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Faerie Tale Prince Blog Fest

Today is the Who's Your Favourite Faerie Tale Prince Blog Fest hosted by Rachel Morgan in celebration of the release of The Faerie Prince, the second novel in the Creepy Hollow series. Now I get to tell you my favourite Disney Prince and Hero and why I chose them.

Prince Eric

Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid is not only royalty but also a hardworking, handsome, honest and loving man. He doesn't lay back and let his servants and sea man do all the work. He loves his kingdom and his people love him. After getting saved from nearly drowning he's determined to find his rescuer and falls in love with the idea of being with her. Then he finds Ariel, a mute girl who is really Ariel his rescuer and a mermaid turned human by the evil Ursula. He doesn't know that she has only three days to make him fall for her but he does just the same with her beauty and vibrant spirit. When Ursula turns herself human and uses 'Ariel's' voice and a spell to ensure Eric, he's…

Help Ben Wolverton, Hex Giveaway and Work it Out Cover plus Giveaway

Ben son of Author David Farland was in a longboard accident in April. His family has no insurance and have one million dollars in medical fees to pay. His family has no insurance and he has severe brain damage along with the fact he'll need extensive therapy to relearn how to walk. Ben is only 16 and he and his family need help. So writers have come together and on June 7 a donation bomb will be dropped.

For more details and a giveaway please visit Ilima Todd's Monday post Ben Wolverton Donation Bomb. And remember to visit the Help Wolverton to learn more details about Ben's accident and recovery process.

Recent picture of Ben (May 22)
Donate and help raise 100,000 towards his recovery

Please Support Ben Wolverton and his family
Hex Giveaway
Want to win the complete collection of the Hex series by Rachel Hawkin? Even better, they're all signed. Visit Rachel Hawkings Event and Giveaway at A Reading Nurse for more details and to enter giveaway.

Work it Out Cover plus Giveaw…

Express Yourself Meme: Author Quotes

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Here's an author quote I found by a beloved authour.

Enid Blyton: "If you can't look after something in your care, you have no right to keep it."

So true.