Wednesday, 6 April 2016

(The) Equalizer and IWSG: Powerpuff Yourself Today

Today I'll be doing both A to Z Blogging Challenge and a quick IWSG. Yes even this huge April event can't keep me from getting my first Wednesday fix. Join in anytime.

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I love Denzel Washington. Yet I see most of his movies at home including American Gangster which I think is among his best and most underrated films. When I found out about The Equalizer I knew I had to see it. The story I heard gripped me and I had wanted to start seeing more action movies again in theaters. Sorry superhero movies but I'm counting movies without the magic/special abilities/fantasy elements. From the start I was hooked and ended up have a great time. Yes there were slow spots in the movie but it matched the mood and the character Denzel played. I hate it when people complain about an action movie letting the star or hero get a coffee at a quiet place or spend time talking to someone without bullets flying. Everyone needs a break. Hell even Deadpool chatting with Weasel for a while without stabbing or shooting folks. At the end of the day I really enjoyed this movie and felt good about the motives behind the starring man's actions. He had tried to retire but the near death of a friend pulled him back into a life he planned to leave behind. I love the story most of all but there is also good action. This movie was definitely worth seeing in theaters and if you like action movies or are a Denzel fan...get moving and watch this at home.


No insecurities to share today. Not that I don't have any but I'm on a happy roll and want to spread my joy. Yesterday I decided to try a website that let's you create a Powerpuff version of yourself. Cartoon Network set it up as a way to promote the return of the Powerpuff Girls. I'm super excited and must say I think I created the perfect look for my powerful self. Even made it my twitter pic. Take a gander folks.

Yes I chose to have fire skulls in my eyes. Why not? Plus my fantasy cat I'll make reality soon as I move where I can get one. Oh that happy day. So yeah this is my Powerpuff self all bad ass and ready to roll. But don't worry I also have a slightly more mellow look for those special events.

See? I have on bright colors and a skirt. Super mellow. *Wink*

My only peeve is that you can't do glasses along with the skull eyes. Bummer. So if you want to take a load off you can try and create your own Powerpuff girl or boy. Click here to go now.

Not usual IWSG fare but anyone with or without writing insecurities to share deserves to have a little fun. Thanks for stopping by and I also made one for Danielle Paige author of the Dorothy Must Die series and she loved it. Surprised her on Twitter. See you guys tomorrow with the letter F.


  1. cool Powerpuff version! I like Denzel too


  2. haven't heard of that movie before, but I generally don't watch cop and crime flicks.

  3. I've already Powerpuff-ed myself. It was so cute that as soon as I saw it, I had to try it.

    We have the same cat. :)

  4. Who hasn't heard of a Denzel flick? I enjoyed it.
    Stay in your happy spot, skull eyes and all!

  5. Glad you're in such a good space. My daughter would have loved that Powerpuff site as a kid.

  6. I love Denzel!!! That man is never in a bad movie! And I agree The Equalizer is a good one.

    I like happy spots continue on....

  7. I did see that movie about a year ago; did enjoy it :) I'll have to check out that spot; looks like a fun place to be creative!


  8. :D I have a film professor who just wrote a book about Denzel. We talked a lot about him in film class... I haven't seen this movie yet, but it sounds like a good one :)

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    The Multicolored Diary

  9. This movie was just on TV the other night. We'd already seen it, but my husband really likes it. He says the scene at the home store at the end is one of the best fighting scenes ever. =) A bit too gory for me, but it was good.

  10. The Powerpuff girl thing is so much fun :)

  11. I think we've seen that one. Hm. I don't remember movies as well as books. *shrugs* Guess that goes to show that when you put in effort, you get more out of something, eh?

    Crystal Collier

  12. Denzel Washington's great but I haven't seen any of his recent movies. Love the Powderpuff cartoon :)
    Jemima Pett

  13. Great to read you are on a happy roll! Love the Powderpuff versions of you.
    I love Denzel but don't remember hearing about this movie. Will have to check it out.

  14. Somebody's having fun. :) Didn't see the Equalizer, but I'll probably catch it on cable one day.

  15. It would be nice to see SOMETHING besides a superhero movie at theaters for a change. We mostly watch comedies when we watch movies, though. I haven't seen a Denzel movie in a long time--he doesn't do comedies, so I probably won't!

  16. I really love his movies as well, the best creepy one by far he has done is Fallen! I've watched it so many times and it still leaves me creeped out in with the ending.

  17. Hey, would you belive I've never seen or even heard about this film? Thanks fo sharing :-)

    And hey, that's a super coll version of you!

    The Old Shelter - Jazz Age Jazz

  18. Just wanted to say that my partner is a huge fan of Denzel (well, I don't mind him either ;) and I don't think he's seen this one, so thanks so much for the suggestion!


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