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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Circa Special

Many enjoyed the blogpost on Circa: The Movie last week. I had made my w.i.p. into my dream movie based off a blogfest. It was so populart I've decided to give you a little back story.

Before she became Circa she was just....

A typical 90's teenager going to school.

She get an offer to be made smarter, better. She decide to take it, what's the worst that can happen?

At first things seem ok, she thinks everything will be fine.

But she's wrong.

After a while things change.

She has to stay out longer and longer.

And one day....she never leaves.

When she comes to....she doesn't come to exactly. She's data, has no memory of her name, her family, her life and it takes time for her to figure out she was once human. A teenager.

So she floats as data. Trying to find out who she is and who was responsible. Until one day...she gets a second chance. In the 21st century. Thanks to a girl committing suicide with a laptop. Now in a new body and in a different world with no memory, only data about what's happening to guide her.

Can she survive and she meets a boy named Lux who is quite curious about her white hair and bright eyes. As they navigate through life together will Circa's past come back to haunt her and what if the girl who she switched bodies with isn't dead. Then where is she? And will Circa's new lease on life put many more in danger? And if so by what or who?


That can be answered by one question. Who would you fear more? A memory loss teenager turned computer program or an angry orphan who might have just become a computer program? Easy guess.

If you read everything thank you and Circa will be ready to go out to agents in 2013. For more read the prologue, character interview, random dialogue and thrilling flash fiction. Thank you for reading and Wednesday will be review day for two novels. Guardian by Rachel Morgan and Slippery Souls by Rachael H. Dixon. First posted in the morning, latter novel in the evening/night.


  1. Ooo, how do you come up with this stuff?!?! Sounds SO good! :)

  2. I LOVe, love, love this idea. It's such a fascinating and fresh take on teen drama.

  3. Creepy! This idea could really go somewhere. The pictures were a great touch.

  4. Kelley: Hey Kelley! My brain is a crazy place.

    Clare: So happy you LOVE it.

    Emily: Thank you. Glad you think so positive of my work.

  5. excellent work with your back story! how did you come up with that idea? it's so unique!

  6. Oh I like this ... A LOT!
    You have a terrific mind to come up with such awesome ideas.
    Great job!


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