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New Laptop and Civil War Trailer

Yesterday was my birthday and it was a pretty ordinary day. No huge fanfare or anything. But wait...there was something special this year. One I am now thirty one and two...I now have a brand spanking new laptop! Yes folks on Friday I finally got a new fully functioning HP laptop. Now I can do all my work, keep up with you guys and yes...I can blog again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooh!!!!!!!!!!! Great news huh?

Civil War Trailer

Now one of my biggest movie mistakes was not going to see Captain America: Winter Soldier in theaters.

I vowed that the next Captain America movie was one I would not first see sitting at home. Last week has proven my decision to be the right one. When I saw the new trailer for Civil War my draw dropped and my mind just was wild. May 2016 is going to be epic.

Youtube and I were best friends that day. Oh my goodness the trailer was flawless and gave Batman vs. Superman a good kick in the teeth as far as I am concerned.

 Now I am not a Marvel or DC fanfirl, my i…

IWSG: The Writing Life

A writer's work is never done. The decision to lead such a life is filled with awe and headaches. But the pain is worth it my friends. Not in the end because for a writer there really is no end. Only new begginings. This month my focus goes between the writing for my freelance work and my own works whether for future publishing or just leisure. Yes writers we are allowed to write things never to see the light of day beyond our bedroom/book/computer/imagination.

This month will be another filled with both happiness and woe as the words either flow or struggle to come. But either way what I will not do is allow them to stop. Yes there will be breaks but those will not he allowed to become procrastination points. No fears to share this month because I am staring them down and telling them that I am unafraid and even though that is bull shit, I feel better claiming that anyway. Fear can only stop you if you let it and I won't. I hope whatever life you lead whether that of a writer…