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Monday, 20 May 2013

Latest Blog Awards Won and Express Yourself Meme

Yes today is all about me. Ha, ha, ha. Seriously though I'm listing all the blog awards I've won since the last time I posted about winning in July 2012.

Starting with my sixth I won this one in July 2012 from Elizabeth Seckman. I was so touched and even though it took so long for me to acknowledge this award on my blog, I know she knows that I appreciate her greatly.

Thank you Elizabeth, you're a dear friend and top notch blogger buddy. Now to pass this on.

Mark Means

Alex Cavanaugh

J.L. Campbell

Mark Koopmans

Carrie Butler

For my seventh Mark Means gave me the Liebester Award in February 2013. I actually missed out on it until recently but I'm plenty appreciative. Thanks Mark!

1. Thank the blogger who presented the award and link back to their blog:

    A big "thank you" to Nancy at Writer's Mark! (I love that name, btw)     

2. Answer eleven questions posted by the presenter, ask your nominees eleven questions, and list eleven random facts about yourself.

3. Nominate eleven bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers.

4. Post the award on your blog.

Eleven Random Facts About Me.

Love Cartoons, hate ironing, enjoy blogging, still haven't gotten a passport, won two books last week, enjoy winning blog awards, bought my mom a cake for Mother's Day this year, wrote this post Saturday night for Monday morning, have no idea what to get my dad for Father's Day this year, came up with a new story idea that is my first Middle Grade, and I cried while watching an emotional scene during CW's season finale of Arrow.

Now to answer Mark's Eleven Questions:

1. You get to choose one super power....something the ordinary mortal can't do...what is it?

Teleportation. I considered flying but why risk dying from lack of oxygen, hitting UFO's (which will probably turn out to be birds, planes, a missile....) and other crazy crap when I could just get to that other place in an instant. First stop Japan. Then to all my blogger friends home to freak them out. What can I say, I like sharing. Ok more like freaking people out but in a cool way.

2. A 'crazy, wild-eyed, scientist pulls up in a shiny DeLorean and says he can take you anywhere in history. What do you tell him?

You turned me off at crazy eyes then I remembered it's Mark Means who referred this guy. If he doesn't take me to William Shakespeare like I requested and instead kills me I'll just find Mark and haunt him forever. Fair trade.

3. The country or the city. Where would you rather live?

City. I'll visit the country. Or maybe go in between and pick a suburb or a 'medium' town.

4. Your cat starts talking to you...and everyone else. What's the first question you ask?

Why are you talking? Duh!

5. A meteor is hurtling towards the planet and it looks like the 'end is nigh'. You have about 24 hours left. What do you do?

After panicking I'll try to fit all I can but not do it crazy style. Having a last 'chat' with my online buddies will be part of that along with visiting bookshops and hanging out with family and friends.

6. A famous author asks you to ghost write their next book and offers you a ton of money to do long as you sign a contract to never reveal the secret. Do you do it?

Yes! I can keep a secret. And what's wrong with ghostwriting? Plagiarism is what I have a problem with.

7. You get the chance to host a small soiree' with five celebrities from any time period. Who do you choose?

Nanny of the Maroons (She's a Jamaican National Hero, I say she counts).

Johnny Depp

J.K. Rowling

William Shakespeare

Emily Dickinson

There will be a lot of reading and I'm certain Nanny will be happy to see Jamaica is a free country.

8. Waking up one morning, you find the world has suddenly, and mysteriously, run out of coffee. What do you do?

Not care, I hate coffee.

9. The Zombie Apocalypse has arrived. You have to grab one thing and one thing only as your weapon of choice to fend off the oncoming hordes of undead. What do you choose?

Cutlass, never shot a gun and I'm not going to experiment during an apocalypse that involves zombies. And yes I've used a cutlass, just not to kill anyone.

10. Someone gives you a million dollars on the condition that you have to give half to someone else. Who do you choose?

My cousin Shawnette, she's my best friend. I can share my half between my family.

11. Which cartoon....old or describes your life?

Nickelodeon's As told by Ginger. If I were still a teenager. But like a lot of teens, I still live at home. And my life is pretty much typical and sorry but most of my toons contain magic or adventures I can't actually go on.

