Monday, 1 August 2016

Do You Have Goals? July 2016

Sorry I'm running late. How has my goal been going? Well I'm working up to a cover reveal for all covers at the moment. Since The Missing Girls Series will be releasing all novellas at once I'm determined to make everything ready and at it's best over anything else. Will it be out in 2016 as my goal stated? Probably not. But this goal has given me the kick in the pants to stick with self-publishing my first book and I'm very proud of that. Right now I also have my freelance work that takes up a chunk of my time. Yet no complaints as I'm grateful for every cent and joy of doing what I love that it gives me. So how have your goals been going? Has anything changed? For me I'm planning to have an MG ready to send out to agents by December 2016. Never thought the first book I'd try to agent would be anything but YA. So time really does change things sometimes. Thanks for stopping by and go to Do you Have Goals Page to see other bloggers and their goals.


  1. Self publishing and looking for an agent? Go, Sheena-kay!

  2. At first I thought you wrote goats. I'm not fond of goats. They are so bossy and mean to my dogs.
    Yes I do have goals. I'm just having a hard time getting them to completion.

  3. At least you're on track toward your goal. Good job. I'm looking forward to seeing the covers.


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