't be a review but a listing of movies I plan to see in theaters. As you know best laid plans don't always work out. Like me missing Zootopia Tuesday but thankfully a last minute addition on Friday by one of the local theaters has allowed me to see it without having to pay an arm and a leg for 3D regular price. With my budget 3D is especially a half-off event with rare exceptions and I do that once a week since the only other weekly half off is in the night and I already had an experience once of having my father picking me up last year because the movie started late and by the time it was finished the buses had stopped running at their 11:00 pm time. Never again. Only do night time on weekends when there is a guaranteed ride available to me. Besides I like afternoon and early evening showings over nighttime anyway.

So on with my Movie Plans/Wishlist


Zootopia - Seeing this today and so pumped! Feeling well so no delays so far.

The Divergent Series: Allegiant - Already know this might not be so great but I want to drop a little support for the movie franchised I abandoned by not going to see Insurgent. No regrets there.

Batmam v Superman: Dawn of Justice - (Warning. Below is a bit of a rant, no it's a rant)

At first I was planning to see this full priced. Sadly a lot of negative talk (mainly from so called fans whining at everything even slightly questioning the movie and vomiting it all over the internet) and a tweet from someone involved with EW magazine (which I found offensive) has turned me off doing so. Might sound a bit petty but I'm very particular with my cash and when someone states that you should not bother go see this movie if you did not like Man of Steel and also suggests that means 'said people' also don't like dark gritty films, that's a slap in the face for me.

 Sometimes a movie just isn't that good and while I respect the fact that there are people who love MOS, I'm one of those who didn't. Not because it was dark but because I felt there was no story, the supporting cast were better actors than the main cast and I just was not into it.

But I love gritty movies with a passion and with superhero movies The Dark Knight is right up there. All this smart aleck has done is made people like me wary of spending full price opening night on a movie that is a huge event. One I will not be seeing opening night but on a half off one instead. Nice job twitter idiot.

And no I don't care who thinks I'm mean. When you decide to tweet an early mini review of a movie you need to pick your words carefully and suggesting someone not liking a movie is reason not to see another one with little explaining is just poor thinking. Especially with Batman vs, Superman not being an origin superhero story. Even Snyder said you can watch it without watching MOS. I still believe it will be really good but I'm too jaded now to put up full dollar.


Miracles from Heaven - I have not seen a Christian movie in theaters since.... Yeah I love the story line and as long as nothing convinces me this movie is horrible I'm lining up to catch it when it reaches Jamaica.

The Jungle Book - I had to be a convinced a bit but I now want to see this latest version

Hardcore Henry - A huge MAYBE.

The Huntsman: Winter's War: I have to see this!!!!!

Keanu: Oh I really want to see this movie. The trailer was a combination of laughter, insanity and cuteness.


Captain America: Civil War: Opening NIGHT!!!!!!

Angry Birds: I got converted thanks to a cute Easter Trailer and a twitter happy Josh Cohen. :)

X-Men: Apocalypse: I must admit a lot of the initial excitement is DOA for me but I'm still somewhat excited to see this movie. Big x-men fan and I'm not missing this one.

Alice: Through the Looking Glass: Actually looking forward to this a bit more than X-men. *Gasp*


Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children: Saw the trailer Tuesday and I'm hooked!!! All the way over in September but I don't care. Will get the books in paperback some point in April.

There are more of course but that's it for now. Thanks for stopping by and I'll do my blog reading and responding after returning from my afternoon watching of Zootopia. :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone and remember a certain reveal come Monday.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

My Absence

Major apologies for being absent with no explanation. It was not planned but I'll be back on Friday. As you know I don't like blogging when I'm not commenting. While technically I could have started back from Monday I feel more comfortable with Friday which will be a Movie Love feature. Right now I have been cutting back a bit and yesterday I had a stomach situation which sidelined me somewhat (including missing Zootopia, darn it! Worse it was the last weekday showing and the only theater showing it on weekends is more expensive for me to travel to. Bus and taxi fare matters.). So I might go see 10 CloverField Lane tomorrow instead depending on how I'm feeling.

