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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Getting Personal: Writing Thoughts

But first a Special Announcement

Early 2017 will see me bringing to the author website! Yay! It will be on WordPress but don't worry. I will not be leaving Blogger. I'll have a separate blog there specifically for writing news and keep this as a personal blog. Where I'll also drop some writing news...yeah. So yes I'm moving forward on my writing journey and it's so exciting. I'm going to be getting a tagline and everything.

I have admittedly been going over lately on branding and how to frame myself. At the start of my blogging journey I thought I'd just write fiction (in young adult of course) and have my poetry too. As time has passed however. I have come to realize that I am so much more than one genre. As a teen while I finished a young adult based novella with Nichelle Harper (and another that sadly disappeared when the teacher I lent my little masterpiece left and forgot to give it back. I still have unfinished drafts though. That was supposed to be book one of a series with a group of sisters attending  university. Ironic to now realize that was my first NA novel), there were also more adult but unfinished works.

Sam (I'll call it that for now, it might have been the title) was an incomplete manuscript I started after 9/11. I was angry about some of the bombing perpetuated by the United States that resulted in civilian deaths as they were fighting the terrorists. So I came up with a story where both America and Germany joined forces as dictators to take over the world. In my mind I felt it was unfair that innocent people were dying and I heard little about it on cable and saw more information in local papers including pictures of children with lost limbs. Another one, Pen Pals, was a story I started because I loved the idea of a pen pals. But I wanted to put a dark twist on it. In that story a young woman is attacked and the perpetrator gets away. Years later she has a pen pal who turns out to be the attack. Problem is due to an accident, he has no memory of that incident. The story was supposed to be a journey for the truth, then justice and forgiveness. Both are unfinished and there was even a third one started with a friend but you get the idea. I was never a one trick fiction pony.

Today I have a variety of novels and novellas planned. The novels I plan to release one to two maybe a year. The novellas for each series I plan to drop all at once. Starting with The Missing Girls in 2017 which is Contemporary fiction written in verse. However there are other books I want to write and they go across a variety of genres. Huntress will be book one of a NA Horror series which I hope to drop in 2018. My Royme pseudonym for adult fiction should have book one of a fantasy series with erotic undertones by late 2017. Which does not include the one shot novels that range from fantasy to espionage (which falls under both corporate and economic espionage apparently in my book) to sci-fi. So in short I have become a melting pot of genres and stories that are vying for attention and time.

So there's a lot planned for the future. Including my freelance writing for clients. However I have a question before I go. Do you think as an author not planning to write mostly in verse that dropping a verse novella collection first is a good idea? Or should I publish a novel first to establish my writing style in fiction first? Let me know your thoughts and God Bless.


  1. Look forward to your new website Sheena. Wishing you lots of luck with all your projects! I would just write and once the projects are complete, then think about what to publish first. I spent far too much time worrying about what to do first, it hindered the actual writing process. Lesson learned :) Good luck with everything. You deserve success!

  2. America as dictator ain't fiction at all, but a true fact for three centuries now :( Hope all of your plans for next year will come true successfully and that you will find your place in the publishing world!

  3. Whatever you publish first will establish you. Just decide what part you want to establish first.

  4. Honestly, I haven't read any novels in verse. *shrugs* But basically it boils down to the audience you want to grab, because each work with pull more people into your circle with specific expectations from your writing. That's the trick with cross-genre writing, is building an audience that is okay with crossing lines.

  5. I'm so excited for you, Sheena-Kay! Can't wait to see your new site and I know whatever you do will be a big success. I would second Nicola's comment, I know I have wasted lots of time fretting about what to do next instead of just writing and then going from there. Good luck!!

  6. I can't wait to see the new website. You have a lot going on, but I suppose staying busy keeps a gal out of trouble.

  7. Looking forward to the new website! As you know, I recently converted to Wordpress as well, it's been a fairly smooth transition, but for the unfortunate part where I can't comment on blogger with my OpenID credentials from Wordpress. *Sigh* Anyhow, to your last question. I started off with a novel, but in between, I had been working on these short stories, which I later published after having written my novels. They were two completely different genres and I wanted to take the opportunity of having more of my work out there. I think whichever way you choose, if it works for you and it feels right, then definitely worth a shot!

  8. Wow, big plans! It sounds wonderful.


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