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Book Review Thursday: Distraction by J.L. Campbell

Distraction by J.L. Campbell                                  
Genre: Fiction
Publishing Date: June 25, 2012
First Heard Of: Through Author's Blog and Amazon
Purchase: Amazon
Source: E-Copy from Author
Preview: If you want to know the three women from Distraction before the novel. Please buy acopy of A Baker's Dozen: 13 Steps to Distraction. I bought this ebook before getting Distraction and have no regrets. It's a very good read.

Note: Sorry about the error that had this posted with just the image and and title on Thursday. It has now been corrected.

Summary from Amazon: Three Jamaican women walk a tightrope of decisions when their lives are derailed by blackmail, deceit and infidelity. JUSTINE CHARLES, sensible and self-contained, battles an addiction which could destroy her marriage, reputation, and relationship with her daughter. DIONNE JONES, an aggressive go-getter, takes risks that cut a trail of devastation through her family and business. KYRA MILLS, struggling s…

C I N (C I N Series #1) by Christina Leigh Pritchard

I borrowed this book from over the weekend (right after joining with facebook). I'm going to the library today to download it to my kindle (no wireless at home). I will tell you next week whether it's any good. Meanwhile enjoy this blurb on the book.

Synopsis: Seventeen year old Lisa Brown’s life is falling apart. First, her mother and father divorce, then their house forecloses and now, her mother has decided to commit herself to a psychiatric hospital.
If that weren’t enough, she must leave sunny south Florida to attend a boarding school full of geniuses in cold, Lynn, Massachusetts. The city where the locals chant “Lynn, Lynn, city of sin; you never come out the way you went in.”

And, they aren’t kidding. Lisa must live in a tiny shack with two strange teenagers, a dog named Pig who growls when you look at him and a cat named Rat. “Mind the cat,” everyone says. What the heck is wrong with this place?

Lisa thinks she’s landed in her own house of horrors with th…

Cover Reveal: If I Let You Go

Yes I'm at the back of the line. Sue Me. Kyra Lennon is back with her second book to be released next month. With a beautiful cover and a synopsis that sucks you in. Kyra has yet another creation that will catch your attention. Enjoy.

If I Let You Go by Kyra Lennon (Novella) Release Date: October 22, 2012 Category: New Adult 
Synopsis: Madison Connor is about to lose it. Her job, that is. For three years, she’s taken care of Dominic Hartley’s five year old daughter, Tilly, but her world is flipped on its head when Dominic tells her his latest promotion is taking him to New York. With Tilly having a meltdown over the move, Madison and Dominic get into a fight that changes the entire nature of their relationship, causing Madison to ask herself a big question. Can she let him go?

Book Review Thursday: Return to Finkletom

Return to Finkleton by K.C. Hilton
Genre: Middle Grade, Fantasy
Publishing Date:
First Heard Of: Goodreads and Author's Website
Purchase: Amazon
Source: Won Giveaway on Author's Website

Summary on Goodreads: When the Finkle children discovered magical secrets in Uncle Harry’s shop, they vowed to keep them safe. Two years later Jack, Lizzy and Robert realized that the perfect weather wasn’t the only secret waiting to be discovered in the mysterious shop. Things aren’t always what they seem to be!

There were people who would stop at nothing to acquire land in Finkleton. Of course, there were also those determined to protect the little village from greedy outsiders. Will selfish desires destroy the village of Finkleton?

It was only a matter of time before those who cared about Finkleton and those who cared only for themselves would come into conflict. The result of this outcome would likewise depend on a matter of time.

Once again Jack, Lizzy and Robert must learn to work together t…

Genre Favorites Blogfest

Today is Ninja Captain Alex's blogfest and I'm taking part. The Genre Favorites Blogfest  has each participant picking their favourite genre for movies, music and books.

Movie: Drama and Science Fiction. My father loves Action movies and Drama and my mother is a big Science Fiction fan. But unlike my other who also likes my other fave genre. My dad HATES science fiction with a passion. I try to get him into one now and then but it's always a big fail. Oh well, we can still watch Seinfield together. Anywho, back to my favourite movie genre. Drama just pulls me in and the fact that  it takes on real life situations is a big plus. A good drama movie has you talking about it long after the end. My favourite movie of all times is the crime-drama The Untouchables. It's just amazing. When it comes to science fiction I enjoy being taken places I've never been and can never discover outside my imagination. The Terminator is one of the best Science Fiction Movies Ever. I wil…

Cover Reveal: The Perfect Clone by M.L. Stephens

The Perfect Clone by M. L. Stephens
Expected Release Date: 10/2012

Laura wants to have her husband’s child. The fact that he’s dead is only a minor setback. She’ll get what she wants, it’s just a matter of how. 

Intrigued by Laura’s progress in the field of human cloning, Richard Avery steps up to the plate and offers the use of his secret lab facilities. Before he’ll allow her to clone a child of her own, she must first create one perfect clone for him- using DNA samples from the Shroud of Turin. 
Jumping in head first, Laura’s work is successful and the shroud’s cloned embryos are implanted into a virgin surrogate. Nine months later, twins are born. One is deemed unworthy, the other non-viable. Richard demands that she continue her work. He wants a perfect clone…one that he can ‘use’. There’s no time to celebrate her accomplishment before finding out that Richard has morbid plans for her creations. He wants a clone that he can use to rule mankind under a New World Order. Unable to leave…

Book Review Thursday: What to Expect

My weekly book reviews have been on hiatus for a while but no more. As of next week I will be starting to review again. Book Review Thursday has me weekly reviewing a book I've read whether it's in print or an e-copy. Below are the books I will be reviewing for September.

