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Express Yourself Meme: Fictional Characters come to Life

The five fictional characters I would like in my life are:

1. Snape from the Harry Potter series.

2. Madge from The Hunger Games Books.

3. A visit from Batman. Yes he is from the comics but I'm sure there are books about him somewhere. Also I just want a visit since Gotham needs him and he would have to go back.

4. Diego and Fred from The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.

5. Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield from The Sweet Valley books.

These characters have all intrigued and/or touched me in some way. It would be quite an adventure to meet any one of them in real life.

The Black Queen has arrived to joust!

I am excited today because I am jousting over at M. Pax's blog for the annual Realm Faire. It would be great if you over and lend your support. Whether you pick me or my opponent it is all in good fun. Go here to be part of the fun.

Oh and take a peek at my cool badge.

The Black Queen soldiers on!

Celebrating a New Month and EYM November

November has arrived and I have all sorts of reasons to celebrate.

1. My tablet is on it's way and I can't wait. It has already arrived at the U.S. address and should be on it's way to Jamaica.

2. Birthday on November 29th. Can't wait.

3. Big Hero 6, Dumb and Dumber To, Birdman and Mockingjay should be coming this month. Also on the look out for Night Crawler and Penguins movie (if I can cough up the dough).

4. Four more movies and I can get a free movie pass. Also hoping to enter a contest that might win me a free movie pass.

5. Nanowrimo is here!

6. Having a surge in ghostwriting and freelance work. More money to put away and Black Friday is coming.

So much to celebrate! Be happy and smile today.

Photo Credit: Denna @ Morguefile

EYM November

My warning label would be:

Don't mess with my books. Seriously, I will hurt you.

Fine Print: Or be super pissed at you for a really long time.

November is going to be awesome. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend.

IWSG: Nano to Nano

Today we share our insecurities and etc. etc. on the monthly Insecure Writer's Support Group. Well I say screw insecurities! All that matters to me right now are two things Nanowrimo and my birthday on Nov. 29. Now I will roar and share my projects and tell insecurity to go sit in the corner. I AM BUSY.

Project One: It's Complicated

Nano name: queendsheena

Genre: YA Fantasy

Quick Summary: Princess Aura goes from spoilt princess with a kingdom in peril and reeling from her father's death to being transported to our world. A book also goes with her and the longer she stays the more her happy ending and kingdom changes, for the worse.

Project Two: Huntress: The Flesh Business Book One

Nano name: Roe 2

Note: Written under a pseudonym

Genre: NA Horror

Quick Summary: Humans are the toughest prey and predators got to eat. Huntress is from the city of Shiiv, a secret city of flesh eaters who see outsiders (humans not from their city) as meat. Nothing is wasted. Huntress is a hunt…

Who's Your Hero Blogfest 2014

The Who's Your Hero Blogfest has participants in three hundred words or less tell others about their hero whether real or fictional. Today I will share with you my hero. He might be fictional but his part in his fictional world is not only life changing but what he goes through is both tragic and astounding.

Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Source of Image: Wikipedia

The Avatar is the human manifestation of peace and light and tasked with keeping the Four Nations at peace. Aang was raised by Air Normads and became a top air bender. With rumors of war brewing the senior monks revealed him as the latest Avatar at age twelve. His friends started to treat him differently and worst of all Monk Gyatso who raised him could no longer keep him. Devastated, Aang ran away only to be caught in a storm. Fortunately his Avatar State saved him. Sadly the Air Normads were wiped out by the Fire Nation. 100 years later Aang is reawakened by siblings Sokka and Katara. After learning the t…