Thank you for all the support you have given me over the years. Every time I have to take any kind of hiatus I miss you guys. See you Friday and will be ready to share my A-Z Blogging Challenge Theme on Monday.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Getting Personal: Social Media Highlights

Yes social media, from Facebook to Twitter and everything in between. A lot of us use it and many times it's just to browse around finding and posting cool memes. You know, the very important stuff.

Um, Superman has a stepmom on Earth. Is the movie back on? Yes? Good.


So the night of the Oscars I live tweeted. A lot of the time with Youtuber @GraceRandolph who is one cool informative lady when it comes to the business of movies. I already mentioned being featured on her channel Movie Math during her Movie News feature via my tweet about a Wonder Woman article. You can read that post here. Well towards the end I tweeted about Leo winning the Best Actor Oscar and I kid you not, the bottom of my online world fell out. In quick succession I got over ten retweets and fifty likes (which increased to over sixty). I had thought getting over twenty likes on a tweet about Disney's television movie The Descendants was great. But that actually took a few hours and I would expect that to be my big 2016 Twitter highlight. As the week went on the Leo tweet ended up having 25 Retweets and 81 Likes. Check it out here. I'm still over the moon about it.

Then last Thursday March 3 during #K8Chat I ended up being front and center on a discussion on writing romance. Mind you, I'm no expert on that but I shared my thoughts on romance not being shoe-horned, abusive romance being creepy no matter how sexy the guy is and so on. I kid you not somehow I got a lot of responses and flitted in and out multiple twitter conversations. I even ended up giving the starring guest author tips on overcoming writer's block and she loved it. I have hardly been going to this for three weeks or so since #NextLitChat got cancelled. Had a great time though but for an introvert like me it was very shocking. But the week before I got into a little chat with Julie Kagawa (author of the Talon series which I love and pre-ordered Soldier yesterday) about anime so that was awesome too. I'm a real puzzle even to myself. But had an awesome time all the same.


Man just when you think lightning does not strike twice. Usually it can take months for someone to get their viewer question read by Grace Randolph on her Movie News feature. My tweet on Wonder Woman had made it into the top three news segment which goes on before the chosen viewer question. Now I will say when I put my mind to it I can be very observant. One of the advantages of keeping your mouth shut. In the past I had sent out a couple of questions but never got chosen. Last week I really pondered on that and decided to go with a question hand in hand with the current movie season. X-Men: Apocalypse was coming soon and some of it's steam was leaking out especially after the underwhelming Superbowl Trailer and the negative reaction to Jennifer Lawrence taking Mystique and going Blonde Katniss. So I decided to ask about the sudden removal of the Gambit movie from Fox's release schedule and if it might be related to loss of hype and Jennifer Lawrence. I posted it twice last week and guess what? My question got picked and answered Friday March 4, 2016.


I won 15% off my first order with Quamber Kids. A new division of Najla Quamber Designs whose creator Najla is a very talented graphics designer. I have since decided to write a picture book with #LGBT elements so it was a cool coincidence. Yup I plan to write a children's book. This once one trick pony YA girl is going wild folks. More on this project next Monday Mish Mash.


Social media is a fickle thing. Used correctly you can promote yourself, your brand, work, etc. Just remember that it can be a very good tool but also a potential time waster if you don't watch out. Find the right groove for you and stick with it. Actually no, always look out for new ways while also keeping up the paths of success discovered. You never know what will catch someone's eye. Thank you for dropping by for Getting Personal.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Movie Love: Deadpool

Deadpool. Guys I must say that after seeing this movie last week I'm still on a bit of a high at how great it was. Mind you, it's no Dark Knight, but it was never made to be that. This movie was a hard sell kick ass comedy with gore and romance all wrapped up in a Superhero sandwich that Deadpool shoved down his pants without a moments hesitation. Yes, that's what Deadpool is and that's why a lot of people who have seen it are going wild over it's very existence. Now I'm not some Deadpool expert or even at heart a mega Deadpool fan. Well after I saw the movie I'm definitely a huge fan now but before a big part of what got me into Deadpool was what I found out about him online. Before around 2014 or so I didn't really have an idea of who the hell Deadpool was. Deadpool? Is that a horror movie? Is the pool killing people? Are people being murdered and their bodies placed in a pool by the killer as a calling card? In short just a few years ago, about this hero, I knew jack.

