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Monday, 24 June 2013

The Thrill of it all Blogfest and Write Club

I'm excited to be a part of The Thrill of it All Blogfest. Hosted by Heather and Tara Tyler all entrants are to post a big thrill whether real or fiction. Today I'm posting an excerpt from my W.I.P. Lyric World. This Young Adult Fantasy novel is set in a world where all the countries are music genres and a war is brewing.


The Queen of Symphony held up her hand for silence. "I am here to deliver a grave report. In the late hours of the night... after mortal efforts failed, I had to summon Fairy King Orion to track the princess. Viola had disappeared." There were fearful murmurs from the crowd. Queen Samantha had only one heir and couldn't bear more children. Worse Viola was just a little girl and such a situation could cause fighting among royals who were closest in line.

"We eventually found her and...I have dire news my dear citizens. People of Symphony, my beautiful and loving followers. Viola has passed from this world. The future of Symphony, my legacy is gone and I'm so, so sorry."

So there's my entry. I wish everyone the best of luck and hope readers were taken in by my choice. Remember to visit the other blogs. Click here to see the list.

Write Club has another great competition going on this year. Click here to enter and below I've posted a reminder of the rules. Have a great day everyone.

Here are the general rules of WRiTE CLUB (with explanation) that guide the competition, loosely based on the Fight Club rules. 

1st RULE: You MUST talk about WRiTE CLUB - Spread the word far and wide so we can involve as many writers as possible. Display the WRiTE CLUB banner prominently on your own blog. Write a post about it. Tweet it. Mention it on Facebook. Heck, send up smoke signals if you can

2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about WRiTE CLUB – Once the competition begins you are not allowed to solicit votes. All of the writing entries are anonymous, and we want it to stay that way. This is not a popularity contest! 

3rd RULE: If someone taps out, WRiTING is over - Tapping out means a WRiTER can decide at any time during the 8 week competition to withdraw their name from the pool. If that happens the next writer from the open pool with the most votes will move into that spot. 

4th RULE: Only two people to a WRiTE - This is a head-to head competition, no ganging up allowed. 

5th RULE: Two WRiTE’s per week - No matter how many submissions I receive this year, there will only be two WRiTE’s per week. 

6th RULE: No shirts, no shoes - Come on, tell me you didn't giggle at that one. 

7th RULE: WRiTES will go on until Sept 9th - On that date the 16 winners will be matched up against one another on daily posts until the ultimate WRiTER is chosen. At some point the WRiTER will be asked to submit a new 500 word sample. 
8th RULE: Anyone can WRiTE, but you have to have your submission in by June30th. – No late entries will be accepted this year.  

We started accepting your 500 word submissions today…the cut-off date is midnight on June30th…and then July 8th the first bout will be held. Your submission can not have been published anywhere else before! 


  1. Love the idea that all the countries' names are music genres or types :) Sounds like an interesting world you've built!

  2. Poor Viola!! I love the music theme too.

  3. A very musical theme to your world. Very interesting. I feel sorry for Viola!

  4. Is Queen of Symphony YA or adult? It could go either way I think.
    CD Coffelt ponders at Spirit Called
    And critiques at UnicornBell

  5. Making all the countries a musical genre. That is very cool. But poor Viola...her passing on is not cool. :-(

    Oh no...what will happen to Symphony now???

    Enjoyed the excerpt.

  6. Nice excerpt! I love the idea of making each country a musical genre!

  7. I echo everyone- that is a very intriguing idea, and quite the cliffhanger.

  8. Uh oh, trouble in the kingdom! Great snippet :)

  9. Queen Samantha?! Heck yes! :D

    I loved the excerpt. I really wonder how Symphony is going to move forward...

  10. Ah, I love the sound of your countries being named according to musical genres... how cool is that?
    Writer In Transit

  11. Impressive! Made me worry for Viola...hope they find her!

    Everyone should join Write's the right thing to do!

  12. Oh no! What will the kingdom do? Poor Viola.

    WRiTE Club is going to be awesome!

  13. i want to know more! more about that world! more about what happened to poor princess viola! and what happens now! great entry!

    and love write club!

  14. Sounds heart breaking! We can still hope!

    Thanks for participating!

  15. Aww, poor Viola. Neat world you teased us with.

  16. Gasp! Makes me want to know who Viola is. ;)

  17. That's such a unique premise...all the countries and music genres??? Wow.

  18. used to be a YA librarian. I'd put that on the shelf. Good luck.

  19. I really need to check out this Write Club thing. It's everywhere!

  20. Such an intriguing bit of world building there. Oh how I love imagination.


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