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Friday, 26 July 2013

New Blog Awards

In May you saw my Latest Blog Awards Won (numbers 6-8). Now you'll see my New Blog Awards and these four range from 'scary' to just plain sweet. Thank you award givers, I'm  grateful to receive such praise.

Award nine comes from Elise Fallon and it's a creepy one. She got it passed to her during the A-Z challenge and in June decided to pass it on to bloggers whose blogs she herself commented on during the challenge this year. So I've been tagged by the Zombie Rabbit. I am so proud. Thanks El!

Award number ten comes from Elizabeth Seckman. Of course this sweetheart would give me another blog award. This award makes me all giddy because it's all about sisterhood. All smiles that you passed this to me Liz and thank you. That's my round up of June 2013 awards.

Now to pass this one. Here you go eight blog sisters.

Cassie Mae (The Funny Sister)

Morgan (A Unique Lady)

Ilima Todd (The Kind One and Honest Firefly Devotee)

Dani (Super Entertaining Sister)

Nancy LaRonda Johnson (A Dear Friend)

Kelley Lynn (Unforgettable Sister)

Tara Tyler (Loving and Dedicated Sister)

Jolene Perry (Excited Whenever You Visit and Inspiration Sister)

Award number eleven caught me unawares. David Powers King gave me the Shine On Award and rules state I must tag my giver, reveal seven random facts about myself and award fifteen bloggers (funny, like David I'll do five). Thanks David and I guess I should have known since I first caught your eye in May along with two other females as you took our virtual luggage and welcomed us.

1. I changed the title of one of my novellas (not book one) in The Sacrifice Series. More next Wednesday where I'll post the full line-up and tell you about a certain change. Hey, I need to self-promote more so yes I'm using a  blog award. Deal with it.

2. I'm a christian.

3. I am religious. Saying you're spiritual but not religious (and being a christian) bugs me. I don't want to infringe on others opinions but some act as if religion pooped on their lawn so they kicked it out of the house. How can you be a christian but have no belief in religion? Sorry but I find this weird.

4. I love people!

5. I love books. Like crazy love if they started moving around I'd get round about restraining orders.

6. I have a cover reveal coming up. If you'd like to sign up go to Sacrifice Her Cover Reveal Sign Up Page. Yes more self-promotion. Don't judge Me! Chef doesn't in those Chef Boyarde commercials.

7. Who else knew the character on this award is from the anime Chobits? If you did the award is automatically passed unto you along with these five lucky winners.

Five Bloggers Awarded ok...Seven

Leigh Covington


Amber Argyle

Michael Offcut

Trisha F.


Charlie Holmberg

And Lastly Award Twelve comes from Hope Roberson. She gave me a Liebester Blog Award and now I get to answer lots of fun questions. Fun long questions but still lots of fun. Thanks Hope. *Smiles* Oh and notice anything special about the font colours below?

Part One: Eleven Things About Me

1. Unlike Hope I definitely don't have a tattoo.

2. Love looking at stock photo images. You will see a nice result on Wednesday with book #5 in The Sacrifice Series.

3. When I try to wiggle my nose, my mouth does most of the movement instead. My ears, moves my eyebrows and my eyebrows...actually that one goes right. So yes I'm strange and have brain wiring issues.

4. I love cupcakes!!

5. I'm thinking of getting together a Sacrifice Her street team in Jamaica. Hmm. How the hell do I do this?

6. Never been on a roller coaster. *Pouts*

7. Enjoy getting blog awards. Hint, hint.

8. I wrote a two small snippets for two videogames years ago. Maybe I'll write the story line for a video game someday. A Halo Picnic....with action and parenting! No? Forget you hater!

9. My latest favorite show is The Haves and the Have Nots. *squeals*

10. Amanda Hocking's sequel Lullaby sort of disappointed me. It kind of went contemporary on me and let's just say.... Amanda needs to stick with the paranormal streak in her books. *Pained Smile* But Wake (first in Watersong series) rocked.

11. I'm actually expanding my Pinterest Boards. So I'm on the road to addiction.

Part Two: Eleven Questions

1. Favorite color?

Pink and black or blue. It depends on my mood. Ooooh I'm a mood ring. Wait, why did I think that would be scary? Oh right my answer to Part One question #3 explains it all.

2. If I could change or make a law, what would it be? 

That there be a Critique Partner listing for authors in every parish/state. *Gasps* Oh you're serious? am I, damn if it's not hard to find an available one sometimes and don't get me started on the ones who keep the same people for a trillion years. Yeah, I'm outing you.

