Monday, 4 April 2016

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2

Note: I'm also stocked to see that Zootopia is now the #1 movie worldwide. Way to go Disney! Still gaining your sea legs Batman vs. Superman? Though nearly 700 mill in two weeks aint bad.

Morning folks and we're back for the 2016 A to Z Blogging Challenge. Now on with the letter C.

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Summary on Google: His genius finally recognized by his idol Chester V, inventor Flint Lockwood (Bill Hader) gets to join Chester's company, where he can work full-time on technologies to help mankind. However, Flint soon discovers that his most-famous machine, which turns water into food, is still operating but now creates animal/vegetable hybrids. With the fate of humanity in Flint's hands, he and his friends set out to save the world from tacodiles, shrimpanzees and other deliciously dangerous creatures.

After seeing the first movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs at home, I knew I wanted to see any sequel in theaters. The idea of creating artificial food is not new but the first movie took things in a direction that is not often done. Making a science movie into a fun yet emotion grabbing animated movie. Yes there is the usual trope of awkward science nerd but the movie really had a feel that was truly it's own. A Pixar level idea that was instead made up by Sony Animation. 

So when the sequel came out I went to see it at the second movie theater that is within sensible reach in my country. Palace Cineplex is much smaller than Carib 5 but has the advantage of not only being inside a mall but a safer and much more family friendly location. The movie itself also took on another big idea not built by the Pixar Studios or Disney. Flint is off the island and living his dream working for his idol. But after a few mishaps he's left shamed with confidence shattered. An opportunity of redemption shows and he is all too anxious to redeem himself. But there are secrets lurking that he's not aware of and new girlfriend and fellow genius Sam Sparks is more wary. Then they are the tag alongs in this adventure including Flint's friend and former bully Brent, police officer now turned Ice cream man, Earl, cameraman Manny and Tim Lockwood, Flint's widowed father. 

Their mission is to stop Flint's food inventing machine from making living food that plans to swim out and attack humans on inhabited islands. The idea of the food evolving into living animals is an amazing one with them taking on characteristics of animals already in existence. Yet there are clear signs in part that is idea was some somewhat too big for Sony Animation's team. While in the first movie any shortcomings were just part of a film that still brought out a steller product. The sequel is a good movie that if placed in the hands of Pixar or Disney would have been spectacular. In retrospect maybe even Inside Out level.  The movie still touches on heavy issues like losing a parent, father and having a hard time bonding over different pursuits, loyalty, betrayal, seeing the real side of your childhood idol and the power of choice. Yet unlike the first one it skims over a lot of these issues taking on a 'this is a kid movie' approach that is exactly why some animated movies can't translate completely over to an adult audience. Which is too bad because this movie is clearly one that transcends kids viewing. But the people behind it just held the reigns too tight. The first movie covered politics, fame versus friendship and family, the power of fame and money, being an outcast, the failure of the American Dream (Manny is a cameraman but in reality came to America for a better life and is actually a doctor. Ouch) and more. Those were not all taken super deep but some were and none were as skimmed over as with the sequel.

So at the end of the day I had a nice time and I was glad that I supported a movie like this. But even then I knew it could be better and now with movies like Inside Out, I'm today left wondering what could have been had another studio helmed a project. Definitely worth a watch at home especially if you enjoyed the first movie.


  1. It wasn't as good as the first but still cute. My favorite line is still 'There's a leek in the boat!'

    1. Lol. That was a good one despite the cheesiness.

  2. We saw the first one at home and I thought it was adorable, so we had to go see the second in the theaters. It fell a little short, but I still enjoyed it.

  3. Not seen this. Maybe I'll check it out on Netflix.

  4. Another movie I hadn't seen, and not sure if I will. I am enjoying your AtoZ

    ~Rhonda from
    Ninja minion for Alex

  5. I read the book with the kids, but never saw the movies of it. I do like that Zootopia is the #1 movie; it looked cute; we plan to see it sometime soon.


  6. Hadn't even heard of this movie! With a name like that, I'm inclined to give it a shot. You are a great movie critic!

  7. I like the children's book on which the movie is based, but I haven't seen the movie. Oops! Glenda from
    Evolving English Teacher

  8. Sounds like a really cute movie!

    Still haven't seen Zootopia, but it's on the list. It looks adorable.

  9. I loved the second one and so did my kids! The animation style threw me off at first, but it grew on me. Great post!

  10. it is also one of those that did not attract me to watch them, but I Bet all those animals are super cute!

  11. Both of these, this one and the first, were really cute!

  12. The title is enough to make me want to watch.

  13. We want to see the Zootopia movie with our grands. Thanks for stopping by and offering your encouragement.


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