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IWSG and Celebrate

Yes I kinda did the time machine but my Insecure Writers Support Group is still up so Mwhahahaha. Ahem, so...on Wednesday I was still overwhelmed by the awesomeness of Inside Out. No wonder Rotten Tomatoes almost gave it 100%. There is something for everybody and while I won't spoil it for for, trust me this is not just the typical kiddie film. Pixar went in deep. I mean deeper than Toy Story franchise deep. Also the musical short film Lava came on before the movie and is something to behold. Tears in my eyes people, tears! Anyway in shot...go see Inside Out right now if you have not yet dammit!

Anyway my current insecurity is about my tablet. It went kabut recently under fishy circumstances I rather not discuss. I bought a replacement that is on it's way but that has taken out a chunk of money I wanted to save and has me kinda upset. I have kept a calm front but this has really bothered me. Nothing will stop me from pursuing my writing dreams and my little freelance business…

Going to see Inside Out

Just popping in to let you guys know that I am still kicking. It kills me not blogging around and hanging with you. Loves and Kisses.

But for today I am going to see Inside Out. Soon I will officially know what all the fuss is about.I am super excited and from all the hoopla it seems that Pixar will not disappoint.

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