Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Questions, Questions: Sheena-kay answers questions from Jolene's Questions Post

Today I'm answering questions from Jolene Perry's post Questions...Questions...

Do you ever close your eyes when you're writing?

Yes but for varying reasons. Best reasons: to envision my characters, to concentrate better and to relax. Worst reasons: Migrains, Mirgains, and frustration.

Do you listen to music while you write? Before you write? Or neither?

I don't listen to music because it interferes with my concentration and writing speed.

Do you work on one project at a time? Or many projects at a time?

I'm never working on just one thing. Probably got that from writing poetry. Habits die hard.

Do you know when you've started writing something special? Or do they all feel special?

You know. That's all I'm going to say.

Are there projects that you couldn't imagine changing anything in the story? And on the opposite of that, are there projects where you could shrug about change and jump in and do it?

(Posted this answer originally in Jolene's comments as the one question answered from the Questions post)

I thought my WIP Nevermore was perfect as a four to five novella series. Then one day I had some serious doubts and shortly after I decided to make it in a four part novel instead. At most it might be a duology. I think this is best because part one of the novellete was fine to my but as I thought of the others I had issues with characters, word count and that I suddently realized I needed multiple perspectives after the first novellete was to be done in mostly in third person perspective with Peter Pan. So making changes proved necessary and making it into a novel just made the process much less confusing. So even if you think a novel is perfect, watch out and be open to changes.

Do titles come easily for you? Or are they more difficult?

It depends on the books. But I get it quickly or eventually.

Did you know you wanted to be a writer when you started your first book?

Yes I did. Reading was with me from practically birth and writing naturally followed. My first completed book involved following a girl named Nichelle Harper from senior year to gradutating college. It was what you'd now call a novella and there was a girl at school who'd wait for me to finish each chapter then borrow it to read. I guess you can say she was my first fan. We weren't even in the same year but she always found me and was excited to know about my progress. I have to say that I enjoyed that.

Do you think your first book will be published? (I know this is a REALLY rude question to ask someone who is working on their first book ;-)

No. Wrote it in my teens and I'll leave it at that. Poetry from then might be published but not my first book.

Are there favorite places in your house where you like to write? Or do you get more work done when you go somewhere else?

I'm most comfortable writing at home and I enjoy writing in my room.

So that's it everyone. I hope answering these questions gives you a bit of insight about me. Happy blogging and have a scary good Halloween!


  1. Never say never about that first book! I went back and completely rewrote the first story I ever wrote and it did become my first published book.

  2. I agree with Alex.

    I can play music while writing.

    Writing, I guess, is in your soul.

  3. I almost close my eyes when I write. Not all the time, but when I need to visualize a scene.

    I'm the same as you when it comes to music. It's too much of a distraction for me. And I, too, prefer writing at home in my room. Due to my issues with being easily distracted, I can't write in a coffee shop or anywhere like that.

  4. Ugh, migraines. My family gets those...fortunately, I've been spared.

  5. Oh man, I'm with you. I have issue working on one thing at once too :)

  6. sweet getting to know you better =)
    i'm a multi tasker, not as good at multi writing, but that is changing...


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