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Obvious Child Blog Tour: Interview with Warren Cantrell and Goal Bloghop

Today I got the opportunity to interview Warren Cantrell author of Obvious Child. If you has visited my blog on Friday you would have seen my book review which is also part of The Obvious Child Blog Tour hosted by his publisher The Writers Coffee House. Now read on to see into the mind of the man who decided to create Sam, an unwitting reality star who might become a time traveler and how much the poor man doesn't want to be either.

Author Interview

1.Your sibling gets a letter offering them free time travel. What do you do?
Buy them a copy of the 1994 classic, Timecop, starring the incomparable Jean-Claude Van Damme, and tell them to do their homework.
You are a cool sibling. I would be like "Are you nuts?!" It would all go down the circles of hell from there. If I got the letter however I would have them do experiments first. Lots of experiments. Hey, I don't want to get transported back to before women's rights or worse slavery. Hey, I'm just stating the facts…

Book Review: Obvious Child and Celebrate Divergent Movie

Obvious Child by Warren Cantrell

Source: Netgalley and Publisher

Genre: Adult Fiction, Sci-Fi

Purchase: Amazon,

Summary: Sam Grant doesn’t want to be famous, but he doesn’t have much of a say in the matter.
On the verge of graduating from college with his master’s in History, Sam and the rest of the world bear witness to the invention of time travel. Revealed via a YouTube broadcast, the brothers responsible for inventing time travel find their remarkable device coopted by the U.S. government. In a magnanimous gesture, the U.S. government holds a worldwide competition to decide who will be the first time traveler in history. This turns Sam’s world upside down after a half-baked joke application he sends in gets him accepted as a contestant for consideration. Thrust into a political and media blender set to puree, Sam and his fellow contestants vie for the affections of a worldwide audience who will vote on the eventual winner. As the successive rounds of the contest pass by, and Sam t…

Getting Personal: Boneless Parody, Cassie's Cover and Express Yourself Meme

Whoo March has been quite a month. Next week Tuesday will start the A-Z Challenge and I haven't finished all my posts yet. But I will survive and I know readers will enjoy what I have to offer.

Now unto a little surprise. I dropped a hint to the author in a comment but now I'm ready to share with you all. I have decided to do my first parody! Yay! Of a book by an author I know online/blog. What? You say, I can imagine authors who chat with me or blog back and forth looking at each other or pointing at themselves. The lucky winner the summary and guess.

From the truly weird mind of Sheena-kay Graham.

Seriously this lady is super weird in her head. Don't let that smiling face fool you.

Printer Rose is a typical teenager who wishes to become popular. Her family line were all popular in pre-school straight through University but she has fallen short and no one is more disappointed than her mother and older twin brothers. One day she comes across a potion in the basemen…

AYA Forever Blog is Live!

I am so sorry for my lack of blogging and comments. Sadly I have been somewhat indisposed of late and chose not to publish any posts because I couldn't blog back. Today I'm not allowing any comments because I'm not sure of my blogging status until tomorrow where it is full steam ahead. But in the meantime I have decided to reveal something exciting.

Remember all my talk about creating a new genre AYA? I launched the website a few months back. Well I've taken the next step by launching my AYA blog. Please take a look at my launch post and if you can, leave a comment. Thank you for all your support.

Adults for Young Adults Website

AYA Forever Blog

A-Z Theme Reveal and Celebrate the small things

My decision to take part in the A-Z Theme Reveal was pretty last minute. Around Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. Before I just didn't see the point since I already signed up for the A-Z Challenge and I'm also being careful to ensure that I post when I can comment back on blogs. But in the end I decided to take part and I think it's a good blogfest to join.

My theme for this year is Memorable Characters in Books and Film. I will do  A-Z posts on characters I think have left a memorable imprint for me as well as others who may have read or seen these works. See you in April.

March is almost over and I just want to say I'm happy to finally have an at home job that allows me to save for my laptop, buy books and use my family members who love buying clothes from abroad as walking banks in exchanging Paypal cash for cash in hand. Yes I'm terrible. But efficient. Thank God for life and you guys for joy and see you Monday. Also look out next week for a book review and i…

Cover Love: Blood Kissed Sky and Express Yourself Meme

Today I'm sharing the cover for Blood-Kissed Sky by J.A. London. Book Two in The Darkness Before Dawn Trilogy. This is how you do a cover using a model's profile and a captivating background. As much as I know what she sees must be foreboding, I'm captivating by the beauty of the cover enough that I want to see it as well. Which I believe is an excellent quality in a superb cover.

Summary: There's nowhere left to hide.
Ithought vampires were our enemies—they controlled our lives, isolated our cities, and demanded our blood—until I met Victor. With Victor taking over as the new Lord Valentine, things were supposed to get better. Instead, they're worse than ever. Day Walkers, a new breed of vampires who can walk in the sun, are terrorizing the city. Blood supplies are low, and if Victor's vampires don't get enough, they will become infected with the Thirst—a disease that will turn them into mindless killers. To stop it, I must journey across the desolate wast…

Bought a Book in Record Time!

