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Friday, 26 August 2016

Cover Reveal: After Loving you and Do You have Goals?

Today I'll be sharing with you the cover for upcoming romance novel After Loving You by Ashelyn Drake (Kelly Hashway's pseudonym). Already pre-ordered my copy and I'm picky on contemporary, including romance. What can I say? I trust my Kelly after starting her Into the Fire series (YA Paranormal). Ashelyn Drake writes YA and NA romance and this novel is the latter. Got to see it early through my newsletter subscription and it is beautiful. Emotions seep out at you. These two have a history.

Ashelyn/Kelly is also having a Social Media Blitz to celebrate the reveal and October release date. Before I reveal the cover, take in a taste of what After Loving you has in store for readers.

Without further ado, cover time. Feast your eyes on this romantic beauty.



When Mia Thompson and Jared Grande break up before college, they think that's the end for them.

But two years later, Mia is stalking Jared's Facebook page and he's contacting her every chance he gets. Even though they're both seeing other people, they can't seem to say good-bye to the past they shared.

One way or another, they'll have to figure out how to love again. Is it time to get back together or time to move on?

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Do You have Goals?

I have already realized that The Missing Girls Series will need a 2017 release. Sadly due to personal issues including data loss which has to be redone entirely, that fact can't be avoided. Will be revealing a date for the cover reveal in October. But I'm very happy with how my freelancing work has expanded and the new strides I have taken in my manuscripts. Time will have to be managed with rewriting lost work as my time is less free than last year. However I'm ready to truck on and just know everyone that a setback is just a setup for something new. As long as you make it out alive on the other side there's more in your future. God bless and enjoy your weekend.


  1. Sweet cover.

    Never rush out a book that's not ready. Delaying it until next year gives you time to polish and time to promote. Smart move.

    God bless and have a good weekend.

  2. Aw, this post made my day because you went above and beyond a simple cover reveal. Thank you so much, Sheena. You're amazing!

    I'll definitely help with your cover reveal. It's smart to push back a release when you need to. It means you want the best for your book.

  3. Beautiful cover! Good luck with getting your novel ready. With more time for you to work on it, it will be even more amazing.

  4. Congratulations to Kelly! I'm sure this is going to be another cute and romantic story. :)

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about the data loss and how it's put you back. But I love that you're determined to truck on no matter what. Good luck! You can do it!

    Kelly's cover is very romantic. :)

  6. Nice romantic cover.
    Losing your data sucks big time. You're great that you wouldn't allow it to upset you, just keep going.

  7. Sometimes, it's just necessary to push back our deadlines. I'm so sorry to read about the data loss! I know how painful it is when that happens.

    I like Kelly's cover. :-)

  8. Data loss is an absolute nightmare, but what a great attitude you're approaching it with! Better to get things right than get them quick. Best of luck!


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