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Friday, 2 February 2018

Netflix Nation: Fall/Winter 2017

Does anyone want to ask why it took so long to get this posted? No? Thank God! The overdue Fall/Winter (or in Jamaica, the last three months of the year) line up is here. If you need to catch up on my last Netflix Nation compilation post click here. On this segment, I discuss shows I have watched on Netflix. Either compiling what I have watched over a period of time or reviewing individual shows like my Punisher review.

Watch Period: October to December 2017

DC's Legend of Tomorrow Season 2

Heroes came and fought and they traveled on their time ship. Sadly I remember little from this show. But at the time I had fun. Not the best superhero series out there but if you like watching CW hero line-up, you're free to give this series a try. Oh and there's a tragic death from one of the teammates. That part hit hard and really resonated. Just recalled that. Yup, I really came to this post late.

Neyo Yokio

This anime series is weird as hell. Netflix really went over the rails with this but I ended up enjoying it. Plus having a diverse cast that actually blends in with the weirdness is a plus. No tokens present. Feel free to take a gander if you like your animation off the beaten path.

Arrow Season 5 and The Flash Season 3

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Both these shows put their heroes through a lot and I would recommend watching. There has been some quality dip in parts but mainly on the Arrow end. The Flash though has a dramatic plot twist towards the end that had me in tears. I recommend this the most just for that. If you enjoy CW shows these two might just be up your alley.

Trollhunters Season 2

Oh, my God, this was beyond amazing! One of the best things on Netflix, period. I can't wait for the next season which will bring in new storylines including aliens. If you thought Trolls v humans and Trolls v Trolls was crazy. Will review this show in detail later this month or March. But either way, it's a must see if you have any love for animation or great storytelling. Highly Recommend into the stratosphere. Yes, I said that. All the stars!!

Also watched:

The Good Place: Only one episode. It's a nice show but one I'll watch it through when I don't have much to watch. If you enjoy binging comedies you can check this out.

The Punisher (Marvel series): Already reviewed this and while there were a few good episodes the season was sort of subpar but only because of some bad episodes and story pacing. Do better people.

Lucifer (Fox series): Peeked but opted to watch at another time. Have watched a few episodes on television. Very good show but I don't feel like binging it much. Recommended.

Scandal (Season 4 - 6): Really good show but I'm not remembering enough to discuss in detail. Highly recommend if you enjoy Shonda Rhimes series.

Godless: NO!!

Hotel Transylvania: I rewatched this animated movie Christmas Eve and still love it. Some people don't but I really enjoy this movie and can't wait for part 3 this Summer. Watch if you want.

Star Wars Rebels: Thank you Netflix for letting me catch up on Season 3. Recommend.

Thanks for stopping by. What are you watching? See you all next week!


  1. Trollhunters - wasn't that a movie?
    I still watch Flash, but losing interest in it.

  2. Gaahhhhh. I have so many DC shows to catch up on and have no time to do it. Stop reminding meeeeee.


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