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Easter, A-Z and Celebrate

Easter is upon us and for Christians it is a time to remember Jesus Christ who died for sins then rose again. There is also the tradition of the Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs. While in Jamaica we are more about Easter Bun, each tradition is precious to the persons who participate in them. So have a great Good Friday and enjoy your weekend and Easter Season.

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A-Z Blogging Challenge starts Monday and I'll be ready to roll out the posts. Best of luck to all participants.


I had a lovely week online!
1. Won a three chapter critique from Mark Koopmand through his bloghop.
2. Won giveaways and got ebooks! Yay!
3. Got a tweet response from authour Amanda Hocking. Yes it was about a link for her book not working but she responded and tried to help me out. I was so touched and sent a thank you tweet.
4. Having you guys for yet another week. My blogger buddies and online p…

Getting Personal: March 2013

March is nearing it's end and next Monday I'll be busy starting the A-Z Blogging Challenge. In writing news I won another critique this time from Mark Koopmans after taking part in his bloghop. Will be sending him my first three chapters by the end of the week. Also I won an Amazon Gift Card in a giveaway and among the ebooks I bought I finally got Nick's Overcoming Adversity Anthology. Best $4.99 I ever spent on my kindle.  And guess what? I bought Cassa Star by Alex! I was also lucky to get the ebook version of Shatter Me for $2.99, seriously most ebook's by the traditional publishers are between $8-10 at best (worst more) - and I wouldn't be able to purchase anyway. I can't wait for local bookstores to finally get into the kindle age and start selling ebooks.

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So this will be my last Getting Personal post until May. But I'll be knee deep Monday-Saturday in A-Z for the next month so...have a good o…

Christine's Odyssey Book Launch

Today is the book launch of Christine's Oddysey by J.L. Campbell. Read on to find out more and a little self-introduction from the main character.

Howdy. I’m glad you’ve stopped in. My name is Christine and although I’m only eleven, I’m what some adults might call precocious. A lot has happened in my life, some of it bad, but like my dad used to say, good things can result from the bad stuff that happens to us.

To help me celebrate overcoming my challenges, a great gang of authors have teamed up and will be giving away copies of their books. Sweet, yes?

For a chance to win a pair of the books listed, you can do anything included on the Rafflecopter below or on Facebook. However, for those who’d like to win a $10.00 Amazon Gift Voucher, hop on over to the Jamaican Kid Lit Blog to enter for that.

Anyway, I tend to talk a lot, so before I carried away, here’s my story:

Raised in a hotbed of arguments and fights, eleven-year-old Christine Simms is the victim of her mother's crue…

Writing News: Got Green Blogfest 2.0 Winner, Big Reveal Success and Express Meme

When I decided to participated in the Got Green Blogfest, I was aiming to win. I wanted to get a prize and worked to create the perfect story. The result was Fool's Gold and readers loved it. Who doesn't a story with leprechauns? On Friday March 22 Mark posted the winners. I won a 3 chapter critique! I'm currently excited about sending in the first 3 chapters of a novella that was written about here as Untitled Novella but is now named Kissing a Ghost. There have been some changes since the untitled post including the novella being a stand alone instead of a series. I left it unfinished but have had a few thoughts about it lately. So Mark's prize is a God send. Thanks Mark, congrats all winners, entrants and of course those who read my blog and others in this 'fest.

Also my Big Reveal Post was a hit. When I decided to use Sacrifice Her as my A-Z Blog Challenge theme. I knew I'd have a challenge doing posts all month for a novella that's still unfinished wit…

Frailties of the Bond Book Blitz and Celebrate

Today I'm excited to participate in the Frailties of the Bond Book Blitz. I've read the blog of the author Angela Brown and read her book Neverlove. She is a great author and I'm happy that she has created another book for us to enjoy. This blitz is hosted by Xpresso Book Tours.


NEO – Network of Extraordinaires and Otherworldlies:

Those who answer the call from NEO play their part in maintaining balance in our ever-changing times. With power-hungry malcontents, jealous gods, and even those with misguided good intentions, the fate of our world has oft been held in the hands of unsung heroes such as those that are members of NEO. But before NEO, these heroes and heroines had lives, loves, issues and interests that didn’t involve saving mankind.
In Frailties of the Bond, it only takes one bite to change a life…

After a hiking trip gone wrong, sixteen-year-old Luca should have been dead. Since then, he’s drifted from one school day to the next, annoyed by the looks of sus…

Big Reveal & Fraction of Stone Release Blog Tour!‏

The Big Reveal for my A-Z Theme for the A-Z Blogging Challenge is Sacrifice Her: Characters and Book Facts. Sacrifice Her is book one of my novella series The Sacrifice. I plan to release the first four ebooks later this year. In my first A-Z all month long I'll be posting about characters from Sacrifice Her as well as book facts on where the story is set, traditions of the people and so on. So join me next month to be filled to the prim with exclusive pre-knowledge on my exciting dystopian young adult ebook coming hopefully this fall.
There are two mock covers below. The first was made by me, the second designed by Rebekah Ellen Design as a prize from a giveaway.

