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Friday, 23 February 2018

Netflix Dragon: Dragons Race to the Edge Season 6 Review

Please Note: Netflix Nation segment has been renamed Netflix Dragon. I would like to expand this segment online and #NetflixDragon can now be used online to keep up with current and previous posts. Twitter (@sheenakgraham) and Instagram (@queendsheena) is where I'll be using these hashtags. #NetflixNation has already been used on and off for years by others. Hence my decision to come up with a new title so I could register the hashtag.

Happy Friday everybody, here with a new post. This time for the final season of Dragons: Race to the Edge. For those who keep up with the series and the Dreamworks movies, we know How to Train Your Dragon 3 comes out in 2019. So there's no question that this series needed to end with a bang. Read on to see my thoughts and decide if this show might be right for you.

This season has finally caught up with the quality of the first two seasons. While I found a few scenes somewhat dodgy, they all came together in the end. Trust me, the two-episode finale is goals and no doubt that this series is among the best on Netflix.

What did I enjoy?

Action: Just about every episode has really good to downright amazing action. Whether flying on dragons or battling on land. Hiccup and his crew are down for anything to protect their home Berk, dragons and the innocent.

Characters: We get to see all the main and even some supporting characters grow throughout the season. 13 episodes might not sound long enough to do that but this finale made it work. Even the twins get somewhat enlightened. Don't worry they're still ridiculous and insane but they learned things. Plus Chicken got some jewelry so everybody wins.

Villains: All I will say is that you better watch all the way to the end. To truly appreciate how perfectly this series has been connected to the films. Each villain played their role well but that end villain scene in episode 13 was just too perfect. No spoilers, it will be worth gold for fans.

Story: We get to see multiple arcs come to great conclusions. Even one with Viggo that I doubted came together really well when the season ended. Though I will say that a few times filler episodes took a bite out of time that could be better dedicated to episodes following the main plotline. A small nitpick in comparison to what worked but still something I have to make note of.

Final Verdict

Season Six was everything any fan of this franchise and lovers of amazing content can hope for. Highly Recommend. My favorite seasons are still the first two but this one comes close behind. Way to end on a high note Dreamworks and Netflix.

P.S.: Viggo is the best villain of the series. Period. Don't at me.

Take care everyone and enjoy your weekend. Hope you liked the new review format. Will be going between this and the original depending on the show/movie. Also I will now be doing this segment twice a week on Mondays and Fridays.

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