I am excited to introduce a new series to you. Saturday night I was online when I came across a request from an author to friend them on Goodreads. I decided to go ahead and also to check out her website. I  noticed the Works In Progress tab and decided to give it a look. So glad I did. I was introduced to the Saving Shennanigans Series and fell in love most with book 3. A series revolving around a woman determined to keep her family's pub out of the mob's hands and calls on her two sisters who have stories of their own was just too great to pass up.
But book one's cover also caught my attention because it had an attention grabbing character and shows writers how to create a really good cover without crazy over the top images. After reading the summaries I knew I had to get this series. Since only Mabe's Burden (book one) was out I immediately purchased a copy. The author Kelly Abell sells the books and I was relieved to see she didn't charge any crazy high shippin…

Express Yourself Meme and Celebrating Life and Blogging and Reading and You

Today I'll be covering two week's worth of Express Yourself Meme since I took a break last week.

March 3-7 asked about autographs and I have quite a few.

Thank goodness for giveaways and cool blogger/author friends because all mine are from overseas and sadly I don't have a passport. But that hasn't stopped me from getting these awesome autographs.

Insurgent (Collector's Edition, Hardback) by Veronica Roth - Any time I see the V. Roth signature I want to squeal. Thank you so much Amber Argyle for the giveaway that won me this. I'm such a big fan of her work.

Pop Travel by Tara Tyler - Knew her as a blogger first and was excited to buy her novel for my kindle. When I got the chance to get a paperback copy how could I pass it up? Now I have her book on my dresser and her cool signature and cool words of thanks.

Past Due by Elizabeth Seckman - This lady is my blogger sister and after her first book Past Due came out I was excited to win the chance to get a paperba…

Getting Personal: Movie Time!

This month I'm excited about all the movies I plan to see. So far I have seen two movies at the theatre this year. American Hustle in January and The Lego Movie in March (Everything is *indeed* Awesome). February was full of all kinds of little disasters that made me miss Robocop (though I don't think that was a big loss), Ride Along, a return of that Julia Roberts movie and yes even Frozen that is now out of Theatres (it should come back in April hopefully. Hey Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs came back last month, it's possible).

Source: Greyerbaby
Now here's what I also plan to see this month. Thanks my ghostwriting gig I actually have spare cash to see more than one movie per month. Just work extra hard and pump out that word count to be paid faster. Hey a girl has to have priorities and I want to order my laptop month end so I can get it in April.

1.Mr. Peabody and Sherman - seeing this on Saturday

2. Son of God - My mother claims she'll come with me next Tue…

Book Review: A Journey Begins and Back from Blogging Break

In February I posted about teen author Cambria Harrington. Well I went and got myself a copy of her novel A Journey Begins and I'm happy to say I'll now share my review for this book. Also I was sent a gift copy of the book but since it was after I purchased my own copy, I sent it to another blogger with a promise of a review when she finished reading it. Thanks for the gift Harrington.

A Journey Begins by Cambria Harrington
Genre: Fantasy, YA
Source: Purchased on Amazon
Purchase: Kindle

Summary: For centuries the Kingdom ruled by King Jonathan and Queen Natalia had been peaceful. But now the Kingdom and the rest of the world is being threatened by one known only as “The Dark King” who desires to have the entire world under his control. Natalia and Jonathan are powerless to defeat him and sacrifice everything they have to make sure their children grow up to be powerful magicians; strong enough together to defeat the Dark King once and for all.

At the age of fifteen, Brean, Jake…

Charlie's Scribes Road to Enlightenment and a little Celebrating

Please Note: I will be back on Tuesday with a book review and what I did over the blogging break.

 Sheena-kay is taking a much needed holiday, but she didn't want to leave her blog peeps bored. So, she called in Charlie's Scribes!! 
Fridays, Sheena-kay shares the wisdom of gratitude...the Scribes may
need to seek enlightenment to hit the Queen's level of awareness.
Wisdom Sought and Found

Waiting in the grocery line, I did my usual perusal of the
day’s top headlines. Squeezed between news of Kim Kardashian’s growing butt and
Myley Cyrus’s decaying morals was the revelation that a bald man in a coconut
bra and grass skirt set up camp at the peak of Mauna Loa volcano. A neon sign
outside his hut proclaimed, “Koop’a: Know All, See All”. 
In my excitement, I abandoned my shopping cart and ran to
Tammy’s…whew was I tired…what a long run! Pounding on her door, I yelled, “Tammy get out here, we’ve
got to meet the Koop’a!”
“I know! I was just on my way to get you. I got a text …