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Goal Hop and Celebrating Woven Release

Honestly I'm in between goals right now. I plan to update to a new goal for 2015. But I will say that I'm still working on my AYA genre goal from last year.

Celebrating Woven Release

Due to issues with my internet provider early in the week I couldn't really get online beyond a blip on my facebook app on my tablet so I'm kind of late to the party. I had to copy the information from another blog since I couldn't get the packet to download in my email but I still have my own words to say about Woven. This book went through quite a journey to get published. But both David and Michael stuck to their guns and here we are celebrating the release of this magnificent book. While I have known David as a blogger for a while, I barely know Michael. Yet the way David has described him through his posts I'm sure he is a swell guy and both have written a marvelous novel that both children and adults can curl up with and enjoy. My own copy is still in the mail but based off …

Getting Personal: Diversity

I have decided to try and diversify characters in my manuscripts. In my Missing Girls Series there are two white teens, one black and a mixed race. The fifth book will involve one returning and that will be kept a mystery until release day. All teens are female and each go missing in a different way. I'm someone who isn't interested in the whole race war business like the Academy Awards insanity that not enough diversity was among the nominees. Sorry but a black actress won best supporting actress last year and does anyone remember a certain movie titled 12 Years A Slave. The Academy Awards nominates the best and most of whom can afford to make the movies of that quality are white. When people of other races make a movie starring their own it is progress but when white people do it that's racism. I'm sorry but that is prejudiced and unfair. Yes diversity is needed but that needs to be done in co-operation not shouting and finger pointing. Also there is a need to get ac…

Celebrating Hard Work

Yes I'm going back in time. On a Saturday I'm posting on a Friday. But I'm excited, do you know why? I had to spend Friday working and hardly had time to do anything else. What is exciting about that? A year ago in 2014 my freelance and ghostwriting just started to be successful. Now a year later and I can pay for my own book covers, food, books... Hell I even gave my mother money towards the cable bill. I feel so productive and pumped!

Best of all it is doing something I love to do. So many people are stuck in jobs they hate and I am working hard to help others create stories and yes it takes up a lot of time but that is hard work and I love it. Thank you Lord for answering my prayer for making my talent not only profitable but so very fulfilling.

This will mean less blogging but those are the breaks. Besides IWSG or promotions I will no longer post on Wednesday. Getting Personal will be done two Thursdays a month and otherwise I will post Monday and Friday. Mondays/Tues…

Getting Personal: Hi, Long Time No See

So you must be like...yay she's back. you can see this is a bit awkward. Here is the quick story. When I got my new tablet I was excited. I mean how different would an Android be? Well it is plenty different. For starters a lot of web pages won't come up because of dark or too light backgrounds. Second the keyboard keeps disappearing making quite annoying to write. I can get online and I keep up on Facebook better than ever but blogging...yeah...not on that thing.

I have been also busy with my freelance work which right now is almost exclusively writing novel drafts for people. Trust me, there are people who want a novel just to start with and my brain is on fire. But I have gotten a bit of a rhythm now and recently access to a laptop I can actually blog on. As you know I hate blogging when I can't comment back and my comment status after my last January post was a disaster. Now I hope to slowly get back on track with blogging and being around you fine people out…

Snark Blogfest and Celebrating New Release

LG Keltner is celebrating three years of blogging. Today she is also hosting The Sarcasm, Snark and Sass Blogfest. Here is the point of this barrel of fun below.

On Friday, January 9th, 2015, give me a post that celebrates something sarcastic, snarky, or just satisfyingly sassy. You can give me an example from real life, a favorite film or book, or you can give me an original piece of fiction. The sarcasm can either be well understood, or hilariously misunderstood.

My contribution comes from the movie Frozen. I really wanted to use this line and not only found the quote but an image to go with it in just one Google search. Thanks Google.

 Source: Pinterest
Hey. There is no way for anyone to predict someone wore gloves to hide ice powers. I mean, come on.

Alec John Bell has a new book out. it is his second book and this ambitious teen author is doing a paranormal series this time. Give up for Forbidden Darkness. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by.

Title: Forbidden Darkne…

IWSG: Coming up 2015

IWSG is an excellent way to share your insecurities and other feelings with a supportive group of fellow bloggers. Actually it is so much more and I'm just grateful to be a part of it.

2014 had it's ups and downs but now it is a new year. 2015 will have it's own good and bad and I plan to embrace it all and 'keep moving forward.' That piece of quote from the Meet the Robinson's movie has such a motivational message. Also it doesn't hurt that it was also part of a quote from the legendary Walt Disney. If there was anyone who knew the special love between an artist and their creation through various forms of art, it was him.

The Missing Girls Series

This series will have it's first book out in March. Where is Sarah? will be followed by four more novellas with the final one actually being one of the girls from the previous novellas. Which one? You will have to wait and see because the final book will be the only one without a cover reveal before it's r…

Happy New Year

Yes it is the new year and 2015 will be a new opportunity to accomplish what you didn't last year as well as new goals. I wish you all a great year full of wonder and surprises. Double on surprises. Enjoy your day and I leave you with a quote from the literary great Neil Gaiman (got it off Amanda Hocking's Facebook page). Whether you are a writer or otherwise there is something there for everyone.