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Amanda Hocking's Blog: Yay! More Things!!!

Amanda Hocking's Blog: Yay! More Things!!!: Okay, first of all I have some pretty awesome news. On January 5th, I get the pleasure of being on Anderson Cooper's new daytime talk show...

Rachael Becoming Red Excerpt

The following is an excerpt from my upcoming ebook YA novel Rachael Becoming Red. It's a pre-novel to the Red Series. You can comment here and/or send feedback on twitter: #RachaelBecomingRed

Quick Summary: Rachael Wood loses her family in a brutal animal attack. Years later she finds out from Terry that werewolves exist and that knowledge eventually leads not only to the killers but a confrontation with her own village and their secrets.

Rachael Becoming Red
Chapter One



"How do you know my name?" I asked stepping back.

"Your family was mentioned at the meeting. I'm sure you were there." He pointed out. "Rachael, the man you ran from smelled you. He had your scent and could follow it to anywhere you've been over the past few days."

"I don't understand," I said, "how do I smell?"

The man sighed. "He killed your family while he waited for you. He must've become impatient. The council …

Dreaming in Black and White: x-2 (1)

Dreaming in Black and White: x-2 (1): I decided to share with everyone pictures of the characters from Raison D'etre, the novel I'm currently working on. I must warn you that Mol...

Crazy Twit Pic: Ron says something to Hermione

Ron Offers Hermione a Different Kind of Present

I laughed after reading this. How awful!

Another Day with the Living

Cruelty comes in many forms-ignorance is one of them. - Olivia Winefield Foxworth from Garden of Shadows (a novel by V.C. Andrews)

I should have already started writing for today but haven't. I plan to though, even if it kills me. But that right is currently held mainly by this horrid flu I'm having. I swear just moving makes me feel like an old woman and all the flegm, ugh! Also I yet again missed a chance to see the Breaking Dawn Movie. Jamaica's ruling political party (JLP) had a rally and circumstances just didn't mesh with movie going. And people I knew practically screamed "no way! stay home!," and well...I did.

Also I finally bought the only V.C Andrews book in The Dollangangers series that I haven't read (unfamiliar? Remember Flowers in the Attic - book or movie - I've done both), Garden of Shadows. I promise it will make you see Olivia in a new light. If you don't know who she is do a google search people, no major spoilers. But the book …

Howling Turtle: Review: Don't Fear the Reaper

Howling Turtle: Review: Don't Fear the Reaper: Title: Don’t Fear the Reaper: Book 1 of the Netherworld Series Author: Michelle Muto Rating: 4.5 TURTLES: A really great read, I highly rec...

My First Bit of Exposure!

I am excited to say that the excerpt of my Lyric World novel posted yesterday made it on an online Journal today. I mean, I posted this last night! No one expects their work to be noticed that quickly. I was under the Arts and entertainment section and there were photos of others including J.K. Rowling. What more could I ask for right now!

I'm just bouncing. It's nice to have your work acknowledged! Thanks AnneNikolaus for posting it and tweeting me!

Lyric World Excerpt

The following is an excerpt from my Nanowrimo Novel Lyric World. It's about a world where all the countries are music genres and a war is brewing.

Chapter One “But I’m telling you the truth! A war is coming!” Viola tried to convince the light skinned teenager in front of her. Being seven never gave Viola the best chance of convincing people she was serious. But at her home it didn’t matter. Home she was a Princess. Princess Viola Rose of Symphony and she lived in a glorious castle called Castle Symphonia. However right now she was far from there. A spell the great wizard’s son performed had sent her to Hip-Hop Nation, a completely different part of Lyric World. Music blared from houses; people sang random phrases in street. Some even looked just half dressed in clothes that had either shrunk in the wash or were made purposely too small to cover their bodies. In Symphony females wore dresses at all times that either started from under their chins or the base of their necks straight to…

The 90 Best Cartoons of All Time

Can I Have Your i-Pad? Repost: Seek the Old Paths (Honoring God while Remainins Culturally Relavant)

FicBookReviews: 700 Followers Giveaway! $50 Amazon Gift Card

FicBookReviews: 700 Followers Giveaway! $50 Amazon Gift Card: Wow cant believe I have reached 700 after celebrating my 500 followers last month! Congrats to Felipa Munez and Stacey of Sassybooklovers....