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Friday, 3 February 2017

Goal Hop Update: January 2017

Yup I'm late with my goal hop update but I've been busy working on revamping my writing image. I also decided to come up with a better long term goal to challenge myself. What is that goal you ask?

New Goal: Make 100 writing submissions a year.

I'm certain some mouths dropped. But hear me out. I have many poems and stories just lying about. Yesterday I spent some time gathering them up so I can start the process of elimination. I have already looked at and made note of places I would like to submit to. Now all I have to do is some extra research then I can go on to editing or creating new works to go out on submission. I'll still be working on my novels but I'm not going to get a 100 subs with just those. Right now the number is at zero but my March I am determined to make at least 10 submissions. I am also going to start to buy the Bookends Magazine with the Sunday paper again to see if they still have an active poetry section. Poetry gave me my first paycheck and I never forgot. Time to get started. Onward and upward!

Social Media Update

I have decided to do away with my old FB Author page and start a new one. Go to new Facebook Author Page to like and keep updated as the old one will be deleted by February 15. I have also decided to move my movie and television reviews exclusively to Instagram. Book reviews will still be done here and Netflix too for now. Enjoy your weekend and God bless.


  1. That's great you have so many short stories to fall back on. If you need places to submit, Shannon Lawrence and Patsy Collins both post open submissions every week.

  2. I used to submit about 100 short stories a year. I couldn't keep it up past two years though because that's a lot of story ideas to come up with! Good luck!

  3. Excellent! I think 100 is an impressive, but not impossible, goal. Even more so when there's poetry and short stories involved. It's really only two a week.

  4. 100 is a great goal, especially if you already have some that can be submitted or edited to submit. I was researching markets yesterday too - it's a bit like spring cleaning, brushing off the cobwebs and getting organised.

  5. you're doing an early spring cleaning it seems!

  6. Like your plans for the year. All the best with your goals.

  7. 100 submissions is a big task, Sheena. Wishing you lots of fun in getting that done!! Amazing. Go girl!


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