Thursday, 25 October 2012

Blogoversary Celebration and Bloghop

One year ago today I started this blog. Queendsheena was created to get me closer to aspiring writers like myself as well make friends with fellow book lovers and bloggers. One year later I can I've achieved these things and have several novels and novellas in the work including four to be self-published in 2013 and others that I'm working on to send to agents/publishers in later 2013 and early 2014. All this was done through hard work and enouragement from many new friends I've found through the blogosphere. Sadly my closet family have never taken a real interest in my writing but I have friends and relatives who have commended me on taking such an endeavour. Yet before creating this blog I never truly met people really dedicated to their writing who I could keep true contact with. Also none whose books have been thoroughly promoted outside a website and a blog that is just really a book sound bite. But after creating this blog I met several of you. I'm still meeting more of you now and lifts my spirit whenever I see you self-publish a new book, get an agent, a contract or have a small or major press publish your work. Also I can never forget the encouraging words I've received for my own work and it warms my heart when others see things in my work even I didn't notice. And that's through excerpts and synopsis alone! How astute you are! I just want want to thank you all for your support and hope you take joy with me in celebrating my one year blogoversary and enjoy the bloghop.


The Blogoversary: Sacrifice Book 4 Bloghop is my way of thanking all my readers and followers as well as share my one-year celebration with everyone. You can click the link or check the tab under my header for more information and to sign up. The chance to sign up ends today at noon and you can post your entry from October 24 to 26. Each entry has a chance to win the opportunity of naming and creating the storyline for book 4 in The Sacrifice series written by me. So don't forget to shine those entries and read all the rules and requirements before entering.

Since I'm hosting I won't be posting an entry. Instead I'll post a poem I wrote a long time ago but still resonates with me today. I edited it a bit since I originally wrote it in 2004. Happy Blogging.

Bubble Gum Girl

Bubble Gum Girl.
Bubble Gum Girl.
You stretch and twist
just like real bubblegum.

Bubble Gum Girl.
Bubble Gum Girl.
You handle so much
and yet you don't burst.

Bubble Gum Girl.
Bubble Gum girl.
You know that no
one person can
handle everything forever.

Bubble Gum Girl.
Bubble Gum Girl.
Either get your life
together or surely
you'll burst.

Just like real bubblegum.
Bubble Gum Girl.


  1. We are all here to cheer one another on!

  2. Happy one year blogoversary! I agree, it's been wonderful meeting people through blogging. It's almost a year for me now, too, and I'm so glad I did it!


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