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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Book Review: Guardian by Rachel Morgan

Guardian by Rachel Morgan
Creepy Hollow Book One

Genre: YA Paranormal
Published: March 5, 2012
Pages: 55
Source: Bought at Smashwords
First heard of: Through promotion by Joshua on his blog.
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Summary: 1. Receive assignment.
2. Save a life.
3. Sleep.
4. Repeat.

Protecting humans from dangerous magical creatures is all in a day’s work for a faerie training to be a guardian. Seventeen-year-old Violet Fairdale knows this better than anyone—she’s about to become the best guardian the Guild has seen in years. That is, until one of her assignments—a human boy who shouldn’t even be able to see her—follows her into the fae realm. Now she’s broken Guild Law, a crime that could lead to her expulsion.

The last thing Vi wants to do is spend any more time with the boy who got her into this mess, but the Guild requires that she return Nate to his home and make him forget everything he’s discovered of the fae realm. Easy, right? But Nate and Vi are about to land themselves in even bigger trouble—and it’ll take all Vi’s training to get them out alive.


Violet Fairdale is from a magical land. About to become one of the best guardians in years she accidentally breaks Guild Law when Nate, a human, follows her into the fae realm. The fact that it was an accident doesn't matter. She has to get him back home and make him forget all he's seen. Tough break for a seventeen year old who was just doing her job protecting humans. Worse Nate asks all kinds of questions that gets on her nerves. Can she get him back without losing everything she's worked so hard for? The journey the pair takes the readers on is both exciting and engaging. More so when Violet starts feeling things for her charge that just isn't allowed.

I personally love this novelette. Vi is very interesting and independent. She does her best and doesn't make excuses for her mistakes. Nate is human but resourceful in his own way. He's loyal and does his best to help a girl he just met in a world he doesn't understand. Each character has their own flavour, their own story.   Both heroes and villains play their roles and sometimes you might have a hard time seeing any character has completely good or bad. If someone wants something. What's their motivation. A bad thing might've been done but what started them down this path. And with the good is it right to erase a memory just to protect a world? Or is it time to expand horizons, take chances? Guardian will leave you both satisfied and wanting more at the same time. Book 2 is coming in April and I can't wait. This book is better than some full length novels. Being 55 pages takes nothing away from this book and it marks Rachel Morgan as a great author.

Rating: 5 Stars

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Author: Rachel Morgan


  1. Thank you for such a great review! I love it!

  2. I need to read this! Anyone who can do all that in 55 pages deserves some recognition. Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Ooo, five stars. Sounds super intriguing. I will have to mark this on the TBR list!

  4. Emily: So true, her work is great.

    Kelley: I'm glad you're doing that.


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