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Friday, 8 November 2013

Oh, How I Miss You Blogfest: Year Two, Express Yourself Meme and Celebrate

Today is the second annual Oh, How I Miss You Blogfest hosted by Alex Cavanaugh, Andrew Leon and Matthew MacNish. Last year my 2012 post had me writing about one blogger I missed and would miss. This year I'll be upping my number a bit. Bloggers can get real close to one another and when one disappears or just becomes a blip on the radar, it can be very hard. Also we sometimes worry about other bloggers we love just disappearing one day. No new blog posts, just an old blog filled with past posts and memories. Today we share those bloggers with our readers during this blogfest.

I Miss....

Erin Shakespeare was a burst of sunshine in 2013 when I discovered her blog and have to say she's one of the funniest bloggers since Cassie Mae. For 2013 A-Z Blogging Challenge, where we got to know each other best, she theme of writing humor and gave fun laughable tips to make our posts and even fiction funny if not funnier. I enjoyed her blog so much and couldn't wait to see what May would bring. Then after a few posts she was just gone. I couldn't believe it, I got close to a fun cool blogger and she just...vanished. Then she made a post in august and I found out the culprit. Needless to say, I'm full of forgiveness.

Rory Shakespeare is the latest child to enter Erin's world and while she hasn't posted on her blog since I actually decided to try and contact her this morning after 12:00 a.m. through Facebook. Surprise she immediately accepted my friend request and gushed on how happy she was that I found her. We chatted a bit and then she said sometime about lack of sleep (she has six kids, yikes...I mean yay) and a pillow and I knew it was time to say goodbye. However we will definitely chat again and in those few minutes she even asked how my writing was going. That's how you know a true writer, no matter how short a time you chat, you need to check up on your friend's writing status. So Erin I do miss you but I'm glad as of this morning I can miss you just a bit less.

Sheena-kay Graham

I bet everyone is like...wait that's you. Yes that's me. When I started this blog it was my latest attempt at getting into the writing community and maintaining a blog. Happily I ended up being successful at both. But sadly this year I've been under the weather and not only did I have to delay releasing my first book until next year but I have had to cut down on my blogging time. Going from five to six days a week to as little as twice sometimes makes me want to tear my hair out. I worry about my readers, feel bad about not commenting on blogs even on days I didn't blog like I used to. But things are different, I have to work on a different spectrum thanks to ongoing fatigue and hopefully when the source is diagnosed and I can start proper treatment, things will improve. I love this photo of me with my kindle. I was so excited when I got it last year. So yeah I put myself in the 'I Miss...' column because I miss how I used to blog. But I know I have your support and as I work my way back I just want to say thank you.

Hope Roberson

More like missing. Has anyone seen her? Seriously? Online or Off.

I Would Miss....

Liz if you stop blogging I'm finding my way to your house. Yes I know I don't have a passport. I just don't care. I am personally saying you're not allowed to stop blogging. Our perfect blogging and writing buddies friendship started in 2012 and the fire is still burning bright. She has written and published romance novels and is a wonderful mother and wife. Love you!

Cassie Mae

Yes she was my pick last year. No I don't give a damn. She rocks, 2013 has been a great year for her and even after having a baby just months ago she is still blogging and hilarious as ever.

Express Yourself Meme

My favourite subjects in High School were English Language and English Literature. Getting to write short stories, read and express my thoughts on books was amazing. I actually miss it.

Celebrate the small things

1. I'm excited about finally making headway with Briar's Dilemma. So happy that I made it this year's Nanowrimo project.

2. Yesterday I got a new paperback in the mail. Some Quiet Place by Kelsey Sutton. Thank you giveaways.

3. Allegiant should be coming to local bookstores this month. If I weren't using my paypal cash to save for a computer I'd buy it from abroad already but priorities.

4. I finally found a proper legitimate local store that will accept paypal cash for a computer. No credit card or cash in hand needed. Yes! Now I just have to save enough. Time to dig deep, work hard and pray.

