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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Playlist Week: Snow

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Snow turns the Snow White fairytale it was inspired from on it's head with a modern Jamaican setting and a different 'villain' altogether. Samantha a.k.a. Snow is a child born white from two black parents, Terrence and Annabelle. After years of accusations of infidelity and one very unfortunate incident between mother and daughter, Annabelle leaves. When a D.N.A. test proves Snow is their daughter, all hell breaks lose. Annabelle leaves refusing to have anything to do with either husband or daughter. After the divorce she leaves the country and Samantha who realizes her mother wasn't bad after all turns on her father. It only gets worse as he moves on and remarries and when the novel starts sixteen year old Snow is overjoyed and declares her no care attitude about her father. Terrence wants to stop her wanton ways but has no idea how and has to try not to neglect his two other kids and new wife. Also Snow hides her bad side well from her father's parents and those she considers important to keep on their good side. This novel as many twists and turns and every choice has a consequence. Even if the consequences hit someone other than yourself. 

Snow Playlist


Snow Playlist by Sheena-kay Graham on Grooveshark

 Songs in the Playlist

 1. Angel - Shaggy : This song makes me think about what Snow used to be like and also the past good of Annabelle's and Terrence's relationship and marriage. On a deeper level it makes me think of Jamaica where I have set this novel and the goodness and bounty it has provided all Jamaicans and it's visitors.

 2. Drop it (Like you're doing it) - Cham : A symbol of Snow's wild behaviour. She rebels through sex and also uses it as a weapon against men whether for their power or bedroom prowess.

 3. School Fee - Darrio : An anthem to fathers who take care of their children financially and against those who don't. I dedicate it to Terrence Bailey father of Snow (Samantha Bailey).

 4. Don't know what you got 'til it's gone - Janet Jackson : Everything has a price and several persons in Snow will have to 'pay the piper'.

 5. Shut Up - Bounty Killer : Snow's hateful feelings towards her father. She sees him as nothing and outside situations where she treats him nicely for her own benefit, gives him no respect.

 6. I got your man - Lad Saw : Snow will go after any man despite his relationship status. And she has her ways of letting any female know that a man is now hers.

 7. What goes around - Big Sean : Karma. Good old fashioned Karma. But Karma doesn't always happen as you expect it to.

 Now a peek inside:

  Snow turned over to face the police commissioner. "Happy birthday baby," he said kissing her on the lips, "how did you get away from daddy?" Snow laughed. Her father had big dreams of a perfect family and aspirations in politics. She could care less about what he wanted. She was sixteen and it was now legal for her to have sex in Jamaica. Now she could really flaunt her lovers in his face and they would no longer fear lawful retribution.

Thank you for reading. Tomorrow will be the end with Shade Me playlist.


  1. Sheena,
    I'm improving! I know 1 and 6. :)
    That snippet from Snow made me sit up and take notice. Seems like Snow is headed for big trouble.

    1. Yes she is heading for trouble. Thanks for responding so quickly.

  2. Hmm... Interesting twist on Snow White.


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