September Schedule:

September 20 : Return to Finkleton by K.C. Hilton

September 27: Distraction by J.L. Campbell

Stormdancer (The Lotus War, #1) by Jay Kristoff and 99 Followers

I am beyond excited about the US release for this book. I have been crazy about it since the beginning of the year. The UK edition is already out but I love the cover for the US hardcover version (cover posted to the left). Jay has created a colourful world that will draw in any reader. I recommend this book to anyone who loves reading fiction and especially fiction with great world building. Now scroll down for the blurb and buying options.

In other news. I am 1 follower away from 100 followers. Thank you everyone who has decided to make my blog one to follow and a special thank you to those who leave comments. Your words let me know your thoughts and that helps me keep a blog you're willing to come back to to. Thank you and much love.

Blurb from Goodreads : A DYING LAND 
The Shima Imperium verges on the brink of environmental collapse; an island nation once rich in tradition and myth, now decimated by clockwork industrialization and the machine-worshipers of the Lotus Guild. The s…

My Kindle Baby

My darling kindle is one month old today. I remember the Saturday I bought you in August. It was the day after getting my pay check. Definitely worth it! Love you. Shout out to all the e-reader owners. I am officially one of you now.

Strength Cover Reveal

When I got an email from Carrie Butler about being a part of  the Strength cover reveal I must admit I'd totally forgotten I had signed up. A lot of times because my blog has under a hundred followers, I don't get accepted for cover reveals direct from the author or host promoter. But there it was and I accepted of course. Now I'm promoting Strength and I'm glad to do so. The synopsis drew me in and the cover was one of the few shirtless male covers that didn't turn me off because the way it was done just screamed porn (no thanks). The man on the cover just looks like a strong man. A strong sexy man. I found out about Carrie though the blogging community and she seems to be a nice talented person. I will be ready to purchase a copy of Strength on March 7 next year. After reading this reveal, I hope you'll consider doing it too. Plus there's a really nice trailer. Enjoy.

Title: Strength Series: Mark of Nexus – Book 1 Publisher: Sapphire Star Publishing

The Truth is Revealed

So today is the day. Ready to find out what is true and what is fiction.

Fact or Fiction Part One: Fiction. I have never had such a mix up at the library. They're very good at keeping the numbers straight. I can't believe how almost everyone thought it was true. I knew doing a simple story would make the guessing harder but damn...I was way too right on this one.

Have to give a special shout out to Elizabeth Seckman who not only guessed right but also said she thought I'd mix up the bag and leave with it if it were true. While I have never left with the wrong bag (had the counter guy/girl try giving me the wrong one at stores and other places but I always was alert enough to tell them that wasn't my bg on the spot. I think it's because I'm paranoid that someone will pilferer my bag when it's out of my sight. I actually empty my bag and carry around everything with me at the library. True story. Even my books - unless it's a library book).  I did leave …

GUTGAA: Meet and Greet

Deanna has organized GUTGAA and it is a great event for writers to meet each other and pitch their work.
Hi, I'm Sheena-kay Graham and I am a writer. While I have only been published in a literary supplement for poetry so far. I feel that I've done much to get myself ready to be a published novelist. The supplement was in The Sunday Observer and named Bookends Magazine. I was a paid contributor between 2007-2011. I stopped after months going without acceptance after changes in their line-up phased out poetry. But I enjoyed that experience and will only look forward to accomplishments like finally creating a blog that keeps me in contact with aspiring novelist and writers like myself. I look back on my first blogpost October 25, 2011 and find this quote very self-fulfilling.
My real name is Sheena-kay Graham and my nickname (and now my blog's name) was self given and inspired in part by the movie  Sheena: Queen of the Jungle. Also my love for Africa, my skin and believing i…

IWSG & Fact or Fiction Bloghop: Part 2

Yes this a combined post.  IWSG is  a great forum to express any writing insecurities. Right now I'm competing in the What I did last summer fact or fiction Blogfest. It is fun and nerve biting to be competing for writing prizes. First prize winners get a book of their choice and two runners up get an opportunity to have their own book critiqued. Win or lose I'm having fun. But let's face it. I want to win a prize. So wish all us entrants the best of luck and yes this is probably the shortest IWSG post ever. Sue me. WAIT! DON'T!

I am happy to be taking part in part two of the Fact or Fiction Bloghop. Can you guess what is fact and what is fiction? Well let's get on it and see if you're right and who is just plan wrong. Click here to read Part One. Thanks Emily and Melodie for this exciting bloghop.

Real or not Real?

I couldn't believe it. No acceptance all summer. Bookends Magazine after accepting my poetry over the years had finally tapped out. I should ha…

Fact Or Fiction Bloghop

Thank you for hosting this bloghopEmily and Melodie.

Fact or Fiction? You Decide:

I walked down the road and entered my local library. It was in the afternoon and all I wanted was to pick out three good books and head home. A library a short walk from home was very convenient and the free internet didn't hurt. The last internet cafe to open in the mall nearby closed earlier in the year. No surprise. Prices in Jamaica are already outrageous. Free has no competition. Plus the internet quality's better at the library anyway.

After searching through several rows I found the ones I wanted and borrowed them. The lady at the desk smiled as she took my cards and handed me the books I'd be hogging over the next two weeks. Books are a big love of mine. My dad was a big book buyer when I was in my teens but as I got older he just stopped reading. Sad really, I'm the last true bibliophile in my family.

So I went to the bag area and to get my bag. But the security behind the counte…