Friday, 21 June 2013

Celebrate My Latest Liebester Award

My latest reason for Celebrate the small things

1. I won a Liebester award on Monday from Tara Tyler. Read on to see me answer her list of questions and accept my ninth blog award.

2. Also on Monday I got three wonderful packages. My Arrow of the Mist bookcards, Ryland Tote bag, and *screams* My TBD choice of Lullaby by Amanda Hocking! Giveaways rock people.

3. Yesterday my prize for taking part in the Aberration Bloghop arrived. My autographed copy of Aberration by Lisa Regan! This is the quickest delivery of a prize I've gotten from the united States. I won it on June 10, it was sent the next day and I received it on the 20th of June. Usually anything I win reaches me the following month (or later). This I got in less than two weeks. Way to go Lisa and thanks!

4. Reviews for my teen wolf fanfic Save Me is in the sixties. I have several fanfic profiles and while my highest reviews for a story ever is just under 200 reviews. For this profile it's 85. So Save Me might actually get to triple digits in a couple of chapters. Yay!

5. Tyler Perry's The Haves and The Have Nots. Great series on OWN and I'm so glad the house was saved. Don't know what I mean? Wow you are missing out.

Blog Award #9: Liebester Award

I won a Liebester Award from the beautiful Tara Tyler. Thanks and best of luck with the blogfest, blog tour and your book launch. Lady you are busy. Read on to see my answer to her questions.

1. What's your nickname? (make one up if you don't have one)

My father called me Ma'am (sometimes) when I was younger. While most young people, especially teens, would've complained. I enjoyed it because it made me feel grown up. He still does call me that on rare occasions but just like when I was a teen, I don't mind at all. *Grins*

2. What genre do you read most?

Fantasy and Paranormal YA.

3. What celebrity would you love to meet?

Right now? Local stage actor Oliver Samuels.

4. What is your favorite age?

My age, 28. Also teens, they're ever changing.

5. Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook. Sorry twitter I'm still trying to get used to hash tags. Well more like actually using them.

6. What awesome thing will you do when your book is published?

I'm thinking of having an online book launch.

7. What book would you like to see turned into a movie?

Amanda Hocking's Tyrelle series and Hollowland series. Oh and Pop Travel by Tara Tyler. *squeals*

8. Where were you born?

Sunny Jamaica. In a hospital.

9. Name a place you'd like to visit some day.


10. Are you a Summer, Winter, Fall, or Spring?

I get chills from opening the fridge, had a 'fall' last November and didn't like it and Spring means Christmas is over. So...I'm a Summer!

11. Any regrets?

Sometimes I wished I started my Queendsheena blog sooner but then I realize I wouldn't met the wonderful readers and blogger friends I have right now. So I remind myself to chuck that regret and enjoy the wonderful support I now have.

There you have it everybody. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Congrats on all your giveaway loot and for getting the blog love! And YaY for fantasy and Paranormal YA! And I'm still trying to figure out twitter as well. An online book launch would be fun, keep us posted! (:

  2. So does that mean you've read Pop Travel already?
    Giveaways do rock.

  3. Congrats on your award and wins! Enjoy Aberration, it rocks.

  4. Congratulations on the Award! Love your Summer picture.

  5. I love giveaways, they're awesome :) Congrats on your award!

  6. Loot is wonderful! I love to give it and receive it.

    I'm a summer gal too. I give winter some credit for hosting Christmas, but summer is tops!

  7. Are you on by any chance? That's really the only one I've ever been on.

    1. Yes I have several different profiles.

  8. Lots of fun things to celebrate! Yay! And great answers :) I am a summer girl too ;)

  9. Great answers on your award and winnings, and congrats on your reviews - amazing! Writer’s Mark

  10. It sounds like you had a great week. Enjoy the stuff you got in the mail.

  11. I read Aberration last weekend and loved it! It's a great thriller. How fun that you got all those goodies in one week. I love getting packages. :)

  12. Congrats on the award... Me, I'm more of a winter gal:)

  13. Congratulation on the award. I have a suggestion for you too. You should consider joining Considerings weekend blog hop 10 Things of Thankfullness. Here is a link:

  14. Congrats on your award and all your lovely celebrations this week.

  15. So great to get to know more about you! I definitely use Facebook more than Twitter too. Congrats on the award. :D

  16. Congratulations! Wow, you're on a great streak this week. Hope it continues into the next :)


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