Please Note: From this point there will be SPOILERS. So yeah if you don't want even the slightest spoiler getting to you.... You have been warned. Now on with our regularly scheduled program.

From out the gate the movie had an amazing start. Getting right into the action from the get was the best choice. You knew from early on that this aint no Superman type of hero and he and Batman would have words on his violence level. Captain America needs to be after Winter Soldier at least to be able to get past a trailer. Sorry but we all know that some traditional people can't handle gore. Thankfully I am not one of them. Though I had some issues early on with Starz' Spartacus. There are some limits guys. I do have some. But Spartacus kind of killed a few. YEAH!

Plus this movie went so far into breaking the fourth wall that even the names scrolling at the bottom for the actors were not names. Will not say what here but if you want some quick cliff notes on the types of characters in this movie. Do not glaze over reading those nice words that pop on screen. They're hilarious. Also I loved that a number of the cool Easter Eggs in this movie were easy to catch and enjoy. Now I aint no Easter Egg hunter (sorry but I'm busy enjoying the movie), especially with movies like Age of Ultron (which was really good but overcrowded. I didn't have time to search for no damn easter eggs, I needed to keep up) and Captain America: Winter Soldier (ended up seeing this when it came out on Starz - back when our cable had it before it was removed and we found out they stole it- and felt like a complete asshat for missing this thrill fest in theaters. Like I'm searching for Easter Eggs with all this amazing hero action on screen. Forget being polite, get the fuck out of here).

Also this movie was definitely meant to be Rated R. Even I as a Deadpool newbie was excited about that prospect and boy was I not disappointed. Though I'm not so excited that now Fox wants to make a R rated Wolverine. WTH? While I agree that Wolverine is a violent character, Fox has pushed him on screen as PG-13 and got a lot of kids in the mix. Giving them the middle finger because Deadpool did well is not cool. I'm saying this at age 31 with no damn kids in sight. I can't imagine the seething parents with Wolverine kid fans. Be safe Fox, be very safe. Plus in Jamaica kids can't see adult movies even with a parent. Not kidding, it's taken very seriously in my country what kids watch at the movies. Moving on. From the gore, to the lewd talk and even the sex scenes. Everything was done in such a masterful way that no matter how vulgar it got this movie is a work of art to anyone wanting to see how a gorey movie can also be an amazing one with great writing.

As a writer I must say I really appreciated the dialogue as well how well the movie scenes were done. This movie left nothing to chance and every single scene has a point. Clearly both the screen writers and director really went in ready to make a lean mean fighting machine of a movie. There was no lagging and again vulgarity even when present was used effectively to move the story along. Sure violence galore is not necessary for a movie to be good. But it was essential for Deadpool. Is this movie perfect. No. But is it way better than a lot of others out there? Hell yes and with a budget under 60 million a lot of other movies with much bigger budgets that were done like crap should be ashamed. Looking at you Gods of Egypt. From the reviews it seems pretty clear that even without white washing you would still be pretty terrible. No, I have not seen it and yes I'll say from reviews alone that the movie was terrible. Same goes from Norm of the North (guys Chris Stuckman on Youtube said even kids were groaning in the theater. Kids!). Not something I'll do often but really bad movies deserve to be called out on. People pay to see these things, give our eyeballs some respect.

