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A Picture Paints 1000 Words Blogfest

A Picture Paints 1000 Words Blogfest

Thank you for visiting my blog during this blogfest. Click here for more info on 1000 words blogfest. Here's my story.

P.S. : Watched Hunger Games Movie yesterday and loved it. Dystopia Rules.

The Spider King's Mistress

I stared out the horizon. I was dead. Just Fifteen, and my life would end in a few horrid months. Pulling at the spiderwebs tying my hand and feet had no effect. Webs of steel would be an understatement. The guard spider behind me was hanging off a tree. It hissed when I tried to topple the stool my feet were cobwebed to. My arms burned from being stretched behind me and cobwebed. I ran to avoid the fate of the Spider King's misstresses. I wasn't the first but I lasted the longest. Seven months.

Other escapees had varying fates. Some executed, most went back to the spider king and the last option was torture and disemblowment. I Diana Tanner decided to risk it all and run. Now that I was caught, I still didn't regret running. Nothing scared me more than the fate of spider king's mistresses.

The spider king was a mutated giant spider who could speak and had special abilities. He was created in a lab from a cocktail of different DNA species injected into a successful black widow/tarantualle breed. He became the crown jewel of science and the scientists who created him got rewards and gifts. Then he was given human DNA and implanted chips that raised his intelligence to A.I. levels. In less than a year he broke out and in months self-bred strong superior spiders that looked the size of tiny cars. North America was overrun in three months and they breeched other countries borders. The world quickly surrendered and treaties were signed to save them from an insect take over. In N.A.surviving humans were coralled and eventually placed in one of three places. The city, villages or camps. In the city humans did very important work and you have to look and dress the part, villages had humans do menial jobs no one else wanted and the camps were where humans beings were only let out to be sacrificed or eaten.

The Spider King's newest ambition was to create a perfect human spider hybrid. At first this was done in labs with his genectic material and a female's egg. None became viable much less developed into an embryo. Then females started being dragged from camps. I later found out that they were being used to perfect his hybrid baby hopes. His way was allowing a part of him that looks like a long stick to penetrate your belly and go up to your uterus to fertilize our eggs. Those babies lived to be embryos but none lasted past the first trimester. And when that happened, he ate any mother who survived. He eventually started a public call for females to be his mistresses and offered special privilidges for those 14-21. It fell through from day one, no one trusted him. So he went with plan b and had girls taken by force. When they took me, I fought like hell.

Inside the underground compound the king showed us what he really wanted. Two of the five girls were strapped to cots to keep them still.Then he pierced their bellies and myself and the other two girls had to watch them scream and bleed. Doctors dashed in afterwardss to stitch them up but I didn't care. He could only do it once a month so myself and another girl named Carly Beth ran a week before he was due. We split up and I never saw her again.

Now I was captured and my mouth cobwebed shut for cursing and screaming.

If I could I'd also kick myself for being so dumb. Months on the run made me tired, hungry. Earlier today I saw a bowl on a red cloth napkin under a tree. The smell of food made my mouth water. Hunger overwhelmed my sense that it was a trap and I decided to eat. The guard spider attacked as soon as I was finished. He won and I could only wait to see what fate had in store for me.

Suddenly the spider behind me made high pitched noises. He skittered along the tree behind me and I soon heard leaves telling me he'd gone towards the top.  I soon saw why when the spider king came before me. He was a giant black spider with sixteen legs, a grotesque human mouth to speak out of and seven eyes.

"Diana, I've found you," he cooed.

I recoiled from his silky words.

"Carly Beth gave birth two weeks ago, the baby's healthy."

My eyes bugged out at the news. He had his perfect baby.

I'm redundant.

"I know what you're thinking," one of legs rested on my chest, "but you're still very fact, I'll make perfect use of you now."

I had not time to register as he tore the web from my mouth. My scream stretched for miles. Then he stuck his stinger into my belly and I screamed even more. When he removed it and covered the spot with a bandage, I was a mess. He left as I lost consciousness.

I slipped in and out of consciousness and when I awoke my skin burned from sunburn and the ground was littered with guard spiders. I stunk and could barely take anything in. My eyes bulged when I saw my huge belly.

Oh God, he put his own eggs inside me.

Every night a spider stuck me with a huge needle filled with a white substance. I was starving but they didn't seemed concerned enough to feed me. Only the freaks inside me mattered.

It was a month later that I felt pain so intense couldn't stand it. Then things started coming out of me. I realized they were giant spiders and barfed. More came and by the time it stopped I refused to look down to see what I had left. The chittering got very loud and I was losing consciousness from loss of blood. If only my death could be that easy.

It was.


  1. I'm so glad someone picked this picture. This was chilling! Especially the ending.

  2. This was TERRIFYING! I freaked out when the Spider King stuck his stinger into her belly. I wonder why he impregnated her even after he announced the creation of his perfect hybrid! Or why he even chose this poor, poor girl. I want to know more!! Great entry.

  3. Awesome picture. Yikes, death by spider birth.

  4. Ditto on the spider death! ack! Not a pleasant way to go! Great descriptions!

  5. ew! I couldn't pick that pic due to the fact I HATE spiders!!! Very creepy and icky.

  6. I'm pretty sure I threw up a little too, lol. Very chilling and creepy. Wiping arms free of imaginary spiders!

  7. that was freaky and gross! ewwww!
    marcy wont make it thru!

    great job creeping us out!

  8. Ew! Spiders are one thing I have no tolerance for. You literally made my skin crawl.

    BTW, if I have a dream about giving birth to a bunch of spiders, I'm going to blame you! :)

  9. Charity Bradford: Yes and your welcome. I picked it because I thought few would and it excited my imagination.

    Julie Dao: Thank you for commenting. I fixed that part so you'd better know it wasn't the hybrid but his eggs he placed inside her.

    Huntress: Thanks

    Jenny S. Morris: Yikes Indeed.

    Alicia C: Yeah it is a bad way to die. But great story.

    mshatch: Glad you got over spiders enough to read this.

    Cassie Mae: Ha! Ha! I got you. Thanks for stopping by Cassie!

    Tara Tyler: *bows* Thank you, thank you.

    Emily: And I take that blame willingly. I don't remember my dreams when I sleep. Glad you read it.

  10. I can officially say that I will never look at Ms. Muffet the same ever again. I could so see this as a fantastic graphic novel.

  11. I wanted to pick this picture, but couldn't come up with anything. I was hoping someone would find a sick way of using it. Well done Sheena.


  12. Terrifying, goosebumps of the scary kind. In other words, a great piece.

  13. Whoa. That was so good and so gross. I might have nightmares. Awesome job!

  14. Angela Brown: I completely agree.

    Donna Hole: Thanks. I wanted to do a story different from anyone else.

    Rek: Glad you liked it.

    Tracy Jo: Thank you.


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