Fraction of Stone Release Blog Tour

Today I'm ecstatic to be participating in the release blog tour for Fraction of Stone by Kelley Lynn. I met Kelley on blogger early 2012, before her book was published and from what I read about the story knew it was meant to be told. Fast forward to today with her novel being publi…

There Comes a Prophet Blog Tour and Debt Collectors

Today I'm participating in There Comes a Prophet Blog Tour which is being hosted by Expresso Book Tour. Scroll down to learn more about this book and read an excerpt.

There Comes a Prophet by David Litwack
Publication date: July 9th 2012
by Double Dragon Publishing
Genre: YA Dystopian
Who among us will cast aside a comfortable existence and risk death to follow a dream?

A world kept peaceful for a thousand years by the magic of the ruling vicars. But a threat lurks from a violent past. Wizards from the darkness have hidden their sorcery in a place called the keep and left a trail of clues that have never been solved.

Nathaniel has grown up longing for more but unwilling to challenge the vicars. Until his friend Thomas is taken for a teaching, the mysterious coming-of-age ritual. Thomas returns but with his dreams ripped away. When Orah is taken next, Nathaniel tries to rescue her and ends up in the prisons of Temple City. There he meets the first keeper of the ancient cl…

Top Ten Movie Countdown Blogfest

Today I'm happy to taking part in the latest blogfest hosted by Ninja Captain Alex. Movies can be viewed in all kinds of ways but one thing is clear. For those who love movies there's always a favourite (or two or three) and Alex has decided to let us pick ten. So let's get on with the show.

My Ten Most Memorable Movies

These movies have seared themselves into my brain and nothing short of amnesia could make me forget them.

1. The Godfather

This movie needs no introduction. If you've never heard about it, it better be because you're a ghost from the fifteenth century.

2. Harry Potter Series

Can you believe this movie series is based off a book by an author who was on welfare? The books took off like a rocket and the movies went straight into the stratosphere. Now there's a whole bunch of YA/MG crossovers in the works but Harry Potter will always be remembered as the one who broke the craze wide open.
3. Matrix Trilogy

These movies were the closest thing to grea…

Got Green Blogfest 2.0, Celebrate and Strength

Mark Koopmans is hosting the Got Green Blogfest 2.0. If you have anything Irish to share or want to chat about St. Patrick's Day (March 17), this is the 'fest for you. Below I'm doing a flash fiction about a man chasing a leprecahn. Be prepared for some laughs, tears, and a lesson.

Fool's Gold

Michael ran out in the morning dew. He was determined to find either the leprechaun or it's pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Today his moths of searching would come to an end. Leprechaun gold would make him rich and he'd be able to provide a real life for his wife and finally start a family.

It was nearly a year ago he saw the leprechaun slinking through his cabbage patch. The little man was dressed in green and moved swiftly. Michael remembered the Irish legends and gave chase. But with a cackle the little man vanished. Yet before he did he sang a little song first.

Men always chase me for my gold. Riches untold if you catch me or find my pot of gold at the end of the …

Getting Personal: Touching Movie Scenes

Movies are more than just moving pictures. They can brighten our day or turn us into tear jerking sissies, I mean...tears of sadness? Yeah, I love movies because they can not only be an escape but also an adventure. Below are a few of my favourite scenes from movies. Be prepared some are emotional/tragic.

Transcend Time Book Blitz and Express Yourself Meme

Please Note: There will be no post on Wednesday. I'll return on Thursday with Getting Personal post.

Today I'm taking part in the Transcend Time Book Blitz. This tour is hosted by Xpresso Book Tours.

Please note: Remembrance is 0.99 for a limited time.
Remembrance Michelle Madow Series: Transcend Time Saga #1 Publication date: July 27th 2011 Genre:YA Time Travel Goodreads:
Purchase: Amazon: B&N: Kobo: iBookstore:
Lizzie Davenport has been reincarnated from Reg…