Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Crazy Random Idea: Bullfrog Guardian Series

Everyone give a hand to Kelley Lynn whose blogpost with 'Snapple Facts' started an idea that has created an insane new novel idea. I had a minor breakdown in comments over a new novel idea to haunt me but now with nothing to write I think it's a great time to introduce it. First here's the snapple fact that inspired it all.

10. The bullfrog is the only animal that never sleeps

Wondering how that leads to the start of a novel series idea? Ask my brain I don't know either but here it is. Let me know what you think.

Title: Briar's Dilemma (Title a work in progress)

Series: Book 1 in The Bullfrog Guardian Series

Story: Ever wondered about the purpose of the bullfrog? It's a frog that hops around, many consider ugly and it never sleeps. Wait...yes a bullfrog is the only animal that never sleeps. And that's why it's the perfect guardian of humans in this book series. Certain your bugging now. Your life in the hands of a bullfrog? But wait, they don't fight as bullfrogs. Bullfrogs are one of five of the earth's elite guardians. Each have an assigned species or area to protect. There are fifty earth guardians in all. However only five can be elite and Bullfrogs got their place because of their skill and a special ability granted to no other animal. The need of no sleep in their original form. They can take only three other forms. 1. The form of the natural habitat (e.g. water, sea plants, etc,) 2. What they are assigned to protect (for bullfrogs that's humans) 3. Is a non-physical form: Sound forming - They can copy any sound they hear for up to an hour after and permanently if they touch the source.

Briar Bullfrog of the MMMM Dynasty MMLLLCCCXX, is prince and son of Tribaius Bullfrog (elite guardian number two) likes to go exploring. One day in his bullfrog form he overhears a plot among the mermaids that dolphins, great white sharks and seals are joing the dark alliance to elimate all humans and take over. Briar heads back to his world and tells his stepmother since his father is away. He decides to go to the human world where he's known as Briar Bass in High School. This is his latest cover and he has to take a girl named June Merr on a tour. While they're touring he's jumped by a ...ball in the hallway. June watches in horror as the 'ball' seems to try and pummel Briar to death. But Briar knows this is a secret form of a seal, one most likely in an quatic park or zoo. He pulls out a pen knife and burst it on the boy's bathroom and makes the door stuck so no one will see the blood. He avoids June's questions and heads to the showers to clean up. Later during a study session he hears some girls talking about the increase of accidents at aquariums including deaths of trainers of both dolphins and killer whales. He knows the countdown to human's complete demise has begun. Worst of all Dolphins were the current #1 Elite Guardian and they had a form changing skill no other had unless they were #1. The ability to form into anything that is considered a threat at the time of transformation. And with a coup going down...that would be almost everyone.

So that's they story so far. Briar is a blonde tall teenager in human form and June is a 5'4 raven haired female who just wants to get through high school and live a regular life. Yeah...let's guess how that hope turns out. Anyway this is it for now. I plan to post a proper sumarry in my blog Idea Factory where some of my 'eventually' to be written novel ideas go. I have no date of start or end for this one. I hate the current title but like the name for the series. After you're done please tell me your thoughts. Like if you like this idea, curious of I'm crazy....you know, those thoughts.

And I leave you all with your guardian.


  1. Oh the poor girl when she finds out that Briar is really a frog. I love that you got your idea from Kelley.

  2. This is AWESOME!!! Wow, I feel so honored that you got this idea from my blog! As long as I get a little blip in the acknowledgments when it gets published ;) haha

  3. It would definitely be a fresh idea! And yes, you will have to give Kelley her shout out when it's published!

  4. SCHWEET! This sounds awesome and I'm with Jenny. Poor girl! LOL

  5. Jenny: Yeah, frogs aren't first choices when it comes to guardians...or classmates.

    Kelley: Glad you like it. I will definitely name you in acknowledgements when published.

    Elizabeth: It's fresh alright. And yes Kelley with get her credit.

    Cassie: Ha! I love your response. Yeah June is one to pity.

  6. This is a really good idea! I'd love to read it, because it's unique and different!


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