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Friday, 9 March 2012

Circa: The Movie

Ok so I decided to do Circa as my WIP: The Movie Blogfest post. Circa is about a teenager from the 90's who getting turned into a computer program.  Then she gets a second chance at life in the 21st century after another female teenager attempts suicide causing her accidentally take over the girl's body. For prologue click here.

The actress below is Ellen Marlow.


To get to know Circa better here's an excerpt of questions she's asked from a previous blog hop. To view full bloghop interview click here.

1. What is your biggest vulnerability? Do others know this or is it a secret?

It's a secret right now. No one knows that I used to be a teenager in the early 1990's until an experiment destroyed my body and turned me into a computer programme. Now in the twenty-first century I get another chance at human life thanks to a teengae girl attempting suicide using a tub and a 'stolen' laptop. I only know her name was Claire and now I have to navigate a new world with white hair (hers was brown) and freaky bright blue eyes. I make a friend with a school drop out named Lux but he doesn't know my secret and I intend to keep it that way.

2. What do people believe about you that is false?

That I'm naive and shy. My years as a computer program has made me quite intelligent and I only avoid people to keep my secret. It's not easy to lose everything then gain something completely different. I cry alone sometimes, I have no one to relate to. I'm an anomaly, or in simple speak 'a freak.'

3. What would your best friend say is your fatal flaw? Why?

I guess Lux counts as my best friend... He thinks I'm too closed off, anti-social. I agree but I don't see it as a weakness. It's damn hard keeping to myself so I don't get exposed. What if the government came after me or those crazies who fried my body get a second wind? Curiousity might've killed the cat but it's not going to get me turned into a guinea pig or worse. Whatever worse is.

4. What would the same friend say is your one redeeming quality? Why?

Lux says I look exotic. Idiot.


Title song of the movie: Born to Die by Lana Del Rey

This song best describes Circa's struggle to navigate a world completely new to her, the danger she faces and the love she never expected to find.

Circa is currently a book 1 w.i.p. of what will be a trilogy. I hope you enjoyed this post and bloghop. To view more things Circa click flash fiction and funny dialogue. Thank you for participating in this bloghop whether by post or comment.

Breaking News: (12:50 pm) Go to Tara Tyler Talks to see one of the most unique entries in this blogfest.

P.S. : Around 11.30 a.m. I found this cool blog post I couldn't post on my Check it Out blog so I'm posting it here. Check out Clare Dugmore's post for the W.I.P. Movie. It's very good.


  1. What an amazing book idea! Clearly, this is a work of genius, and I like the actress you chose. She reminded me a little of Evanna Lynch, who played Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies lol.

  2. Wow, very, very cool. Great job!

  3. Very cool and interesting character! Circa would definitely pull me right in to this story.

  4. Circa a computer program, huh. Very cool! Can i read it now before the movie comes out?

  5. That sounds like an awesome premise for a novel. Good luck with it...

  6. Love your premise - and how cool that you interviewed Circa! Her voice is great!

  7. Great premise, very interesting! And great pick for her actress!!

  8. I am intrigued by the concept too. Can't wait to see it in print!

  9. I have to Google Ellen Marlow now. She looks so familiar. I want to know what she's been in...

  10. Very cool concept! I like your actress pick, too. :) Thanks for playing along with us today!

  11. I echo the crowd...very cool book concept. I love Ellen. Great choice.

  12. Love the premise! So cool. And I love that you interviewed her. New follower *waves*

  13. first, your comment to me was the best i've ever gotten! thank you sooooo much!

    second, your story is phenomenal and original! WOW! excellent choices to make the movie too.

    thanks again! i look forward to buyinng your book =)

  14. I really love Circa! She sounds strong willed and that's a fierce pic!

  15. Such a cool name and cool story :) Glad I found you via the blogfest :) Look forward to your future posts

  16. Thank you so much for the shout out! :D

    And wow your story sounds awesome. I don't think I've heard an idea like it before, and I'd be very interested to know more.

  17. Your book sounds like something I'd love to read!

  18. Your book sounds right up my alley! Great character and great song!

  19. Kyra Lennon: Genius? Thank you! Glad you love my novel and post.

    Kelley: Thank you!

    jaybird: Happy you love my character.

    Danielle B.: I'll try to send you a sample later in the month. But it's not finished. Thank you for commenting.

    M.J. Fifield: Glad you liked it.

    Daisy Carter: You love my premise, you love my character's voice in the interview...Wow girl you really enjoyed it. Yay!

    Cortney Pearson: I liked my pick for actress too.

    elizabeth seckman: Thank you so much. I'm excited about seeing it in print as well.

    Emily R. King: Thanks for coming.

  20. Squeals! I'm so happy about the comments. Thank for making this my best commented blogfest ever! So many compliments and kind words.

    Rachel Schieffelbein: Your welcome, I'm so happy I took part in this. Thanks for stopping by.

    Angela CothranMar: I echo the crowd... Wow that's a deep start to a great review. Thank you so much.

    Theresa: A new follower? Yay! Thanks for your compliments and kindness.

    Tara Tyler: Glad you loved my comment on your blogfest page. It really was one of the best to me. And thanks for checking mine out too! You calling my story 'phenomenal and original' made my day. You look forward to buying my book? If I were a major publisher I'd buy yours right away! Thank you so much and I'm returning to see how your novel develops.

    twentysomethingfictionwriter: My pic's fierce? Thanks! Glad you love Circa.

    Jade Hart: Look forward to seeing you again. You thought my story and name was cool? *Blushes* Thank you!

    Clare: Your welcome. I shout out to those who deserve to have their work seen even more. ;)
    Since you and almost everyone else is so piqued about Circa, I'm doing a special post on Saturday just about her and the story. So you'll all get to know it better.

    Melissa Hurst: Thank you.

    Jaycee DeLorenzo: Right up your alley eh? Glad to know and happy you think the song's great.

  21. I love the character interview! Great idea. :)

  22. Ellen is beautiful! Such pretty eyes--not freaky, lol. ;)
    This story sounds so awesome! It'd read the book and watch the movie!

  23. Larissa: Thank you.

    Ashley Nixon: Glad you liked Ellen. Read both the book and watch the movie. You're too much! Thank you.

  24. Beautiful picture choice and I love her name! AWESOME! And great song choice too :D

  25. That sounds like a really cool idea :-) And the actress you chose is very pretty, beautiful eyes.

  26. PK: Hrezo: Thanks!

    Leigh Covington: Great to see you again! Glad you liked all that.

    Rachel Morgan: Hey Rachel! Happy you think so and guess what? I'm reviewing your book on my blog Wednesday Morning.


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