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Monday 3 September 2012

Fact Or Fiction Bloghop

Thank you for hosting this bloghop Emily and Melodie.

Fact or Fiction? You Decide:

I walked down the road and entered my local library. It was in the afternoon and all I wanted was to pick out three good books and head home. A library a short walk from home was very convenient and the free internet didn't hurt. The last internet cafe to open in the mall nearby closed earlier in the year. No surprise. Prices in Jamaica are already outrageous. Free has no competition. Plus the internet quality's better at the library anyway.

After searching through several rows I found the ones I wanted and borrowed them. The lady at the desk smiled as she took my cards and handed me the books I'd be hogging over the next two weeks. Books are a big love of mine. My dad was a big book buyer when I was in my teens but as I got older he just stopped reading. Sad really, I'm the last true bibliophile in my family.

So I went to the bag area and to get my bag. But the security behind the counter handed me the wrong one. When I told him so, he showed me my number. On a bright red bag. I had to take a deep breath and explain that bag wasn't mine. Also that my bag is always empty because I never leave anything in it since the library isn't responsible for theft. With a sigh he asked me which bag was mine. After looking around for infinity, I found the brown thing stuck between four other bags. When he picked it up he was annoyed to see it also had the exact same number. I had to hide a laugh as I took it gently and wished him a good day.

Outside I burst out laughing. After I got home I realized something. The man had stuffed the red bag at the bottom without putting back the tag number on it. I sighed hoping God would help the poor woman who'd sooner or later come to collect it.


  1. Ha! Nice story. I hope the other woman got her purse back.

  2. Your writing is SO good. I'm going to guess this ones true :)

  3. Great writing . . .I'm guessing truth! . . .I think.

  4. I’m going to so that this is Fact. =-D

  5. I'm guessing truth, but will have to wait until you post the next one to decide for sure! :D

  6. Not sure how this hop works, but this sounds like a true story.

  7. Oh jeez, I'm reading this one second and it seems true, too. You are a really good liar. Hahaha. I mean, storyteller! Hmm. Okay. I'll go with false on this one, but only because the other one seems more likely.

  8. I'm going to cheat and reserve judgement until I go over and read the other entry!

  9. Fiction. I'm betting if the guy gave you the purse, the story would end with you having to walk all the way back to the library to return the purse AGAIN!


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