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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Playlist Week: Nevermore

Nevermore is set in Detroit two years after zombies showed up. Peter Pan leads his group of Lost Boys as they fight to survive in a world where one mistake can kill you. Unless you're immune.

Summary: In a world full of zombies, survivors have to do whatever it takes to survive. Peter Pan and his crew of Lost Boys scavenge the ruins of Detroit for food, ammunition and anything else they can find. Their leader being immune gives them a great advantage. Then a new girl comes along, Tinker Bell. Her affliction divides them and when an accident gets Sebastian Hook on their trail things turn even deadlier than they already are. How do you defeat an enemy who can control the very thing that scares you most?

Nevermore Playlist

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Nevermore by Sheena-kay Graham on Grooveshark 1. Who Dat - This song was just the perfect themse song to Nevermore to me. It has the flavour, drama and feel of a top contender. I feel the novella and main protagonist and antagonist (Peter Pan and Sebastian Hook) evoke the need and demand to be heard and understand. The fact that Peter and Sebastian are both teenagers in this book only emphasizes that demand. Also a book about fighting zombies needs a kick ass theme song. Who Dat kicks ass.

 2. Crossroads - There is a turning point tragedy in Nevermore that I think this song is perfect for. I can't go into detain but I will say it turns the Peter Pan and Sebastian fued into something more deadly.

 3. Amen - Is about life in The Garage Pit where Peter Pan, Lost Boys and a lot of teens like them live. The Garage Pit is their home and they're grateful to have a place like that to be themselves and not be influenced by zombies or adults. The few adults who live there leave the teens to their own devices.

 4. Enter Sandman - This song is for a grand showdown in Nevermore. Can't say anything else. It will be epic though. EPIC.

 5. Where have you been - (note this song is by Imany not Rihanna) Is about the relationship that develops between Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. As a human who can fight the zombie virus by only turning when necessary or angered, she can avoid harming people for sheer hunger. But like all zombies any bodily fluid from her can turn a human. Then comes Perter Pan who is truly immune and she finally has someone she can be in contact with without fear of turning them into a monster. So this song follows how grateful Tinkerbell is for this chance and Peter getting closer to her.

 6. Zombie - This song is my way of questioning who is truly the zombie. When people have to choose who lives and who dies, who gets supplies, who gets shelter and emotions have to be put aside. Is it just the zombies who eat flesh that are zombies or is the environment making humans into zombies as well? The non-flesh eating type of course.

 7. Sing - My Chemical Romance: This is song about each place where humans are gathered fighting to maintain their freedom. Especially from Sebastian Hook who wants to be the only place of refuge for those hiding from zombies.

 8. Roger That -  Young Money : (a) This song is about the sex culture in Nevermore. Without adult reinforcement a lot of these teens have sex whenever they want. Especially after nightfall when in The Garage Pit makeshift clubs open. (b) This is also Loud's song. As the only girl in Lost Boys she proves her worth by both her bad girl status as a former gang leader and her sexual prowess. She is dominating and is a complete contrast to the demure Tinkerbell.

 9. Monster - Kanye West : The transformation Sebastian goes through after a shocking event.

 10. Pain - Three Days Grace : Pretty much for painful events in Nevermore and how pain sometimes has to be the driving force to keep moving.

 11. Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs : This will be the end song when changes come to the forefront. Title of the song says it all. And no it's not Sebastian Hook, it's a new problem.

 And now for a peek into Nevermore.... Peek : Tinker Bell is wearing a handkerchief top, blue booty shorts and is barefoot. She complains...

  "Eddie, the girls gave me a hoochie outfit." Eddie was silently staring too. 

"Oh no, no, no, you look...great." Tinker Bell sighed. 

"Why did I bother with a guy."

  "Loud has extra jeans," Peter Pan said before he could stop himself.

  "Thank goodness, this thing feels like tight underwear."

  "You're so gay," Eddie muttered and Peter Pan elbowed him, hard.

 So there's your peek readers. If you want more Nevermore check out Nevermore Hookers, Nevermore Hangers, and The Magic 8 Ball: Nevermore Excerpt. Tomorrow will be Circa's turn. But I leave you with this quick Nevermore excerpt concerning Peter Pan. Thank you for stopping by.

Once his life was different. Born in Detroit, he was working class poor. His mother Ester Morris took care of them both. Murmured little protest when he dropped out of school at age twelve. Bought him a box of six frosted cupcakes for his fourteenth birthday with his name on them. He, his best friend Spike and a few other teens hung out and ate in the dingy corridor of the apartment complex. 

 It was the last normal day of his life.


  1. Hey,

    Wow, you put a *lot* of work into this, and it shows.

    Congrats and good luck with the novella :)

  2. I don't think I know even one of these songs. I need to get out more. :)

  3. Hi Sheena,
    Great list here,
    I just heard some of the songs.
    Very interesting.
    Thanks for sharing
    Good Day
    ~ Phil


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