Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Book Review: The Fisherman's Son

Today we go fantasy with author Cameron Jace. I love his fairy tale retelling series and it spans years. This one is a reader's exclusive that I downloaded a while back not available for sale. If you love fairy tale retellings turned upside down, I highly recommend his books. The Grimm tales are numerous including prequel novellas and even full books but I love it. This one I found among my pdf stash and decided to have a read. Now I'm sharing a review with you guys. I can only hope when I finish my own retellings they'll be half as interesting.


Full title: A Grimm Diaries Prequel: The Fisherman's Son by Cameron Jace

Source: Online download from author

'Published date': November 2015

Author link: Amazon, Facebook Author Page, Newsletter

Summary: The young boy lives with his mother in an abandoned island in the Seven Seas. One day, a pirate arrives and changes his life. The boy embarks on a ship to find something most fairy tale characters are looking for. Something that will reveal to him secrets about who he really is. It will also tie him to the rest of the Grimm Prequels stories.

Book Review

This is not a tale for the faint of heart. At under a hundred pages it packs more woe and gore than some books four times or more it's size. The main character, a boy named 'Jim' has a destiny that turns his once ordinary life upside down. Going after a treasure turns out to be both a big and nightmarish adventure in this book. As his destiny unfolds and various character comes into his life, Jim learns his true name, the secrets behind the island and his heritage. But with all that he goes through. A part of me thinks it might have been better if he just stayed in the dark. Then again how many of us especially a thirteen year old boy, can turn down the call of adventure?

A masterful tale told in under a hundred pages with hardly a dull moment. Other than a few personal iffys, I had no problem with this tale. I do wish some things were a bit more fleshed out and a few things seemed thrown in. But not enough to turn this tale to mush or turn me off. At times novellas just leave a few details out of reach and since we know one day this tale will continue in one of the official books, that's not all bad. Highly recommend to those who are both fans of fantasy and those who might be wary of the same old tales. Trust me, this is anything but a typical story.

Rating: 4 Stars

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  1. So it's a Grimm retelling of Treasure Island? Who's the woman on the cover then?

  2. What a neat idea to retell the tales. Good thing you got this one when it was av

  3. eh, if only most of the books would be under 100 pages long :)

  4. Soooo, this book isn't available to the public?

  5. I will check out this one- thanks

  6. It sounds like a great adventure book! It's kind of funny to read the title and see the cover; looks more like the Fisherman's Daughter. lol

  7. This sounds good! And its great to be able to pick up a book so short every now and then too. I'll be looking into this one. Thanks!


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