I now will nominate twelve bloggers:

Nancy LaRonda Johnson over at Writers Mark

J.L. Cambell over at Jamaican Kid Lit

JeffO over at The Doubting Writer

Jaybird over at Bird's Nest

Yvonne Lewis over at The Written Word of Yvonne Lewis

T. Drecker over at Kidbits

Jade Hart over at Jade Hart

Charlie Holmberg over at Myself as Written

Erin Shakespeare over at Erin Shakespeare Fantasy Writer

Gwen Gardner over at Gwen Gardner, YA Fiction Writer

Theresa over at Theresa Paolo

Jen Naumann over at Jen Naumann YA/NA Author of Paranormal Romance and Dystopian

I'm too tired to create eleven new questions so you all get to answer the questions Mark gave me. Yeah you read right.

And lastly my eighth award from Nancy LaRonda Johnson, thank you and you're a bit of sunshine yourself. She gave me the Sunshine Award which is for bloggers who are positive and creatively inspire others across the blogosphere. Rules are you thank the person who awarded you, answer questions about yourself and select up to ten bloggers to pass the award to and let them know. And don't forget to post the badge.

What is your Dream Job?

My dream job would be writing full time. I write whenever I can and being able to sustain a living on it for a lifetime would be wonderful.

Why so few questions?


And I pass this unto:

Cassie Mae

Rachel Schieffelbein

Rachel Morgan

Ilima Todd

Express Yourself Meme

I'm reading a whole lot of blogs people. A whole lot of blogs. But I am excited about getting to read Lullaby by Amanda Hocking when it arrives. I won a US$10 book from TBD in a giveaway last week and I chose that one. I have a link to follow the order process and it was bought on Saturday. Counting the days!

So that's it, have a great day everyone.


  1. Wow, congrats on all the kudos...not that I should be deserve them all :)

    Thank you for the award and for playing along with the Liebster. Just wanted you to know that you're appreciated and I always enjoy all the comments you leave on my blog.

    I'm glad we had the chance to meet in the blogosphere :)

  2. Congratulations on your awards! I think every writers dream job would be to write (uninterrupted) all day. But I couldn't do it without coffee. I LOVE coffee!

  3. Thank you, Sheena-kay!
    I'm with you on the teleportation. Whoever finds that machine first needs to share.

  4. Congratulations on the awards. You must be exhausted after answering all that.

  5. Congrats on the awards! I'm a city woman, too.

  6. Congrats on your awards. I can keep a secret too. :)

  7. Holy epic post! This was great, Sheena! And I totally hate ironing too... do people even still do that anymore??? ;-)

  8. Holy awards post! For zombies, I know guns, so bring your cutlass and 'll cover ya. :)

  9. So many awards-congrats! I don't like ironing either. My husband does his own and I've purged my wardrobe of anything I have to iron.

  10. So many awards...and you deserve all of them! Thanks for the Sunshine Award--I would love to write full time too! :)

  11. OMG...CW's season finale of Arrow was gut-wrenching! I'm so with you on that. What a great series. I'm glad it's coming back this fall. I think we like a lot of the same stuff.

  12. Congrats on your awards! That's the same question I'd have for our cat. LOL ☺

    1. Thanks for participating in the blitz! What a great surprise. :)

  13. Congrats on the award...I shall visit all your friends :).

  14. Enjoy the book when it comes. Thanks so much for the awards and yeah, I hope I get around to filling out the answers. I'm notoriously bad at that.

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog and reading Joy's post. So you are from Jamaica too. You would have enjoyed the pics.
    Congrats on all your awards!


  16. Congrats on your awards! I know it takes quite a bit of time to put these post together but it's fun learning more about my blogging buddies, and this ===> "Love Cartoons, hate ironing, enjoy blogging" ME TOO! :D And OMG, I haven't seen the season finale of Arrow yet! I'm dying to find out what happens now.

  17. Congrats on an exhausting lineup of awards! :)
    Teleportation and Johnny Depp - yes!

  18. Teleportation -- yes indeed. No more airport security to contend with. Congratulations!

  19. Looks like all kinds of congratulations are due you. You deserve them all! I enjoyed your answers. :)

  20. wow girl! congrats!! that's a ton of fun in a few awards. great answers, too!

  21. I hadn't realized you nominated me for an award. Well, thanks. I've just written an awards acceptance post for next week, and I can add your name on as one of the nominators. Thanks much.

    I like your funny remarks to Marks questions. Way to go. Writer’s Mark

  22. Hi, congrats on all the awards. You deserve them. I am just getting started in this blogging game. Glad I ran into your blog. Will be following you regularly. Thanks for stopping by Mary-andering Creatively today too. ;)

  23. Just saw your nomination. Wow, thanks! It's going to have to wait a couple weeks (vacation ;) ), but I won't forget. Congratulations on all your awards! And I loved your answers.

  24. That's a whole lot of awards! Congratulations!


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