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Freelance Writer, Ghostwriter, Video Essayist. Welcome.

Sheena-kay Graham was never meant for a traditional job behind a desk. Her childhood career plans included becoming a ballerina, actress or someone who helped people. So naturally, she decided to be a writer who writes from her bed. Yes, no desk for this Jamaican book lover. No matter if it’s reading, writing or using the get the gist. The love of the written word has always been with her leading to stories, poetry and way too much fan fiction. This Christian woman can be found trolling Amazon or TBD online, in local book bookstores, watching movies on the big screen, or in her bed, or reading/writing/on the laptop...again in her bed. 

Don't think that makes her lazy though. She wrangles ideas for books, treatments, stories, and articles while battling an undiagnosed chronic illness, fatigue, and early onset arthritis. Ghostwrites drafts for stories and novels for clients. 

This blog is dedicated to posting about books, tv shows, movies, and a few personal essays. For the author, info check out her website.


  1. Hi Sheena,
    Greetings from India
    Though I have been here earlier and joined in the page long back, I was not that active here. But today I am glad that I found you again via JL's this year's selection of Brigades. Nice to see you in the group of JL
    Let's together work for this year's A to Z Blog Challenge
    Keep informed
    Keep in touch
    Best Regards

  2. Hi from Canada, Sheena. I've only been to Jamaica once, back in 2009. Seems like yesterday. I was treated with such kindness. I love all things Jamaican. It was nice learning more about you.

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