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Thursday, 9 August 2012

What Was Your Childhood Monster? Blogfest

Please Note: Sorry for the lack of post but I jut got my internet back last night. Lost it on Sunday and a technician from the phone company had to come yesterday because on Monday we lost complete use of the landline. Well I'm back so on with the posting.

Christine Rains is hosting this blofest in honour of her novel Fearless which was released August 7.

My childhood monster was ghosts. I know many people don't believe in ghosts but I do. I remember as a child/teen strange and creepy experiences that couldn't be easily explained. Like hearing the sound of an oldman moaning/groaning behind the iron board. Or hearing a voice outside calling me in the early hours of the morning claiming to be a family member who safely in the house fast asleep. Then there was a really freaky experience in my teens that I won't talk even talk about here. I will only say it left me freaked out for a long time and even terrified the family member I told.

I'm not declaring myself some ghost whisperer or even that I can see ghosts. But I'm just relating my experiences and will say that I'm either right or nuts. No two ways about it. So whether you want to call them ghosts or whatever, something I couldn't see, smell or touch reached out to me. It hasn't really happened in recent years and I'm actually glad for it. Trust me, it's not a nice experience.


  1. Sorry you were scared by something more real than just 'a monster.' I've had one weird experience, and it was real to me!
    Glad you're back online.

  2. Wow, Sheena! Yes, that would creep anyone out. I'm glad your experiences stopped now :)

  3. Glad to see you're back! That blogfest sounds of luck to you on it. :)

  4. Creepy! Ghosts are definitely spooky.

  5. What frightening experiences! Thanks for sharing your monster with us and for helping promote my novella.

  6. Alex: Thanks for understanding and glad you're ok after your own experience:

    Kelley: Yes it is.

    Guilie: I'm glad too. Thanks for reading.

    Elizabeth: Glad to be back. And thanks.

    Emily: Yes they are Em.

    Christine: Your welcome and thanks for stopping by Chris.

  7. scary! poltergeist & chuckie made clowns creepier than they already were fot me...

  8. I'm glad you didn't share that really freaky experience from your teens. That kinda stuff creeps me out!

  9. I have had incidents, too, and am a believer. Scary stuff!

    My monster:


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