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Friday, 7 September 2018

Goodbye Post

Leave it to me to be late for my own goodbye party. I started this blog October 2011 and had an incredible journey. Meeting all kinds of writers, bloggers, readers and more. I want to know that I'm grateful for all the support I received over the years. Now just shy of my blog's seventh anniversary, it is time to say goodbye. This site will remain for posterity and you can always stop by to look at my posts including reviews for books/movies/tv, blog hops, cover reveals and more. 

Thank you for everything and feel free to check me on my social media sites. Take care.


  1. Sorry to see you go but glad you're leaving the site.

  2. I'm also glad you're keeping the blog. Maybe if you change your mind, or get less'll be back.

  3. It's sad to see you go but wonderful that your site isn't disappearing. Who knows what else I'll discover on here that I missed :) Hope to continue to see you on Twitter, though!


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  5. No no no no.... Say it ain't so! Why?

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