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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Book Review Thursday: Lullaby (A Novella)

Lullaby (a novella) by Jane Orcutt         
Genre: Christian fiction
Published: February 26, 2002
Source: Bought from Logos, a christian ship.
First heard of: When I saw it on Logos
Purchase: Amazon

Summary from GoodreadsMerrilee wants only the best for the child she cannot keep. Nora dreams of being a mother to a child of her own. "Lullaby" is a tender story of a courageous teenage girl and a woman who longs for a baby. A stirring novella that explores the depths of a mother's love. Perfect for gift giving at Mother's Day.

Review: This novella is beautiful beyond words. I was still in high school when I got this and I rate it up with other highly acclaimed novels. Jane created a world and characters that you feel for and get attached to from the get go. From Merrilee's tough choice of giving up her baby and Nora's struggle to adopt a baby along with her husband. The big climax brings a whole new spin on this story and the powerful measure of God's love and mercy is deeply felt. Teen pregnancy is a big issue today and this book is really an eye opener not only on a teen left to make a big decision on her own but the grown women who struggle to have a child then have to go through the tough business called adoption agencies. Merrilee and Nora bring these voices forth respectively and Nora's husband Steven has his role to play no matter how small compared to the females. The fact that this is a novella and not a novel only enhances Jane's work. It's not the word count that makes a book great, it's the quality and the strength of the story itself. A book for everyone no matter your moral beliefs or religion.

Rating: 5 Stars

Author: Jane Orcutt


  1. Thanks for the review my dear!

  2. The cover is beautiful! It sounds like a good story, too.

  3. Kelley Lynn: Your welcome.

    McKenzie: Yes it is good. A deep and touching novella.


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