Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Picking the Perfect Cover

I was up all late hours looking at images for my upcoming/future ebook covers. It's not easy to pick that one image for a book (for my novel Rachel Becoming Red I found free images and had some one crop them together for $5US). You always want the 'perfect one' and it gets all hair pulling/ Lord of the Rings esque (*wheezes* : Have to find my precious-image) crazy. But you do find something eventually. I hope. However I did find an image for a novella I had the sudden urge to undertake this year. It was a combination of novellette talk, history channel, greek mythology and me, crazy crazy me. Yeah.

I have plans for a novella in June called Sacrifice. This is a project more of fun for me but I still plan to approach it as seriously as my other works. In this novella my M.C. is among a group of girls to be sacrificed to 'Gore' God of Maiming and Mayhem but she escapes. The god threatens the ruler with destruction if he doesn't get his sacrifice and so starts the fight between a girl who wants to live and a man who wants to save his country and people.

Below is the image I'm purchasing off the Dreamstime website.

NOTE: Have since decided not to use image and have removed it in respect of copyright laws.

Isn't she lovely? I also plan to have a firey background. It will be an ebook and around 20,000 words or a little over. Plus I'm considering making this into a saga of sacrifice books. Each with as different scenario of someone being set for sacrifice and their reaction to it. Hmm, something to consider. Especially since I already have the Red Series on my self-publishing plate. But I think it's a good idea.

Not to forget others. Emily has a blog hop called Oh, Those High School Dances! Blog Hop. I have already added my blog to the link list. So should you. Another one at the The Mod Podge Bookshelf has a giveaway of a collection of 2012 YA Arcs. Counting down the days to the finish I am *squeals.*

P.S.: I also found the perfect image for Circa if I were planning on self publishing it. I plan to buy that image another time anyway. Hey if agents fall through in 2013, I'm publishing it myself. Both my guts and the fans and readers who love it everythime I drop a tidbit about this W.I.P. tell me it's a great novel with an exciting premise.


  1. sweet! I'm glad you found one!

    I'm doing the hop too! Yay!

  2. Thanks for the blog hop shout out!
    I like your pretty girl. I think she has depth to her. I can't wait to see where your cover goes from here!

  3. cool! and funny you mention covers! leigh and i are hosting a cover bloghop, purely for inspirational purposes!

  4. Love the girl. She's very pretty.

    Yay for the bloghop!

  5. Cassie: Yes I did. Thanks for coming and I'm glad I chatted with you Tuesday night on Facebook.

    Emily: Glad you like my cover pick. Can't wait to show you.

    Tara: Imagine that. Thanks for coming by.

    Kelley: Me too. She just caught me. Another yay from me.


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