The villains and heroes in this movie were both great. Ajax got called out for having a detergent name. Thank goodness because I thought...bleach? That's what your evil name is? But yeah he's still a bad ass a-hole like he's meant to be. Angel Dust aint no angel and this lady villain puts a number of movie rendered female heroes to shame. Elektra you have been dead to me since that movie. Done. No the upcoming Netflix version does not raise my confidence but I will say the actress seems to be doing well in that role and does justice in the trailer. That's a huge give from me and I enjoyed the Daredevil movie. Yeah, I did and saw it in theaters. Had enough sense to see Elektra movie at home and it was still a waste of my damn time. Kid you not all I remember literally from my brain is a grainy thought of how terrible the CGI was and my brain just saying it sucked. Can't even remember the plot (was there one?) or anything specific. Yup, my imagination drunk some Ajax to wash that out. Fell in love with Netflix Daredevil at episode nine. Okay now I'm way off track.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead is the female superhero of this movie and another bad ass who will not disappoint those looking for tough non-traditional heroines. Folks this girl aint no Barbie and can kick Angel Dust's ass even when Colossus is having a hard time doing so. Also she has that goth like teen attitude that just rocks on screen. Not the poser kind, that one sucks. Hell even Vanessa Carlysle who plays Wade's girlfriend in this movie is bad ass and an awesome character to boot. Not the background or cookie cutter girl she goes to the mat for both her man as well as herself. Colossus, oh man what can I say. Love him but he's like a Marvel character lost in a rated R film. In a good way though. He just wants to get Deadpool to turn from killer vigilante to good guy and really does make an effort to do so even when he has to get heavy handed. The guy even tries to be light handed on Angel Dust. Angel Dust folks. If you watched the trailer you saw how bad an idea that this. That chick don't play and even after he was super nice to her in a certain scene and she thanked guessed it, she hit him again. I will laugh my ass off if these two somehow hook up in a future movie or something. They are just so wrong for each other it's perfect. Wade Wilson as anti-hero/vigilante Deadpool spits in the eye of Marvel anti-hero Loki (who I love but damn Deadpool goes all out). He makes it clear he's not a good guy from before he even gets experimented on and transformed into what will be Deadpool. Killing is not an issue for him though he's not exactly shooting kids on a playground. Hey we have to give even anti-heroes limits. Loki will kill an innocent old man, Deadpool won't. Plus smaller characters like Wade's best friend Weasel and his roommate Blind Al shined in their parts. Even taxi driver Dopinder was in the mix. Who makes taxi drivers memorable in superhero movies? They're usually like the phone booth Clark Kent used to change in back in the back. Who cares, I want to see Superman! But no, the movie Deadpool wants you to remember just about everybody and heaven help us, you do. In the most positive kick ass way possible.

The only negative I can say. *Gasp* No, no, the movie is amazing and breaks the fourth wall and all that glorious sense of movie glory. But I have to say it kind of tricked those looking for a pansexual superhero. I'll go as far as saying it baited some people from the LGBT community, hell even the LGBTQA who were looking for a non-heterosexual superhero. No that was not what I was looking for but I did kind of want to see where that claim was going. So while it didn't take away from the wonderful movie that Deadpool is, I think promoters and actors need to be more careful about what they promise. A Wolverine fondling joke does not count. It was hilarious but no. So I'm all good with Deadpool, I had to put this out there because I have read where some movie goers were upset.

In closing Deadpool is an awesome movie I would recommend to anyone who can enjoy superhero movies and take watching some pretty gruesome stuff. Not for the kiddies but that's also up to the parent's discretion. Will not spoil the ending for anyone but this movie is definitely a must see. I loved it, others who have seen it loved it. Pretty sure there's a guy under a bridge somewhere (if anyone immediately got mad or thought I was dissing the homeless just go sit your overly PC ass down. Lots of non-homeless people can be found under bridges. Including lost drunkards) who hated it but who cares about that guy?

So I highly recommend it and thanks for reading Movie Love. See you Wednesday.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Monday Mishmash: March 2016 Edition

Monday Mishmash is a weekly meme sharing your thoughts and happenings. You just grab a button and create your post. Sure I guess I write it differently from most but moving on...

Hi I'm back again for another MishMash. I had mistakenly said Getting Personal was coming Monday. Sorry but that's Wednesday with the delayed Deadpool post coming tomorrow. Anyway on with what I'll be tackling this week.

1. More March Madness. I am a little stuck on the children story I'm doing along with the YA novel but all the basic ideas ate there.

2. Going to the dentist for a filling.

3. Freelance work. At least it is a bit less heavy which will give me a bit of my own writing time back.

4, Possibly seeing a movie in theaters this week or next Tuesday.

5. Looking over some fan fiction. Yes I love writing all the time. Well not ALL the time but still...

6. Blogging. :)

Sending my love and best wishes to all of you. God be with you and enjoy your day.

Friday, 4 March 2016

See You on Monday

No fire here guys but I will not be able to post today. Which is why I'm not allowing comments. If you want to see my posts for this week you can click either of the links below.


