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Friday, 19 July 2013

I Spy...a Secret Blogfest

Today I'm taking part in the I Spy...a Secret Blogfest.

I'm sharing an excerpt from my WIP Shade Me. Cassie is a Shade (a nice version of a wraith) and she has decided to take human form. But her best friend Lizzie is uncomfortable around anything non-human. Making it hard for her to reveal herself.


"I know," Lizzie breathed, "so about Bradford. Has he let go the dream of being your beloved?"

Cassie grunted. Bradford was a vampire with incredible looks and an ego to match. As far as she was concerned he could jump into a volcano. But for some reason no matter how much she blasted him, he refused to leave her alone. Recently she decided to just ignore him. While it gnawed at her insides not to answer him she got the satisfaction that her silence was starting to irk him too.

"You can have him whenever you get tired of Jessie," Cassie said in a syrupy sweet voice.

"Ugh, no," Lizzie turned that down, "I only hang out with the human crowd thank you very much. Just the thought of being around anything non-human too long makes me shudder. They can have their rights, I have the right to turn around and walk away."

Cassie bit her lip. This was the hard part of being friends with Lizzie. Hearing the happy blonde strike down anything non-human as awful or unnatural hurt. What she wouldn't do to have a close friend who'd allow her to make her true self known. I'm such a hypocrite. "Right."

Well there you have it everyone. My entry for the bloghop. Enjoy your weekend.


  1. It sounds like there may be some trouble ahead for Cassie and Lizzie :)

    PS... random comment, but I love the name of Bradford! (I used to live near the English city and so the name evokes some fun memories :)

  2. Ooh a secret fest, how fun. Love this excerpt and it definitely leaves me wanting more. :D

  3. Awesome excerpt! I really need to get on the ball with these blogfests again - at least see which ones are up and coming. :)

  4. Loved reading this! Hope Cassie's ready for what lies ahead.

  5. I think Cassie and Bradford will wind up together.

  6. I like it and that's a great idea for a blog hop :)

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Very nice excerpt. What a great blogfest. Writer’s Mark

  8. I loved reading this! That is an awesome secret and now I want to know what happens next.

  9. Yes, I find it very interesting I Spy ... one Secret Blogfest, thanks for descubrírmela!


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