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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sacrifice Her: A look inside

Please Note: There is an exclusive treat of a character interview with Veronica Hatfield. She is one of two teens to be sacrificed in The Choice (book 2). Click here for interview and more on The Sacrifice Series and info and dates of upcoming interviews with Deidra and Lord Brinn.

Sacrifice Her is book one in my young adult dystopia series. The M.C. is Deirdra Moore who escapes being sacrificed and runs off into the desert outside her city's walls. A teenager who doesn't believe in the gods that most of her people do. She sees her act as self-preservation against a crazy regime.

This novella main antagonist is Lord Brinn who is the leader of Faux and charged with the job of ruling his city and ensuring the God of Gore gets his sacrifice every month in exchange for divine protection. In their world you couldn't survive without divine protection. If you weren't some wanderer in the deserts, you'd be slaves to random gods and creatures much stringer than man. That's what has been believed forever. The ones who don't believe are in the minority.

Deidra is of middle class when she is chosen to be sacrificed. As a teenager this turns her life upside down. She was meant for a different life than this. Her escape leaves her with only the vast desert and freedom. Neither of which she can see the other side of.

Stock photo picture I'll be using for Deidra.

NOTE: Plans have changed since for Deidra cover. I won't be using the stock photo that used to be here so I have removed it in respect of the creator's copyright. Since I won't be using it (and of course that means not paying for it), I have removed it to prevent any negative blood with it's creator.

Kale is a wanderer she meets while on the run. He sees the world as curropt and that staying unattached is how he has remained free all this time. How will Deidra's presence change that? You have to wait for the August 2012 release to find out.

God of Gore is the God that is supposedly protecting Faux from being taken over and destroyed by outside forces. His price is human sacrifices. When Deidra runs Lord Brinn is charged with bringing her back or face certain destruction.

There you have it readers. A look inside Sacrifice Her. My debut novel coming out as an ebook August 2012. Thank you for reading.

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