Meme Bloghop and Monday Post

Will be back full force on Monday but right now I'm a little bogged down. But don't cry for me Argentina. I had a great time last night on #K8Chat and today has been pretty good as well. More on Monday with my Getting Personal Post. Love you guys.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

IWSG: Deadpool and Writing Drain

Another IWSG has arrived and it's time to share those burning thoughts and feelings. Today I really want to chat about writing along with a certain movie I finally saw yesterday.


I intend to go indept on Friday under the Movie Love segment on my blog. But today I will say that Deadpool indeed broke the fourth wall. It was a movie that really did the anti-hero that is Deadpool good service. While there was talk about the small budget I must say there has been way worse done with movie budgets more than double that. *Coughs* Insurgent. Violence, laughs and touching moments were sprinkled throughout. Definitely worth watching and if not for my budget I would go back to see it several more times.


Plus there were strong females who were treated like real characters and not just eye candy or ultra feminist (I said it). If you can stand violence around a high action movie with few calm moments inbetween involving a superhero/anti-hero then this movie is for you. Also there are some sexual situations but for the squeamish I can tell you they don't last too long.

Writing Drain

Now back to sharing. At first I was going to chat about March Madness and that break out tweet I did on Sunday but instead I have a true issue of my own to share. My insecurity this month is that ghostwriting might be draining my ability to write my own work. *Gasp*

Now for any writer that is a horrifying thought. The very work you love and get your paycheck from is mentally draining you at the same time. Now when I work I help shape drafts for writers. I never do final work with one exception for a book to play translation in 2015 that I will never do again. Even with the extra cash I was given it was very stressful and though the customer was willing to get it further polished on their own afterwards, I remember how daunting that was. Editors I respect you even more. I am not a professional editor by any means but you would be surprised by the customers who will still try to turn you into one. But no, I'm not going to earn my money through delusion or deception. Plus with the turnover often demanded by customers the very idea of me doing that on anything other than a draft is laughable at times. You have no idea how many projects I canceled on based on the sheer absurdity of the time the customer wanted me to complete the work in. Especially when they created an order after I told them no.


But the time and work I put into making these drafts better can be both time consuming and creatively draining. Plus my freelance writing also includes creating plots, idea outlines and other services. Usually the customers I do those for don't make draft orders. I think that's better. I keep my work on Fiverr separate from my blogging because I don't want that part of my writing life to interfere with my personal writing life. I have seen how ghostwriting can go wrong. Including when authors put out work declaring so much how much they wrote then get exposed as a result of a suspicious reader doing research on the 'editor' that is named in the book. Guess some ghostwriters need to be in the spotlight. I find it better working in the background. Why give writing to someone else if I am still going to say in some capacity that I wrote it? Sorry, I have my own work to promote.

Now the drafts I write are not final works and are done in collaboration with my customers. I am honest about my minimum experience and the fact I'm not a degree holding writer. Actually lost a few orders that way but most still move forward and love my writing samples. Yet there are those authors who just grab what they get and fling it out there without considering the potential repercussions. I look out for those kind of orders. It is important to go the extra mile if you want to be a certain kind of freelancer. Once I got offered to write multiple drafts. No real details this person just want multiple works done. When I asked for more details it became clear that this customer just wanted a bunch of drafts to slap their name on and publish without regard. Not batting an eye I calmly told that person that this was not my area of expertise. Trust me, that was not what I really wanted to say.

So what do I do in facing this concern and insecurity. Keep writing of course. Yes there are days of late when I can't anything out but that just means there are times when I pour out thousands of words seemingly out of nowhere. Yes it can be daunting getting all these thoughts on the page working both for myself and others in the writing field. But at the end of the day I wanted to be a writer and a fulltime one at that. If that means slowing down some more so my creative juices and brain can catch up...then that's just par for the course. Otherwise I just need to pull up my bootstraps and go find a regular 9 to 5 until I publish my own work and make enough money from that. Also I do enjoy helping people and the gratitude I get as I help these burgeoning writers get their draft done whether to go edit and make into their own masterpiece or to just have a story to read to their son (one of my favorites to remember). The hard work is worth it and insecurities be damned.

What's bugging you right now? Know that no matter what it is you can overcome it. Thanks for visiting my IWSG post and you can check out the full list by clicking here.

Waiting on Wednesday: Reconnected

Please Note: The final WOW on this blog as I take my final bow this month. I want to thank all readers of this post and all my blogging. I r...