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Monday, 9 October 2017

Getting Personal: Blog Revamp

Hello everyone, this post has been overdue. My blog has been going through changes and it's time I do a post explaining my plans for the future. So let's go.

1. Turning the blog into a review blog. This has already been underway. But thanks to life and health issues, I've slowed down on this. Hope to have things regularly by early 2018.

2. Making the blog more appropriate for teens. Since I plan to write young adult it would be nice to have more teens visiting my online sites.

3. Post more personal things on my Author site. I don't plan to overflow it with none author related content. But I will be moving Getting Personal over there instead. So yes this is also the last post on this blog. Ironic change, no?

4. Finding the spare change to pay for a full blog makeover. Not sure when I can do this but I've seen other blogs for teens get better viewing and more members with better backgrounds. Right now what I have is really drab and plain.

5. Less blogging. I know, but with my fatigue and working both freelance and self-publishing, something has to give.  This does not include being active on social media and writing my manuscripts to one day send to an agent. My time is limited and I have to prioritize what's important.

Well that's it for me today. Sorry about no post last Friday. Should be able to post this Wednesday and Friday without a problem. Fingers crossed and have a great day.


  1. Hopefully you'll be able to make the change. Just look at other teen sites and see what they do and make a plan. Will it be reviews only or guests like Literary Rambles?

  2. I totally get it. My blog has undergone all kinds of changes. My blog's theme for the first 5 years was "Weird Science Stories." But when I decided to pursue writing, my blog became a writer's blog.

    These days, blogging is such a strange animal, that having a personal author site isn't weird at all.

  3. Will be curious to see if you can draw teen blog followers because I write YA too

  4. I too have changed things a bit in how I follow blogs and run my own. You do what you have to do. Good luck making the transition. BTW- I don't write YA but I've heard SnapChat is a good way to connect with younger readers. How it works, I don't really know.

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