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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Getting Personal: More Writing, Celebrate and Goal Hop

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For Junowrimo I will end up writing less than 20,000 words of my revision for Normal. But that's okay. I am happy to say that this revision has given me a better path to go on for the rest of the book. Also I have cut it down from five to three intended books with the working titles Normal, Magic and Gifted. Read below for an old summary of this manuscript which was originally an unfinished 2011 Nano.


Book One in The Gifted Series

Charlie Sharp is a normal girl in the Northern Region of Airee. While that might seem typical it's not. Being normal in Airee meant you weren't among The Gifted - citizens with special powers- and that made you a second class citizen with rules and restrictions that separated you from many rights and privildges only the gifted received.

Charlie's life is a bit safer for a normal. With most of her family on her side, she gets to live as close a life to a gifted person without breaking the rule. Even getting into the same school as her gifted sisters and being one of less than seven normals attending. Her life as a normal makes things complicated but she just has to deal with it along with the bullies and flat out normal haters. Then something new turns her life upside down. She find a girl who's a magic user and finds out The Magic King has returned. The last time he rose to power it ended with non-gifted being labelled as normals as a price for betraying the gifted and allowing them to be slaves.

Now Charlie has to decide whether to report this or look away. Either way her decision will take her on an adventure she's completely unprepared for.

Now for July I planned to just get back to preparing my unfinished manuscript I have planned to finish this year whether in complete fashion or drafts. But a message from someone from Camp Nanowrimo changed my mind. I have realized that I don't do well cramped in a box and love to explore. Well I knew that but with my book delays and so on I realize that a goal is just that. Not a fight to the death. I can expand and add. So I will be delving into the idea archives and writing an idea for a novel that posted a while back one one of my old extra blogs Idea Factory (gone now). Here it is below and wish me luck this July. I am so excited and bought a new notebook and pen just for this occasion. The colour of the notebook? Blue. You'll get ity when you read about my latest idea getting a lease on life.

The Bite Sisters

Stephanie, Mary and Tiffany Waters are sisters. The older two are the most popular girls at Castle Ridge High School. But all three have a terrifying secret. They are shark people. People who are able to form shark heads to full shark bodies, have agressive speed and even in human form stay underwater for extended periods. Stephanie and Mary love it. Tiffany however wishes to be a normal human.

Crazy things happen at C.R. High. Including teenagers getting bizaree bites in strange places. But things take a dark turn when Britanny Towers is found dead in the school pool. Bite marks indicate she was bitten by a shark. But sharks don't jump in and out of school pools and things got heated between the sisters as they lose trust in each other and have to face the shark king.

Will the murder be solved. Can these sisters keep their family line a secret. If they don't, the consequences will be severe.

Celebrate Meme

1. I finally got my second hand Playstation 2 from Ebay and it works like a dream! Whoo! Can finally play FFIX!

2. Working through having to delay getting a new laptop. Have to send back the defective one which will take some time. But I'm moving forward and keeping my chin up. God will bless me.

3. Junowrimo has helped me breathe new life in an old manuscript!

4. God is with me no matter what. You too.

5. Saw X:Men: Days of Future Past this Tuesday at the movies. It was mind blowing. Quicksilver was hilarious! Next week I will see How To Train Your Dragon 2 and this month and going it is half off Tuesday evening showings! Whoo! I will use this for every 3D movie!

 Sorry Goal hop but no dice. Hopefully if I  get a laptop by August. My father no longer has one thanks to the theft. It was a work laptop so I guess he no longer takes any home. I don't blame him.

Have an excellent weekend everyone and know God is always with us and there is something positive in your life no matter the obstacle. Love you guys.


  1. Sounds like you are rocking with both stories.
    X-Men was awesome. Quicksilver's scene was hilarious.
    And yes - God is with us all the time!!

  2. God is with us and looking out for us. I hope you get a laptop soon. Glad to hear you're writing!

  3. Thank you so much for your kind comments! It really means a lot. I hope you get your laptop soon, and I'm glad Junowrimo helped with your manuscript :)

  4. Bad luck on your laptop, but you're right. God is with His children and He will bless us.

  5. Sorry about the laptop, but sounds like you're making good progress despite being without it! Good for you!

  6. Love the titles Normal, Gifted and Magic :) God bless x
    Suzanne @ Suzannes Tribe

  7. Oh, no! There seems to be a laptop monster going around. Seriously, I think you make the 6-7 person I've heard with a problem the last week. Hope you get it worked out soon. And the shark people idea sound fun. Enjoy it!

  8. I just decided to do Camp NaNo, like, five minutes ago! Saw it on someone else's blog and decided to sign up. And I like your #4 on the celebrate list :-)


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