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Celebrating Hans of the Sothern Isles

Hans of the Southern Isles will be coming to Once Upon a Time! I am so excited. Loved him in Frozen and those who have seen the movie and enjoyed watching his character might be excited about this development as well. Elsa and Anna are coming too and I can't wait to see trhe new season of the ABC series. A chill is on the way and I'm waiting with baited breath.

I have missed blogging regularly so much. I love you guys and I'm going to try to blog Monday and Friday or Wednesday and Friday. Next week I will be blogging on Monday and Friday. Monday I will be entering Elizabeth Seckman's Blogging Challenge so tune in to see my entry. Thank you everyone who has visited me through my sporadic posting and commenting. I love you all (whether you came or not). Enjoy your weekend.

Wear a Smile

A smile is the most attractive thing you can put on. Share one today.

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Broken Branch Blog Tour: Fun Interview with Tara Tyler!

Just getting this up because the computer at the library wouldn't post the html. Don't ask. Anyway I'm happy to having Tara Tyler over today for a nice old chat about her latest book Broken Branch Falls, the star goblin Gabe, vampires, and blogging versus writing. You know you want your dose of Tara so I now hand the post over to her.  Oh and Happy Fourth of July Americans!


Sheena-Kay, is such a trooper! She's been having technical difficulties and is still hosting me for my BROKEN BRANCH FALLS blog tour. So happy I have the privilege to know her and I can't wait to meet her in sunny Jamaica some day...

Enough of my daydreaming, on with the interview!

1. Who would play your lead character in the movie version? Would you prefer live action or animation?

For our nerdy, spunky main character Gabe the goblin, I would choose Johnny Galecki (from Big Bang Theory) or Devon Werkheiser (from Ned's Declassified) - they're older, but young at he…

IWSG: Nerves and Shark People?

The Sand felt like a second skin between my toes.

So started yesterday my July Camp Nanowrimo project The Bite Sisters. Right now I am excited to see where this stored away idea now brought to life will take me. But I'm also nervous. My MC Tiffany is a bit like the typical lacking in confidence teenager. I try to avoid that because I don't want to be the Debbie Downer of YA books. Sometimes it seems that too many YA books take this route. Yet I know I have a story to tell and maybe a teen should be nervous about being a part of the secret race of 'shark people'. What do you guys think? Am I making much ado about nothing or do I have reason to nervous. Otherwise I'm very excited about my latest manuscript.

On other news sadly I was unable to see How To Train Your Dragon 2 yesterday due to a huge bus debacle which ended with the bus I finally got on being pulled over by the police and taken away by a wrecker. I mean seriously talk about a sign to go home. I was at t…