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Friday, 28 June 2013

Celebrate Mandela and State of Chaos Release Day Tour: A Book Review

Please Note: I apologize for not commenting on anyone's blog yesterday. The computer I was using went on the fritz and wouldn't allow me to comment. AT ALL. I was able to read some blog posts though include Elizabeth Seckman's and Mark Mean.

For Celebrate the small things I want to celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela. A great man who is going through a very rough time, may he recover. But if not, please Lord let his passing be as honourable as his life. *Bows head* We love you Mandela.

State of Chaos Release Day Tour

Today State of Chaos is out today and available for purchase. Sequel to State of Emergency this book will have you on the edge of your seat. I'm participating in the tour and will be doing a book review. Summer :Lane the author is crazy excited. Check out her thoughts about today here.

State of Chaos
Genre: NA Romance, Dystopia
Purchase: AmazonBarnes & Noble
Author's Website: WebsiteBlog

Summary on Goodreads: Cassidy Hart has had better days.

Her dad is missing. Her friends have been captured. And modern society is pretty much gone, thanks to an EMP that destroyed the technological infrastructure of the United States. 
Surviving in the foothills of California is a challenge, but with the help of former Navy SEAL Chris Young, Cassidy's been able to stay alive.

Until now. Omega, the shadow army arisen from the chaos, won't stop until every single survivor is either under their control or dead. Taken by soldiers and forced into a labor camp, Cassidy must turn the tables on her captors. Escape means everything. Unfortunately, staying out of Omega's crosshairs is easier said than done. 

You can run. 

But you can't hide.

Cassidy's about to learn that the hard way.
_ _ _ 

State of Chaos is the sequel to the national bestseller State of Emergency, a YA/NA Romantic Adventure.


State of Chaos had my attention from the start and then it pulled at my heart strings. Then it turned on me and scared me half to death. Sequel to State of Emergency this novel is a great read for anyone who wants to see a terrifying world that isn't turned upside down by zombies. Cassidy and Chris are both on the run from Omega, an army that is bent on subjugating innocent civilians to their own ends. In this novel an EMP has left the United States without one of it's greatest assets. Technology. At the start we see Cassidy and Chris's 'friendship' as they trek by foot struggling to survive. When Cassidy gets captured by Omega things really turn inside out and trust me if you think you need something trying to bite you to feel terror, try a group of trained killers that already have members of your families locked up as criminals and you being on their hit list. I recommend that anyone who's a fan of dystopia, especially in a contemporary setting should read this.

Another plus for State of Chaos is the romance. Sick of girls pairing up with jerks, guys who just want to maul girls but pretend that's just how normal people want to have sex? (I'm normal and I'm not into that kind of sex, if my room's going to look like a war zone it's going to be because Omega jumped out of Summer's novel and chased me...simple). Then State of Chaos is for you, aside from all the running, you get to see a friendship and burgeoning romance become something more. I never read State of Emergency but State of Chaos pulls you right in and unlike some books don't leave you completely confused because you haven't read book one. Also Cassidy is a typical teenager and unlike survivor extraordinaire Katniss (love you girl but seriously) is someone most of us can relate you from our teen years and Chris being a survivalist and former Navy Seal helps keep them both safe and is a serious but also fun and decent guy (we need more decent guys in fiction).

Summer had given me an e-copy of her book in exchange for a review and I'm so glad I read it. Get a copy for yourself as soon as possible.

Rating: 4.5 Stars


  1. State of Chaos sounds interesting. The cover definitely grabs attention. Have a great weekend.

  2. Thank you so much for the review!!! :)) And thanks for helping out with this release tour!

  3. That's a great thing to celebrate :)

  4. Thanks for the review and for mentioning Mandela. I too hope he's on the way to healing.

  5. I do hope Mandela's recovery is pleasant and restful. Such an inspiring man.

    I'll have to read the first book in this series, definitely!

  6. God Bless Nelson Mandela at the young age of 94!! We can only hope to reach that plateau. I pray for God's mercy for the remarkable man.

  7. Just the name of Mandela gives me good chills. I pray he recovers. There are brave men, but he is one of the bravest.

    Looks like I am in good company with Mark :)

    Best of luck to Summer. Looks like a good read.

  8. Yeah I'm also thinking of Madiba today. But then, the news surrounding his health dominates the local media.

  9. Love your sentiments here today. Like the sound of the book, one to look out for.

  10. Mandela's life is a wonderful thing to celebrate.

  11. Mandela is a modern day hero and great source of inspiration. Nice mention!

  12. Hi, I was always a supporter of Mandela. Free South Africa was the mantra of my youth and I marched against Apartheid and for the release of Mandela. We also protested any companies invested in the Apartheid government. The book you reviewed sounds great. I need to see if I can get both a my library or on my kindle.

  13. I believe Mandela is a great hero. :)

  14. Yeah, Mandela is obviously in the news a lot here now, everyone always wanting updates on his condition. It will be a really sad day when he's gone, but he has an amazing life and legacy that we can celebrate at the same time. Our country would probably be a vastly different place today if it hadn't been for his influence!

  15. Celebrating Mandelas life - I join you in that.

  16. Hope your computer problems were resolved and, yes, God bless Mr. Mandela.

    Have a great weekend, Sheena :)

  17. What a wonderful post for the celebration hop. Amen to all you said.

  18. Mandela is definitely a worthy reason for a celebration, and I go along with you in your prayer.

    State of Chaos sounds intriguing - something that pulls on your emotions. Great post and review. Writer’s Mark


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