3. Do you believe individual personality characteristics have more impact from environment or genetics? 

Environment, no matter what the genes pass on the wrong environment will mess you up somehow.

4. Do you believe there are other life forms in the universe? 

I always believed in Foreigners. Who doesn't?

5. Can you remember your last dream? What was it? 

I remember having Smurf movie daydreams with Vanity in them and then he made it into the second movie as a starring character. Does that count?

6. What movie most impacted your childhood? 

??? I still love Disney animated movies. The Little Mermaid! Though I don't want to go love in the sea. Have you seen the documentaries on pollution? *Cringes*

7. What is your fear? 

Angry Ghosts? Someone stealing my books? *Grabs piece of board* See the size of it, I dare you to try and get a five fingered discount on me.

8. If you were granted one wish, what would it be? 

Teleportation. What? I don't want a boyfriend right now and kids are in a dream within a dream so.... (Did you know that the spelling correction came up and one of my other options was Deportation? Seriously! I'm already in my home country, get lost nosy 'spell correction' program. Or should I say nosy heifer). 

9. What was the last song you listened to? 

Not sure but 'Out of My League' by Fitz and the Tantrums pops to mind.

10. Who is the one person I would want to spend eternity with? 

My cousin Shawnette. She's my best friend in the whole wide world.

11. When was the last time you smiled? 

While writing up this award list. *Smiles again*

Passing it on:

To the first ten who comment today. Yes I'm done linking up new award winners for today. Oy.

Celebrate the small things

Being on a happy high. Yes that's what I'm celebrating. Enjoy your weekend.

Express Yourself Meme

What frustrates me most as a writer is discussing frustration at all (maybe not most but it's definitely annoying). So instead I'll say what's super exciting about being a writer for me is choosing my next project. In my self-publishing world it's Sacrifice Series, Snow and the Red Series at the front of the pack. In my agent sending/traditional publishing world (on hold til 2015) Circa and Escaping Wonderland are having a female fighting match. Oh...Alice just dragged a handful of Circa's white hair. Guess I shouldn't have disallowed using special powers since Alice did a stint in prison. Sorry Circa. Wow Circa knocked her off with a round house kick but oh no she's coming for me. Gotta run. Circa you can't be calling the broken microwave from the kitchen to chase me! No fair!

Enjoy your weekend and I'll do two book reviews on Tuesday so no Saturday review this week. See you Monday with a post relating to Nancy LaRonda Johnson and her book.


  1. Wow that's a lot of awesome awards, congratulations! Hope your weekend is a good one.

  2. Congratulations on all of the awards! The Smurf dream sounds like a nightmare to me. And awesome you're not afraid to say you're a Christian.

  3. Congratulations on all your awards! Definitely well-deserved. It was fun to learn more about you and I'm on my way to Pinterest addiction too. :D

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Congratulations on the awards! You deserve them. :) The Shine On award is lovely. :)
    I'm excited for your cover reveal! :)

  5. look at all those awards! how fun! congrats!
    and thanks for passing one on to me =)

    sweet answers! and eagerly awaiting your cover!

  6. Wow, congrats on all the awards...good think you like getting them, huh? :D

    Well, they're well deserved, for sure, and it's fun finding out more about you. It's great seeing more authors embracing their faith and not be ashamed of it.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Congratulations on all the awards, and well done for keeping up with them all. I've never been on a roller coaster either, but that's entirely my own choice!!

  8. Congrats on your deserve them! And thanks for the sisterhood award. Being associated with Firefly is a plus in my opinion! :)

  9. Wow!! You were awarded a ton of awards!!! Congrats and thanks for considering me a "sister". You rock Sheena!! I'm Christian and religious! Rejoice!!

  10. Awwwww... thanks for the shout out, Sheena! Too kind! And smurf dreams??? LOL! That totally made me laugh!

  11. Congratulations on those wonderful awards :)

  12. You are definitely worthy of so many awards Sheena-kay! Thank you so much for the award and shout out. :) Writer’s Mark

  13. Man, so many cool blogs to check out! Love that zombie bunny :)

    Sarah Allen
    (From Sarah, with Joy)

  14. What awesome awards going around! The Shine On award is wayyyyy pretty.

  15. Sheena, thanks so much for the award. I will put follow up with an official award post next week. I announced the award, though, today on my blog. Hope you will stop by.

  16. Congrats on the awards, you've got some great answers up there. I can't wait to see your cover in September. (:


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