5. Another week of blogging. Even though I only blogged twice this week I'm glad I was still able to check out a few bloggers even on the days I didn't blog.

Enjoy your weekend everyone and God bless.


  1. Excellent picks for the "I Miss You" bloghop!

  2. A wonderful 'I Miss You' post. So glad you found her again.
    And here's wishing you a quick save for that computer, and a yay to won books. :)

  3. Don't worry about us - we'll always keep coming back when you do post!
    Cassie is a trip. Funniest critique partner ever.

  4. Great post. Nice choices. My heart goes out to you Sheena, as I suffer from an auto-immune disease and go through the same bouts of fatigue and illness. I try to push myself a lot and then wind up with a bigger set back, so I have also had to pull back a bit from the blogging. I would never give it up entirely, as I love everyone here way too much for that. But I definitely understand that our health must come first. And one day, I might finally learn my lesson and stop pushing myself to collapse. :)

  5. My favourite subject was always English :)
    I just finished Allegiant, it's very good! Worth the wait.

  6. Some excellent choices here! Sometimes it's hard to keep up with blogging. I'd say you're doing a fine job! Cheers!

  7. Awesome list, Sheena! I too have wondered where Erin went to. Now I know. Thanks for sharing your list. I would miss everyone you listed, especially you. :)

  8. How wonderful for Erin. What a lovely photo of her and little Rory. I don't think I ever met Hope but it's always such a shame when someone just totally drops off the radar.

  9. Those are some excellent picks, and no, I haven't seen hope around lately either. I do applaud the people who abandon ship in favor of family. Some days I wish I was that brave. But then I'd miss all my online bloggies.

  10. Oh you look beautiful in your author pic. That's a great idea too in highlighting yourself. I'd miss you a lot if you suddenly disappeared, Sheena.

  11. Ahh, you made me cry. I would never leave the blogosphere because of wonderful people like you. You're way more than just a comment or post, you're one of the truest friends a gal can have and I love you bunches! You ever stop and I'll head to Jamaica to hunt you down...but don't do that, cause I don't have a passport either. Hugs and love Sheena-kay. You're a bright light in my world!!

  12. And I must add...I'd see a bloggy buddy slow down and take care of themselves than burn out and drop out completely. You take care of yourself chick, I'll always be around if you need me. Facebook, email, can reach me anywhere!

  13. I know some of these people! Great choices, Sheena-kay.

  14. How you you found Erin again. I love how Facebook and Twitter allow us to cultivate friendships we wouldn't normally have. Take care of yourself - hope you get the health answers you need.

  15. Sheena, you're rare and genuine here. Take care of yourself.

  16. Great choices for some amazing bloggers you'd miss!! Also, some great school subjects! Hope you have an awesome weekend! Thanks for always stopping by!!!

  17. Great choices Sheena-kay! I couldn't agree more ;)

  18. Great blogger selections. I am happy to see I wasn't the only one to combine the two blogfests today, while attempting NaNo :)

  19. youre so sweet! i miss hope too! and would def miss elizabeth & cassie! and YOU!

  20. It's all good. I don't blog like I used to. Chocolate hugs!

  21. I really enjoyed the post. Sometimes you wonder about where people dropped off to, it's good to get closure.

  22. I didn't know Erin, but I would certainly miss the other ladies!

  23. I'd miss you if you stopped blogging. Take care of yourself and you're right, there are so many folks out here in bloggingland that are here for you and support you. Hugs! (:

  24. You know why Bill Cosby had 5 kids, right? Because he did not want 6.

  25. I want to reach through this computer and hug the crap out of you! Hope is "around" just not in bloggy land ;)

    I'd miss you so much if you stopped blogging. But I'm glad I see you in other places :) Love the heck out of you!!!

  26. Books in the mail is the best!

  27. I've never heard of this blogfest. Cool idea.

  28. I totally know what you mean. My hiatus has been hard!

  29. I hope you never stop! Blogging twice a week is still incredible. Heck, I blog once a week, sometimes twice too.

  30. I love that you put yourself in the list.


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