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Friday, 25 May 2012

Character Interview: Jessica from The Choice (Book 2 in The Sacrifice Series)

I sit behind a desk paper in hand. Today I'll be interviewing Jessica Hatfield. Jessica is one of two major protagonist (and M.C.) in The Choice book 2 in The Sacrifice Series. While the novella has an October/November release date. I just had the urge to do an interview with her now. June 6, I'll be doing an interview with Joseph Rowe, the other protagonist in this book. Saturday May 26 will be dedicated to a look inside of Sacrifice Her (book 1) and interviews with protagonist Deidra and antagonist Lord Brinn will be done June 8, 2012. This novella has an August release date . 

I clear my head and straighten my red top. I know Jessica is into fashion and want to look my best. I'm wearing  a red top, black skirt and black shoes. My raven coloured hair is in a high ponytail.

(Knock on Door)

Me: Come in.

The door opens and in enters a blonde teenager. She smiles showing perfect white teeth. She shyly closes the door and walks over. Her outfit is glamorous. A silky sapphire dress down to her ankles with sparkles of diamonds everywhere that compliments her white skin. I notice a peek of high heeled blue shoes and her blonde hair is done up in a sophisticated bun. Her make up and blue nail polish is flawless. Her blue eyes meet my brown as she sits and I smile.

Jessica: Good Morning.

Me: Hi, did you get escorted over alright?

Jessica: Escorted sounds so rigid. The guards and I are great friends. They're here for my protection, really.

Me: Well they're willing to wait outside the door so they must trust us.

Jessica: Chance City provides for us all. It's an honour to give up my life to keep such privileged ongoing for others.

Me: Yes. My first question. How did you come to be chosen?

Jessica: I was picked from birth. Women volunteer and the Chancellor picked a lucky few.

Me: Do you ever worry about dying at fifteen? So young?

Jessica: Knowing you have fifteen years makes it seem a lot longer. I've lived a life of luxury in exchange for my life at fifteen. I was born into this but I chose to do it.

Me: Do you know about those who refuse?

Jessica: (face flares) Traitors (comes out in a hiss, her fists clench and face contorts).

Me: (leans back) I'll skip the next question? Do you need a moment?

Jessica: Sorry, it just makes me so mad. Do you know some wait for the very day then kill themselves? So sick. Just say no and go off to the wastelands already.

Me: Do you think they all deserve that? Sorry, that's not on my interview sheet.

Jessica: That's ok. No but that rule came into effect after repeated rebellion from families hoping to get their relation back. When the hope was completely removed, the rebellion almost completely died down. The decision was done out of necessity, for balance.

Me: I was sad that as young as age six can be banished to the wastelands if they decide not to be a sacrifice.  I think they should at least have more time. But that's my opinion.

Jessica: And I can respect that. You live in a very different world. I like your ponytail.

Me: (blushes) Thanks. What do you think you'd do if you were allowed to grow up and have a job?

Jessica: I used to think about that when I was little. (Giggles) I wanted to be a consultant on what wives of top officials wear. If not I'd still like to work in a job that involves clothes and fashion.

Me: In my world you'd probably be a fashion designer. Celebrities would be the most fun in my opinion.

Jessica: What's a celebrity?

Me: Umm...probably someone like your chancellor but without the politics.

Jessica: Sounds exciting. May I ask you a question? Two?

Me: (Recalling the contract I signed to get this interview) Sure?

Jessica: First, not to offend...but what colour are you?

Me: I'm black, also dark-skinned or dark brown. Depending on the preference of the individual labeling me.

Jessica: Oh, everyone is one colour in Chance City. I think it's caucasian around here.

Me: Yes it is. Your next question?

Jessica: (Face brightens) Do you eat candy?

Me: Yes., no, I was strictly told...

Jessica: Please? I'm not allowed because I get cavities easily and we have limited medical facilities. (She does a quivering lip on me) I only have a short time left.

Me: Ugh fine. (I fish chocolate out my pocket) I only eat plain chocolate so if...

(Jessica grabs it and eats it delicately. She pops in strawberry Listerine strips afterwards)

Me: Wow you really planned that out.

Jessica: Oh no, a girl at the food supply store was handing out some of these. Said it freshens your breath.

Me: You mean the supermarket?

Jessica: Oh yeah, confusing name. The chancellor allowed a short tour. Not that I can buy anything.

Me: (Digs into my pocket) Knock yourself out. I was told one of the guards understands the currency here.

Jessica: (Takes the money) Yay!!

Me: Only three questions left. What is a typical day like for you?

Jessica: I think I can reveal a typical Monday. I'm awaken by my lady servant Anna and led to my bath, then I meditate and at around 8:00 a.m. I have breakfast of blue berries, honey and toast with lemonade tea. I go to classes and at lunch I have two slices of meat pie and chilled water, then I get to do my own sessions in which I look over the latest fashions and before dinner I recite our pledges as sacrifices and then eat whatever is prepared. Then I meet privately with a special guest and before bed get a dessert of milk, strawberries and whipped cream, really rare.

Me: Oh. That's great. Have you been the Revelation Ball yet?

Jessica: No that's about a month away. After we're shown to the public we have a week before we sacrifice ourselves.

Me: Final Question. Do you want to do this? And what do you have to say to those who feel you're manipulated.

Jessica: First off yes, I've made my choice to do this. And if this were manipulation why have rejections been  made public record? Wouldn't it be better to hide it? And if there was no choice, no one would be going off to the wastelands.

Me: Thank you Jessica for this honest and lovely interview. I will miss you but respect your right to decide.

Jessica: I will miss you too Sheena-kay. Goodbye. (She curtsies then leaves).

I get up to go when a guard peeks in. I smile at the stern faced man and nod. He closes the door. My hands shakes slightly as I turn off the tape recorder in my pocket.


  1. Good thing the guard didn't find out about the candy.

    Nice Job! The world you've created is really intriguing. I'd love to know why they have to sacrafice themselves.

  2. I have to side with you on the guard. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. You'll find out more about why teenagers are sacrificed every year during Joseph's interview on Tuesday.


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